[Top 15] Sims 4 House Designs That Look Awesome

Ideally beautiful designs

Homes can be functional and still look amazing.

Houses serve many functions for those who live within their walls. All it comes down to is the design of the house. 

The design of the house is important in Sims 4 as it is in real life. Our homes have to serve a purpose, and that is where the design comes into play. 

Not only does your sim's house have to serve its purpose, but you want to make sure that the house design looks awesome. No point in having a house that isn't aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. 

What type of house designs look awesome in Sims 4? How do you know what to look for? 

When it comes to the designs of a house, it is subjective to what you like and what you find pleasing to your eyes. Looking up housing designs can assist in you coming up with ideas for your own designs in-game. 

Here is a list of the top 15 house designs that do look amazing in the Sims 4. Hopefully, they give you ideas like they have been giving me. 

15. Generations Modern Farmhouse by Doctor Ashley

You don't have to leave for generations. 

The big thing I have noticed in the Sims 4 is having generations in one household. Coming up with a design that looks good and is functional can be stressful. 

Doctor Ashley created an amazing house called Generations Modern Farmhouse that is ideal for a home that has multiple generations. 

This design has six bedrooms and five bathrooms, which is great for a semi-large family. There are plenty of skill-building items in this build, including a swimming pool.  

Overall this house design is on point for a big family home. You can have a roommate stay in the converted garage or have your college student live there. 

What's Great About Generations Modern Farmhouse:

  • Generational home
  • Uses lot space efficiently 
  • Great patio for families and parties

14. Overgrown Cottage by AvelineYT

The gardens have retaken the home. Come back to nature with this design. 

Sometimes there is such a thing as too much house in the way of a house design. If that isn't your forte, then give the Overgrown Cottage from AvelineYT a try. 

This design was made with a family with two kids in mind; specifically a teenager and a toddler. The biggest thing about the house is the floral beauty, fit for a sim with a green thumb. 

There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in this design. One bathroom in this house is in the attic, which is also an art studio and the teen's bedroom. 

The landscaping is beautiful, as is the house itself. It would make a decent starter home for a family just moving into the neighborhood. 

What's Great About Overgrown Cottage:

  • Room for small family
  • Fit for a gardener
  • Beautiful cottage style

13. 3 Bedroom Family Home by SimLicy

A lovely design that isn't too big or too small. It's just right.

There is no rule stating that a house design has to have two or more floors. The 3 Bedroom Family Home by SimLicy is one floor and still has three bedrooms with two bathrooms. 

Each bedroom is a decent size, and each room has a lot of personality for the family moving in. This design isn't necessarily for just a family but can be a house for friends and college students. 

The house design is a quaint home that, I would say, is a medium-sized home. Complete with the white picket fence, this house design looks amazing. 

What's Great About 3 Bedroom Family Home:

  • Cozy family home
  • Just the right fit
  • Made with outdoors family in mind

12. Perfect Family Home by Mr. Olkan

Looking for the perfect design? It's right here!

There are times I want to find a house design that is fit for a cityscape, as in overlooking the cityscape. The Perfect Family Home by Mr. Olkan gives that beautiful view overlooking the city if you pick a lot with such a view. 

The Perfect Family Home's design holds up to the perfect in the name. With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage, you can be assured you can fit your Sims family in this home comfortably. 

This house design has a lovely backyard with a swimming pool and a gazebo. Inside, you have an open floor plan on the bottom floor with a lovely kitchen complete with an island.

Looking at this design as a whole, it would be great to have it placed on a hill overlooking the city while your sims take a nice swim. Now, if we could just get some drums, you could have a garage band. 

What's Great About Perfect Family Home:

  • Fresh take on a family home
  • Crisp and beautiful for a little family
  • Look over a city from the balcony

11. Modern Farmhouse Family Home by MsGryphi

Live on a farm, but make it modern.

There is one type of house design I can never get right, the quaint one-floor adorable home. The Modern Farmhouse Family Home is that house design and created by MsGryphi.

On the outside, this design looks like it should be only a one or even a two-bedroom instead of the three-bedroom design MsGryphi made. It's perfect for a young family to grow into and to have a cozy setting. 

Even though there isn't much in the line of yard, this design does have a cute little driveway. This design is very nice for a storyline you may be doing with your sims family. 

Going back inside, though you can change the color scheme, the one MsGryphi has set up is very nice and cool with warm undertones. This is a design I would use for one of my storylines that includes a newly wed couple. 

What's Great About Modern Farmhouse Family Home:

  • Simplistic design
  • Quaint home with 3 bedrooms
  • Not too big, not to small, just right

10. Big Family Victorian by MsGryphi

There is something beautiful about the Victorian designs for homes. 

How would you utilize the new round room feature that was recently introduced into Sims 4 and have it work beautifully in the build? How about creating a Victorian home that happens to have a little round room featured in it? 

MsGruphi did just that with her Big Family Victorian, which has four bedrooms and three bedrooms. Though it is a cool color on the outside. 

Inside it is more warm and cozy like many designs for a much bigger family. One of my favorite parts of this design is the study with its library vibe. 

There is a greenhouse and a swimming pool with this design as well. Connected to the greenhouse is a small garden, which you can get to from the backyard as well. 

What's Great About Big Family Victorian:

  • Uses the round walls feature
  • Spacious home
  • Large bedrooms for everyone

9. Converted Loft by James Turner

A design to redesign the old design. 

A design that has always held some fascination in the world of sims is the design of converting old factories into homes. James Turner converts an old factory into a loft in the house design Converted Loft. 

Walking into the bottom floor, the old factory doesn't look like much. As you come up the stairs to the second floor, you will notice a drastic change in view. 

