[Top 10] Stardew Valley Most Profitable Animal

Most profitable Stardew Valley animals
A variety of animals to choose from in Stardew Valley

Today we will be counting down the top 10 most profitable animals in Stardew Valley. With a variety of animals to choose from, various goods to create and sell for all of your spending needs, and endless bouts of time on how to turn a mighty profit, this list aims to provide a way for all of you wonderful gamers out there to get an idea of where to start. With that being said, let's jump right into our Stardew Valley top 10 countdown. It's for the greater good.

10. Chicken


The essential farm animal.

Though she may be about as beginner as you can get, do not doubt the power and glory of the chicken. With a fantastic starting value of 95g per large egg produced and a quick production time of 1 egg a day, you're sure to rack up the cash you need faster than ever with this simple product. The additional option of creating mayonnaise at an even higher starting price of 190g makes this animal the best way to start your adventures in animal caretaking, extra profit being the kicker to a truly great animal.

Why Chickens Are Profitable?

  • Great for beginners- Easy to make money early on in-game since they are one of the first animals you unlock. With a cheap price of 800g to buy, you are able to quickly make that extra bit of money you need.
  • Different ways to make money- With multiple ways to make an income from differing egg sizes to the creation of mayo with a mayonnaise machine, you're sure to turn quite the profit with this animal.
  • Base value of 95g for a large egg- With a relatively high base price you will have the option to make plenty of dishes to sell for more, create mayo, or sell as is for great profit.

How To Make Money With Chickens?

  • Sell Small egg for 50g base value.
  • Sell large eggs for 95g base value.
  • Create mayonnaise with eggs to sell for 190g base value.
  • Sell max heart chicken for 1,040g.

9. Duck


The majestic duck!

Ducks in Stardew Valley operate much the same way as chickens. We’ve been through this process before; we already know the base value of the egg is 95g; we know we can create mayonnaise, but for how much extra? At a base value of 375g for mayonnaise from a duck egg, it's hard to deny the benefits of such a creature. Thankfully for us, the money doesn't stop here. At large friendship levels, your duck may begin dropping duck feathers, allowing for a new profit of 250g on its base value. This high-selling animal is great for anyone looking for a variety of ways to get that extra cash flow.

Why Are Ducks Profitable?

  • Base value eggs at 95g- While the same as our number one spot, the eggs continue to create a fantastic way to create a large profit selling as is with enough time and patience.
  • Duck Feathers- Duck feathers offer a large sum of money, selling for a base price of 250g at base value. With enough of these sold you are sure to create quite the small fortune.
  • Low selling price- At only 1,200g, this animal is a cost efficient way to buy and sell the goods of animals and create a small fortune in the process.

How To Make Money With Ducks?

  • Sell duck eggs for 95g base value.
  • Sell duck feathers for 250g base value.
  • Sell duck egg mayonnaise for 375g base value.
  • Sell duck at max hearts for 1,560g.

8. Cow


The perfect animal for every farm.

Another excellent beginner animal that will make you a lot of money in the long run. She's simple yet beautiful, efficient, and a moneymaker all in all. With a milk base value of 190g for large milk and the ability to create and sell cheese for an extra 230g, this animal is sure to make you loads of money in the long run. As an added bonus, cows have the ability to breed, creating more animals and more opportunities to grow the profit on your farm. You simply cannot go wrong with a starter cow in your barn.

Why Are Cows Profitable?

  • Beginner friendly- This is another animal that becomes available very early on in the game, allowing for quick access and easy ways to make some extra cash for beginners.
  • Multiple options for profit- With different ways to make profit such as selling milk as is, creating cheese, or selling the animal itself, you as the player have many options to make money from cows.
  • More cows, more profit- Cows have the ability to get pregnant, giving you the players more cows to work with. With more cows for no price you will have the ability to produce more milk, cheese, and all the necessary items to make your farm thrive.

How To Make Money With Cows?

  • Sell milk at a base value of 190g for large milk.
  • Create and sell cheese for a base value of 230g.
  • Sell max heart cow for 1,950g.

7. Goat


A moneymaker through and through.

If you're looking for the next step in your farm handling career, look no further. The goat is a fantastic way to quickly amp up the speed on your farm and turn a new leaf into money-making goodness. With a goat milk base value of 345g, the ability to make goat cheese for 400g, and the animals' ability to procreate, this is a sure-fire way to keep your farm up and thriving. Get some new animal companions today and become a better farmer in the process.

Why Are Goats Profitable?

  • More goats, more profit- Much like the cow, this animal also has the ability to get pregnant and produce more goats. This once again allows for more animals to sell goods from, creating more profit in the long run.
  • High selling prices- Up to this point the goat producing the highest selling items thus far on our list. With multiple selling options all across the board, you're sure to turn a large profit over time.
  • Frequent production- Goats produce new milk every other day, allowing for frequent selling and profit of artisan goods.

How To Make Money With Goats?

  • Sell large goat milk at a base value of 345g.
  • Sell goat cheese at a base value of 400g.
  • Sell max heart goat for 5,200g.

