The Best Vampire Games To Play Right Now

top 10 best vampire games 2018
Eternal life and extraordinary abilities come with a hefty price and ravenous nature!

Stalk the night to quench a wicked thirst with the top 10 vampire games everyone can play right now!

Finally! After a lot of waiting and reading, I got my hands on a copy of Vampyr, the latest RPG from Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One). Lusting for such a game is no surprise for those who know me because I at least have to peek on anything vampire. Playing the new game got me thinking of some of my favorite vampire adventures from the past. Putting a list together took some time considering vampires are a niche genre and they are usually a part of an ensemble of mythical beings. Yet, whether the titles focus on vampire life or not, there are some great vampire games everyone should check out. Here are my top 10!

10. Dracula’s Legacy

Dracula’s Legacy follows Isabella on her quest to discover important moments from her forgotten past. With her fiancé, she explores a mental clue, which leads her to a ghost town. A monstrous creature surprises the couple and separates the two, forcing Isabella to battle her demons and find her guy.

This gem made for mobile devices by Jetdogs Studios and IndeePop will be an instant favorite for those who enjoy mystery and puzzle games. Isabella falls into a complex tomb full of traps and entry points to get through.

The key plot points that connect Isabella’s past and a menacing vampire are exciting and groundbreaking for the genre. The game is perfect to kill time on your phone at the airport or doctor’s office.

Dracula’s Legacy looks like another game available online but it’s so much more.

Every puzzle, every room is challenging and authentic.

9. BloodLust Shadowhunter

The atmosphere of BloodLust Shadowhunter reminds me of Indiana Jones messing around with what ancient societies left behind. Players are able to crawl around dungeons and tombs of a forgotten vampire city and fall in the middle of the hierarchy battle within the realm.

Like the entry before this, Shadowhunter is great for those who enjoy puzzles and even better for those who like fictional politics. The game is reminiscent of Masquerade Bloodlines’ vampire faction mess.

Clues and suspicious people pop up everywhere in this game.

Vampires aren’t the only creatures players have to worry about. 

8. Golden Krone’s Hotel

What I consider to be the Zelda of vampire games, Golden Krone’s Hotel is a rougelike game that allows players to simply hunt down vampires. Yet, beware because hunters can be turned and we must direct our efforts to the slaughter of humans.

Golden Krone’s Hotel has an extensive floor plan with vampires and creatures left and right. Again, there is a possibility of transformation and the killing of humans. There is also a way to be human again, but by then, it’s a mere option.

Viggat did an exceptional job with the world’s lighting and maze-like structuring. It’s made to leave players vulnerable to their prey.

Despite the look of the game, moments of battle work well and are exciting to join in on.

There’s a lot of people to talk to and their speech is authentically aged with the times of the game.

7. Dark

If you ever wake up somewhere randomly and don’t remember a thing and have a thirst for blood, you may have been attacked by a vampire, which is what happens to Dark’s main character Eric Bane. Unfortunately, Bane is not a full-fledged vampire and will turn into a horrid monster called a ghoul. The only way to avoid this is for us to find his creator and take a swig of their blood.

This RPG from Realmforge Studios and Kalypso Media has one of the best story premises that I think could have driven down Franchise Road toll free. In theory, Dark has an extensive underground vampire world full of history and surprises with an interesting twist on an undead transformation.

The visuals of this game are comic book-like and light up for Bane’s vampire abilities and the angelic visits he receives throughout the trek. The stealth and hooded approach to hunting and fighting is fun to explore and remind me of similar games in other genres.

To find his creator, Bane has to sneak into a lot of armed and secured places in search of blood from ancient vampires to temporarily ward off ghoul-ism.

Every vampire needs to be stealthy and Dark makes it clear how important it is to master the necessary power.

6. Bloodrayne

There’s no way I could dismiss the First Lady of vampire games, the one and only Agent Rayne. This gun-slinging, sword-wielding dhampir (half human, half vampire) works for an underground group called the Brimstone Society and helps them defeat supernatural dangers. She takes on their next great battle while searching for her vampire father.

Female characters are a blast to play in action adventures and BloodRayne does not disappoint. The story is compelling, Rayne’s combat abilities are fun and easy to maneuver and the setting and character performances are engaging and thrilling.

BloodRayne allows players to fight vampire zombies and Nazis and travel around the world. Rayne’s mission continues through a few decades and the game uses history as a moving background.

Rayne’s capabilities with gun power and swords flow well when she’s in the middle of a battle.

Even though Rayne is half vampire, she too needs to feed to stay alive.

5. Legacy of Kain

My introduction to the Legacy of Kain was Soul Reaver, the second installment of the series, featuring Raziel, a damned vampire that once served Kain, a vampire dictator that is the central point of the franchise. Raziel seeks revenge on Kain, the person who caused his fall and murder. Revenge is the series driving force, beginning with Kain's fight against those who transformed him into a dark prince in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. 