The main part of the loft is an open floor plan, and then you have the single bedroom that has a bathroom attached. There is the possibility of a second bedroom if your sim needs that in the design. 

There is a half bath next to the kitchen. This design leaves the old factory still able to keep renovating, and that in itself is a great opportunity to explore in-game. 

What's Great About Converted Loft:

  • House with history
  • Natural Lighting
  • Open floor plan

8. Designer’s Micro Home by sunnysimsieyt

Floral designer design in a tiny home. 

Self-sufficient, tiny, sustainable living is where it is at in some house designs. The Designer’s Micro Home by sunnysimsieyt showcases those qualities in this design. 

Of course, it is a one-bedroom and one-bathroom with a small kitchen that is also the living room. The colors are warm and bright inside while the outside is more mute colors. 

Even though this design is simplistic, your sim will have all the benefits of the tier one tiny home. There is a tiny garden right on the outside in front of the house. 

What's Great About Designer’s Micro Home:

  • Micro home
  • Perfect for a single sim starting out
  • Romantic feel

7. Art Deco Tiny House by MsGryphi

A new style has graced us with its prescence; Art Deco.

Utilizing tier three of the tiny home, the house design Art Deco Tiny House by MsGryphi brings a two-story home into the tiny home world. The design is complete with a small little place outdoors with a grill for a cookout. 

The upper floor is where you will find the bathroom and the bedroom in all its pink and deep blue-green glory. On the main floor is a white and beige kitchen with a lovely living area that has the round room featured. 

With this design, the pops of bright colors tie in the white and beige together. This is great for a sim living on their own for the first time, going to college, or just wanting to live alone. 

What's Great About Art Deco Tiny House:

  • Small home
  • Nice for a college student
  • Great for newly weds or single sims

6. Scandinavian Lake House by mrdesims

Modernally beautiful on the lake side. 

Have you ever wanted to live on the lake in a modern house design? With the Scandinavian Lake House by mrdesims, your sims can live lakeside and be comfortable. 

This design has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a boat house, and a lake that is also a lovely pool your sims can swim in. Outside there is a covered sitting area where your sims can watch nature over the lake. 

This would be great to have as a rental in Granite Falls with the lake feel. It would fit in perfectly there or keep it as a residential.  

What's Great About Scandinavian Lake House:

  • House on the lake
  • Fireplace out on the patio
  • Modern style cabin

5. Round Walls Only by Kate Emerald

Cliff side home with a round twist.

Comprised of nothing but round walls, Kate Emerald outdoes herself with the Round Walls Only house design. This design has only one bedroom and bathroom, but the view makes up for it being a single sim or single couple household. 

Futuristic and spacious, the design is ideal for the rich and famous sims who want to show off a great view. Kate Emerald used debug rocks to give us the illusion of this house being built on a cliff.

This is a design I would use to entertain my sim's friends and family. All in all, this house design looks futuristically awesome. 

What's Great About Round Walls Only:

  • Futuristic look
  • House on a cliff
  • Monochrome on the outside, bright on the outside

4. Forest Tiny Home by Paul Pancake

Tiny and stylish for your favorite hermit sim. 

We are all familiar with the little cabin in the woods or the tiny house that houses someone mysterious. Paul Pancake gives us the house design Forest Tiny Home, which looks like it belongs in the middle of the forest or woods. 

You may need to move one of the plants to have a usable counter, but other than that, this tiny home is fully functional. There is only a bed in the design and one bath, so it is wise to have a single sim living in this home. 

Outside of the little forest house design, there is a lovely little pond made from the fountain tool. This design is not only a modern look but also perfect for forest life. 

What's Great About Design Name:

  • Efficient tiny home
  • Great for a forest home
  • Comfortable living space

3. Rustic Family Home by MsGryphi

Rustically brillant design. 

With new packs coming to the sims, specifically the werewolf pack, the style of the hour for house designs has been more on the rustic side. The Rustic Family Home by MsGryphi brings that rustic look to life. 

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in this design. You will see a nice little study as well as a cozy and warm living space and dining room. 

As your sims walk onto the lot, they will have the chance to swing on the swing set that is directly next to the front porch. Along with the swing set, there are plenty of planting boxes to have a little garden. 

This design would be ideal for a small family or even a family starting. MsGrypi captures the rustic design brilliantly. 

What's Great About  Rustic Family Home:

  • Perfect for a small family
  • Neutral colors with pops of color
  • Beautifully spaced

2. 8 Sim Base Game House by SimLicy

Built with your sim's household being maxed out in mind. 

Sometimes your sim's house isn't designed for a total of 8 sims. One of the best-looking house designs for eight sims is the 8 Sim Base Game House by SimLicy.

This house design has five bedrooms with multiple beds in some rooms for more sims and four bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms are on the ground floor, while the rest are on the second floor. 

There are plenty of skill-building items and a lovely greenhouse for your sims to utilize. You can expand on this house design, but either way, this design is perfect to house more than a few sims. 

What's Great About 8 Sim Base Game House:

  • Comfortably fits 8 sims
  • Uses only the Base Game
  • Warm and inviting

1. Redwood Lane by Simarchitecture

Perfect for autumn/fall, but always there for those that care. 

Whether you like Halloween or just the fall/autumn season, you have to admit that some designs for houses are perfect for the warm colors of fall. Simarchitecture created a house design that is all about the autumn colors called Redwood Lane, or as it is on the gallery Autumn House. 

This design has three bedrooms and one bathroom, all of which are located on the second floor. Pumpkins greet you as you enter the front yard as the leaves begin to cover the ground. 

That is if you have seasons. This house design is warm and inviting with the colors and the feel of fall all around the home. 

What's Great About Redwood Lane:

  • An autumn feel 
  • Warm and welcoming 
  • Lovely family home


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