[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Food And How To Get Them

Genshin Impact Best Food
No, you're not insane. I want to try every dish in Genshin aswell.

10. Cream Stew

Looks strange, would you try it?

Let’s start this Top taking a look at the food that recovers us energy or decreases its consumption for a period of time. And for that we have the Cream Stew. This is a dish that doesn’t require that many ingredients, and they’re easy to get while we’re out in Teyvat exploring. The only thing that could be annoying about this is processing the whipped cream, but in reality is not that much of a big deal.

Why is the “Cream Stew” great?

  • This dish will decrease your stamina consumption when sprinting for a period of time. 
  • This is great for exploring the map when you’re starting the game, it even can be useful for the more experienced players since the new region Inazuma is around the corner.

How to get the “Cream Stew”?

  • You can buy this recipe in Mondstadt’s restaurant, The Good Hunter.
  • You’ll have to achieve Adventure Rank 25 and pay 2,500 Mora for the recipe.

Cream Stew details


9. Zhongyuan Chop Suey

Wanting to recreate these dishes will get anyone into cooking

This is the most complete option when it comes to exploration. Keep in mind that you’re going to need a lot of meat and fish if you want to cook this a lot, but it’s totally worth it, pair this with a passive skill from characters like Kaeya, Razor, Venti or Xiao, which decrease stamina consumption when sprinting, gliding or climbing, and you won’t have to stop that much to recover.

Why is Zhongyuan Chop Suey great?

  • It decreases your stamina consumption when sprinting, and climbing.
  • Ideal for exploring Liyue and Mondstadt due to their territory that has plenty of mountains.

How to get Zhongyuan Chop Suey?

  • You can get the recipe from the Liyue world quest “Old Tastes Die Hard”.
  • You can buy it from Su Er’niang, an NPC in Liyue Harbour that sells the dish already cooked.

Zhongyuan Chop Suey details


8. Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake

Dishes from Mondstadt always look good.

Now, we’re going to see the best foods to revive our characters. The majority of foods so far in the game revive your party members, but with a tiny amount of HP. This can be a real problem because if we’re in the middle of a fight, our revived character could get hit and die (once again) which would be no fun. In this case, we have a dish that revives with an amount of HP above average.

Why is “Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake” great?

  • Revives characters with a decent amount of HP.
  • It’s even more useful for low Adventure Rank travelers.

How to get “Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake”?

  • You can get it after completing a version of the daily commission “Food delivery”.

“Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake” details: 


7. Fullmoon Egg

They look like one of these should be enough for one person.

Fullmoon Egg is another great option for travelers when it comes to reviving party members. It revives your characters with an amount of HP just as good as the previous food on this Top. The reason why this is on spot number 7 is that you can just buy almost all the ingredients necessary to cook this dish, which is helpful if you have some extra Mora and are in a rush.

Why is the “Fullmoon Egg great”?

  • Revives party members with a nice amount of HP.
  • You can just buy the recipe, you don’t really have to do any quests to obtain it.

How to get the “Fullmoon Egg?” recipe?

  • You can buy it from Yeushu at the Xinyue Kiosk when you get to Liyue Harbour.

“Fullmoon Egg” details


6. Mondstadt Hash Brown

They look amazing, don't they?

Now let’s talk about the food that will heal you the most. And one of my go-to is always the “Mondstadt Hash Brown”, consume this food twice and your character’s HP will recover like crazy. I recommend you to always have it in your inventory when you’re about to fight a really hard boss.

Why is the “Mondstadt Hash Brown” great?

  • It’s one of the food items that heals you the most.
  • Because it heals so much, you don’t really need to use a lot of it.

How to get the “Mondstadt Hash Brown”?

  • You can get it after completing the Domain of The Wolf when you reach Adventure Rank 15.

“Mondstadt Hash Brown” details


5. Universal Peace

I'm not sure about the berries, but still looks attractive.

Universal peace is another great choice to recover HP quickly. I really like it because the ingredients are easier to get than the “Mondstadt Hash Brown” and it heals the same amount. This is another must-have in your inventory once it’s available to you.

Why is “Universal Peace” Great?

  • Easier ingredients to farm.
  • Recovers a lot of HP.

How to get “Universal Peace”?

  • It’d be hard since all the current worldwide tension.
  • Ok, but all jokes aside, you can get the recipe of this dish when you get to Adventure Rank 35.

“Universal Peace” details: 


4. Sunshine Sprat

I would like to see Albedo cooking this.

We’re stepping in the territory of foods that buff our stats and which will make things a lot easier for us. Our fourth dish will be quite helpful in combat since it increases the strength of our shields. Ideal to go to boss fights or to just avoid getting hit if you’re still learning how to dodge attacks.

Why is the “Sunshine Sprat” great?

  • Shields are important in this game, and giving them more resistance will for sure help you out in many situations.

How to get “Sunshine Sprat”?

  • You can get it from Albedo during his Story Quest Princeps Cretaceus Chapter.

“Sunshine Sprat” details


3. Golden Crab

It does look like gold!

So far in the game, this is one of the most effective foods so far when facing an event with really difficult enemies or boss fights. It will make you resist attacks thanks to the defense buff it grants plus a healing bonus buff. With that in mind, you’ll be able to switch from your healer to your other characters, with no trouble, no matter how hard the fight might be.

Why is “Golden Crab” amazing?

  • We’re talking about the current ultimate food for resistance of damage and healing so far.
  • The time the buff lasts is more than enough for any situation.

How to get “Golden Crab?

  • You can get it from Mona’s Story Quest.
  • Buy it at the Xinyue Kiosk.
  • As a quest reward from the Pressing Deadlines quest.

“Golden Crab” details


2. Pile Em’ Up

No, they're not pancakes.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the food that grants buffs of everything related to the damage your party does. “Pile Em’ Up” is a dish that may not buff your attack, but it will drastically improve your Crit. Rate. Critical rate is a very important part of your damage because the higher it is, the more critical damage you’ll do. Great for battles.

Why is “Pile Em’ Up” great?

  • It buffs your Crit. Rate, causing you to do more critical attacks.
  • We’re talking about a quite easy to make dish that doesn't require that many ingredients.

How to get “Pile Em’ Up”?

  • You can buy it at Good Hunter in Mondstadt when you reach Adventure Rank 40.

“Pile Em’ Up” details


1. Adeptus’ Temptation

The most visually stunning dish in the game.

So, to set the tone for how amazing this dish is: This is the only 5-star food item in the game so far. “Adeptus’ Temptation” is the ultimate food to get an attack buff. It will give you 316 points of attack damage and 10% Crit. Rate for your whole party. There are two ways you can get the recipe and the ingredients it requires are quite specific. Besides giving you a great advantage over enemies, you have to admit, it looks delicious.

Why is the "Adeptus’ Temptation" great?

  • Amazing attack buff.
  • The Crit. Rate buff is a perfect complement for attack.
  • The effect lasts 300 seconds.

How to get the "Adeptus’ Temptation"?

  • You can open the chest on the floating island on the Qingyun Peak.
  • Also is obtainable from the Nine Pillars of Peace quest.

"Adeptus’ Temptation" details

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