[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Quirks That Are Excellent

Isn't it picture perfect to be famous?

Quirks can be beneficial  to a famous sim. 

The Get Famous Expansion Pack brought many things to the Sims 4. One of those things is to become famous, and with that comes Quirks. 

Being a famous sim comes with many perks as your sim grows within their fame. Depending on how you have your sim act will influence the quirks.

Quirks are a nuisance for the sim that develops them, but on another hand, those quirks can be helpful. Which one is the best quick to have, and how beneficial are they?

10. Emotion Bomb

I AM NOT ANGRY! Sorry, that was emotional. 

Like the Always Sad weakness of a vampire, Emotion Bomb is when your sim loses control with not just sadness but with anger too. Even celebrities have meltdowns once in a while, and Emotion Bomb provides that slight realism. 

Emotion Bomb is a personal favorite though it is annoying at times. Thankfully the intense outburst doesn't last for an extremely long time. 

Why Emotion Bomb Is Great:

  • Brings a realistic approach to being famous
  • Gives a look to having a mental break down; anger or sadness

Emotion Bomb details:

  • Extreme sadness or anger will trigger this quirk
  • Moments of an emotional outburst does not last very long

9. Vain Street

I'm not vain. I just need more mirrors.

Self Absorbed, jealous, stuck up, and even vain can describe some celebrities. Some sims share the same traits, making the game more diverse and realistic for storytelling purposes. 

Your sims will spend their free time looking in the mirror but get a lovely moodlet. After all, that is how they gained Vain Street. 

Why Vain Street Is Great:

  • Adds to sims who are self absorbed, jealous, stuck up, or just like to look in the mirror
  • Fun to have for storytelling
  • Makes your sim confident

Vain Street details:

  • Trigger this quirk by having your sim look in the mirror often
  • Loves to view self in mirror 
  • Sims get sad when they have no access to a mirror

8. Phone Fanatic

Can't put the phone down. Welcome to being a fanatic with your phone. 

If your sim is famous and always playing games or surfing the web on their phone, they will gain the Phone Fanatic quirk. This quirk can be annoying but can give the game a realism that we all live with today. 

Sims with Phone Fanatic as a quirk tend to be on their phone a big part of the day. Though, sims tend to be on their phones a lot anyway to play a game or two. 

Why Phone Fanatic Is Great:

  • Ideal for famous gaming sims
  • Brings realism to the game

Phone Fanatic details:

  • Triggered by using cell for entertainment
  • Sims are addicted to playing games on their phone
  • If they haven’t played on their phone they become tense

7. Public Number

How are these strangers getting my phone number?

Sometimes a celebrity's phone number gets leaked to their fans. In Sims 4, your sim can gain a quirk, Public Number, where their number is no longer private. 

It is different from the requests you get from someone to give your number out. Socialize and gain more friends, perhaps? 

Why Public Number Is Great:

  • Realistic for some famous sims
  • Adds flair to your sim’s story

Public Number details:

  • Sims who use their phone for social gain will trigger this quirk
  • Sims will randomly text your sim. Good or bad

6. Refined Palate

Only to have the best chef prepare my meals. Otherwise, I will eat nothing. 

Your famous sim probably enjoys the finer things in life that come with fame and fortune. A sim who's eating more excellent food than normal quality food while famous is when the Refined Palate quirk is acquired. 

Like a vampire with a withered stomach, the quirk Refined Palate makes it uncomfortable to eat anything that isn't excellent or better. Sometimes it is better to have a refined taste than the basics. 

Why Refined Palate Is Great:

  • Enjoy the finer things in life
  • Get more enjoyment out of excellent meals

Refined Palate details:

  • Triggered by sims eating a lot of excellent quality meals
  • Your sim must eat excellent or higher quality meals

5. Brushes with Fame

Oh the joys of hanging out with fellow celebrities. 

Famous sims tend to want those like them around with the same level of famousness or higher. The quirk this leads to is called Brushes with Fame.

A famous sim with the quirk will get stricken with sadness when not with other sims like them. Sometimes when fame strikes, there are those left behind. 

Why Brushes with Frame Is Great:

  • Happier when surrounded by other celebrities at the same level or higher
  • Easier to socialize with other famous sims

Brushes with Frame details:

  • Contact with celebrities with a higher fame level triggers quirk
  • Wants nothing more than to be surrounded by other celebrities
  • Gets sad if they are not amongst the stars like themself

4. Juice Enthusiast

Pull up a chair and share a glass of juice. 

We all have that favorite kind of drink that we have to have. For some people, it is tea, coffee, or even water. 

The same can be said about famous sims who like to hang out and drink juice. Famous sims with the Juice Enthusiast quirk have to drink juice for a fun night out. 

Why Juice Enthusiast Is Great:

  • A great excuse to get your sim out to socialize at a nice night club
  • Less coffee more juice

Juice Enthusiast details:

  • Triggered by drinking juice frequently 
  • Sims with this quirk will get moody if they don’t drink juice regularly
  • Fun will be hard to increase without drinking juice

3. Paparazzi Darling

Smile for the camera. The paparazzi can be your friend if you treat them right, right?

Be kind in front of the camera and pose for the camera. After doing that, your famous sim will become a Paparazzi Darling, which is also a quirk. 

As their reputation increases, so does the flash of the cameras. Who doesn't love to get their pictures taken? 

Why Paparazzi Darling Is Great:

  • Have fun striking a pose
  • Having a better relationship with Paparazzi

Paparazzi Darling details:

  • Being nice to paparazzi turns your sim into a Paparazzi Darling
  • Earning positive reputation from their kindness
  • Bigger group of paparazzi

2. No Touching!

Please don't voilate the personal bubble. Famous sims are regular sims underneath.

Being in constant contact with people whom you've never met is daunting. With little privacy and always being touched by strangers, famous sims gain the No Touching! quirk. 

Fake smiles aside, these sims prefer to be alone in the privacy of their own home. Of course, family is always welcome to have free hugs. 

Why No Touching! Is Great:

  • Boundaries
  • Rather spend time with family

No Touching! details:

  • Triggered by constantly being touched by strangers
  • Happier away from public eye
  • Gets tense, or unhappy when personal space is violated

1. A Serious Actor

Focus on the scene and nothing else. We are at work after all.

Acting is serious business for a famous actor, and they would expect those they work with to have that same professional seriousness. A Serious Actor quirk helps a famous actor sim take their roles more seriously and enjoy it. 

If the sim prefers acting in dramas, they may not care so much for humor and hijinks. They can be rude to those who do not act seriously and proceed with caution. 

Why A Serious Actor Is Great:

  • Perfect for drama actors
  • Extra professional at work

A Serious Actor details:

  • Triggered by completion of Drama gigs
  • Quick to anger when around those attempting to be funny or play a prank


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