Soul Reaver's Raziel breaks the vampire mold with a character who is more ghostly than undead. Instead of blood, Raziel feeds on souls, which works out well for him since he has no jaw. 

The ancient and tribal atmosphere plays well with Raziel's spearmanship, strength and speed. There are plenty of puzzles to solve, so brains are as needed as the brawn to complete the game. And when you do beat it, the story continues with Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance.

Kain and Raziel have many encounters throughout the franchise, which proves forgiveness is not an option for the loving couple.

The Legacy of Kain is a great mix of a classic vampire and modern day spirit sucker.

4. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

In The Masquerade, players can choose what kind of vampire we want to be from the neighboring factions in Los Angeles after being illegally transformed into a bloodsucker and spared by the great council. This leads to the player’s involvement in a vampire war over an ancient sarcophagus and all the tangled ties and loose ends reveal themselves through missions and footwork.

The best thing any game can have is to offer the ability to pick what our character will look like. Bloodlines lets us customize our player from a variety of factions, which can certainly be strategic during another round of the game. Add in great dialogue options, the recipe serves up a fantastic grungy modern-day vampire role-play experience.  

Even though the RPG from Troika Games and Activision (Microsoft Windows), which is based on the original tabletop RPG of the same name by White Wolf Publishing, received moderate appraisal when released, the game is now considered a cult classic. Game pros and critics consider Bloodline an important accomplishment in the world of gaming because of details like the production to an awesome soundtrack.

What kind of vampire do you want to be? There are some good options to choose from that range from the Nosferatu type to sexy nightclub junkies.

Just like any other character in this vampire story, the bosses are no joke and are ready to slay!   

3. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

The Castlevania series is one of the greatest franchises in gaming history, a classic that has grown with the advancement of gaming technology. The latest installment will stand in its place on my list, a game I consider to be one hell of a ride. Dracula is back and he must face an old foe: Satan!

Lords of Shadow 2 has the glitz and glam of today’s top notch graphics with the best writers on board, another hit from MercurySteam and Konami. Dracula’s powers and combat abilities are better than ever, though their usage differs depending on where Dracula is in time. The story hops around different centuries and adds a lot of content for the Castlevania encyclopedia.

The gameplay is smooth and effective when mastered and the cinematic scenes keep the players pumped and ready for more action. The opening battle sequence is epic! There’s a collapsing castle, hard-hitting soldiers, a stalker-boss and some giant mechanics.

Gabriel Belmont aka Dracula aka Dracui is one emo and dramatic guy. 

No matter how depressed or angry Dracula gets, he stays on mission and unleashes his wrath.

2. Vampyr

Set in London during the Spanish Flu epidemic circa 1918, players become Jonathan Reid, a doctor who happens to be a blood sucking vampire. This monster wants to service the public but must control his need to feed in fear of causing serious consequences in the four districts that are open to us. Reid’s journey involves coming to terms with his dark transformation and curing the city. 

Vampyr offers a unique vampire experience with contradicting choices between hunting and non-violence. With a few possible endings available, players don’t have to kill anyone to beat the game and feeding on any of the well-developed inhabitants of the city can alter the ride. The challenge is fun to explore since Reid’s abilities can only strengthen with a drink of fresh blood.

The London the game presents looks and feels authentic through decent graphics, great audio and impressive character acting. The methods players can use to sink teeth into a beating pulse are classic but exciting to do.  

He’s not a vampire! Or, is he? Dr. Jonathan Reid is able to fit right in to society but only if he can control his hunger for blood.

Killing bad guys gets easier after a drink or two but their disappearance can cause suspicion in town and players will lose side missions that character had to offer.

1. Skyrim – Dawnguard

Dawnguard is an installment of The Elder Scrolls universe, a medieval and magical place full of different beings and political issues. Dawnguard is an add-on for Skyrim and the name of a group of vampire hunters. Players are given the option to join the cause or side with the vampire race they’re warring with, the Volkihar.

For an add-on to shine the way Dawnguard does is very impressive. We’re sucked into a well-developed world full of interesting characters, awesome magic and a cinematic storyline. The choice to join the Dawnguard or Volkihar is the perfect excuse to play multiple times to experience different missions and outcomes.

Elder Scrolls’ fans know the greatness of its folklore and open world, which is weaved into Dawnguard and makes it a part of a bigger picture. Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks need to explore more of the war between the Dawnguard and Volkihar.

Players can be an armored medieval hero or crossover to the dark side.

Don’t think killing vampires is going to be an easy job. Looking at them will be a big challenge.

A vampire's life is a great world to explore through gaming and there's a good variety of titles everyone can get today. I do hope some of my favorites like Legacy of Kain and Bloodrayne will make comebacks because of Vampyr's and Dawnguard's recent success. The people want vampires and the industry better deliver. So, get into my favorites games, have a blast and find some others worth sharing. 

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