[Top 10] Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Cards That Are Excellent

Take the TCG by storm with the latest cards

There are so many combinations for decks to dominate the competition nowadays. With the new Sword and Shield expansions there are many great choices. Here are the top 10 cards to either build your deck around, or to feature in your deck.

10 Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX

This card will have your opponent nervous about having pokemon on their bench - an essential part of the game. While it may look like it doesn’t do much damage, Max Lance deals up to 250 damage per turn. Paired up with Energy Retrievals and Energy Recyclers, you won’t be losing any energy to the graveyard and doing maximum damage.

Heavy hitter

Large HP

Attacks benched pokemon


9 Eevee VMAX

The Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box came with this ball of fluffy goodness that can be a powerhouse no matter what deck you work. 3 basic energies powers up its 150 attack move, as well as limits the chances of your pokemon being hit next turn.

You can either build your team around getting this card out as your active pokemon quickly, or simply have it as an alternative leading lady in your deck.


Large HP

Cheap price range


8 Quick Ball

One of the only cards on this list that is not a VMAX or VSTAR card, the quick ball is a must for the majority of decks. Often overlooked for the beautifully designed full art pokemon cards, item cards can make or break a deck.

This card allows a search of your deck to find any basic pokemon card you need to make your killer play. It’s an eye for an eye as you must give up a card in your hand before you can search. Its status as an item card instead of a supporter card like Milo or Cynthia means you can play multiple in one turn, stacking up your bench with basic ‘mons.

Quick search

Hand builder

Can have multiple in deck


7 Espeon VMAX

To do any damage to your opponent in pokemon, your team needs energy cards attached. Now take that core function, and use it to your advantage. The more your rival preps for an attack, the stronger you get with Espeon VMAX as your active pokemon.

This card is even useful to keep on your bench due to its ability negating any effects of poison, sleep, paralysis or any other nasty trick your opponent has up their sleeve in addition to their attack.

Stops conditions coming from attacks

Uses opponent’s energy count against them


6 Jolteon VMAX

Now Jolteon VMAX is similar to its psychic counterpart, but is more definite on how much damage it can dish out. With a guaranteed 100 damage to the active pokemon as well as one of your opponent’s benched, this eeveelution is a beast. It’s no surprise many of the eeveelutions are sought after. Gorgeous design and deadly execution.

Low energy requirements

High attack power

Attacks the bench

No retreat cost


5 Umbreon VMAX

The fourth of the eevee family to hit the top 10 really shows why this line is one of the most favoured. 

While its attack doesn’t have any additional tricks to make your rival stumble, its ability more than makes up for it. Playing the old switcheroo with your rival’s pokemon will send them for a spin and waste their time and resources in getting back to their planned strategy.

Plus whoever designed that artwork certainly needs a raise.

Can be used on bench or as active pokemon

Large HP

Lower but consistent attack power


4 Evolution Incense

Alongside the Quick Ball, this is a must have for any deck that has any heavy fire power. A free search for any pokemon that is not a basic at the tip of your fingers. Find your stage one’s, stage two’s or VMAX pokemon and get ahead in the game early on.

No cost

Can use multiple in one turn

Multiple in deck

Quick search


3 Charizard VSTAR

With this card, you have a real heavy hitter. Even if your opponent tries to only chip away at your HP, you can immediately hit back like a truck. Charizard’s VSTAR Power is nothing to shake your head at either.

A strong contender if you plan on playing with fire, or building a deck that centres around Charizard in all his VSTAR glory.

VERY Heavy hitter

Large HP


2 Mew VMAX 

This card can either be the ultimate active pokemon or can be completely useless. Let’s go with the assumption you have more than one Fusion Strike pokemon in your deck. The Cross Fusion Strike attack can be used for only two basic energies and can duplicate the attack of any of your Fusion Strike benched pokemon’s attacks.

Other pokemon in the past have had similar abilities, but have had more restrictions as you needed to match the energy of the attack you are replicating, which makes Mew VMAX superior. Max Miracle is a decent attack as well. But make sure you have a variety of heavy hitters in your deck that Mew can copy.

Less energy for better attacks

Low energy costs

No retreat cost

Large HP


1 Arceus VSTAR

And why wouldn’t Arceus, the literal God of all Pokemon be our number one? (Because Bidoof hasn’t been given a V Card yet).

This card works in any deck because of its basic typing and adds more energy to your team every time you use it. Arceus’ ability is useful as well if you get stuck in a sore spot, giving you a bigger hand.


Adds to your hand

Supports your bench

Heavy hitter


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