6. Sheep


Soft, cuddly and great for extra cash.

Who doesn't love a good sheep? Sheep in Stardew Valley remain a fantastic way to increase your income and add value to your current property, with a variety of options on how to do it. With wool selling at a base value of 340g, with the help ofhappy sheep and certain professions you can complete the shearing process in just one day. With such a large amount of available wool, this is a huge way for you to grow all avenues of your farm, becoming richer and happier in the process.

Why Are Sheep Profitable?

  • High selling goods- At high happiness the sheep produces wool on a three day basis, allowing for large quantities of goods and high selling prices with the possibility of one day production depending on happiness levels and profession.
  • Choices in cash flow- With different options such as selling wool as is or looming wool to sell cloth, you have many options to turn a profit with this animal.
  • High base value- If you are going for wool production alone, selling value starts at a base value of 340g. With enough time and patience you can rack up quite a large amount of money from sheep alone.

How To Make Money With Sheep?

  • Sell wool at a base value of 340g.
  • Make and sell cloth at a base value of 470g.
  • Sell max heart sheep for 10,400g.

5. Rabbit


Fuzzy, fun friends.

Not only is she lucky, but she's quite a moneymaker too. The rabbit in Stardew Valley is a fantastic way to not only increase your luck, but also make a large profit. With a wool value of 340g every 4 days, occasional rabbit feet for a little extra luck and cash upon reaching a certain friendship level, and self-shearing to save you plenty of time, you simply can't go wrong. Artisan goods aplenty, luck galore, and a fantastic new way to make money on ashore with this wonderful animal.

Why Are Rabbits Profitable?

  • Many options for profit- With many options such as selling wool, creating artisan goods, and the occasional rabbit's foot drop at high happiness and friendship level, this animal creates an easy and large amount of money for any player.
  • High selling goods- With a wool base value of 340g, cloth value of 470g, and rabbit foot value of 565g this animal is an amazing way to turn a profit.
  • No work required- This is a self shearing animal allowing you the player to quickly pick up goods to sell without the hassle of shearing each individual animal on goods giving days.

How To Make Money With Rabbits?

  • Sell wool at a base value of 340g every 4 days.
  • Options to sell rabbits foot once reaching high friendship and happiness with animals.
  • Sell rabbit at max hearts for 10,400g.

4. Dinosaur


For all you dino enthusiasts out there.

Now this one is probably the most fun item on our list. This creature is not to be trifled with, despite the fact that it can only be raised with a dinosaur egg. Each dinosaur egg sells for a great base value of 350g, with the additional option to create dinosaur mayonnaise for an astounding 800g, you are sure to never run out of funds with a farm full of these creatures. Do yourself a favor and find yourself a dinosaur egg today.

Why Are Dinosaurs Profitable?

  • Hatched with dinosaur egg- Since this animal is hatched with eggs, raising this animal is a great way to save yourself money on buying while still producing goods for selling.
  • High selling prices- With large values on selling goods from this animal, the player will receive great sums of money with fewer products needed.
  • Base egg value of 350g- With such a high base value and a turnaround time of 7 days, with enough patience and eggs you are sure to create a large profit.

How To Make Money With Dinosaurs?

  • Sell dinosaur eggs at a base value of 350g.
  • Sell dinosaur mayonnaise for 800g.
  • Sell dinosaur at max hearts for 1,300g.

3. Golden chicken

Golden Chicken

The chicken, but better.

Though we already have the beautiful chicken on our list, the golden chicken is in a much different league. The base value for chicken eggs is an amazing 500g, with the included turn-around time of one egg produced a day. With extra production of three mayonnaises, all selling for 285g with only one egg in your machines, this is truly one for the books. Though she may be small, she sure packs a punch. If you find yourself in the realm of the infamous golden chicken, do yourself a favor and take that chance.

Why Are Golden Chickens Profitable?

  • High selling goods- Since this chicken is a specialty chicken unlike its regular counterpart goods sell for higher prices, allowing for a great turn in profit upon maturity.
  • Base value egg price of 500g- At such a large price money troubles will be a thing of the past, allowing for large quantities of eggs, high selling days, and optimal money production into your account.
  • Fast turnaround time- With a turn around time of only one day, you can produce a golden egg a day. That's 500g extra into your bank account everyday!

How To Make Money With Golden Chickens?

  • Sell golden eggs as is for 500g.
  • Sell 3 Mayonnaise at golden value for each production at 285g.
  • Sell golden chicken for 1,040g.

2. Ostrich


A wild card for any good farm.

Another tough one to achieve, but worth it when you can. The ostrich, much like the dinosaur, is a creature that can be produced through an egg. With this in mind, it may be a little bit difficult to achieve your desired results, but with an egg base value of 600 g,I'd say it's well worth it. Though production time takes a large 7 days, with such a high base value and the ability to produce and sell 10 jars of mayonnaise with a single egg, the payoff is great. If you can get ahold of this beloved creature, do yourself a favor and make it happen.

Why Are Ostriches Profitable?

  • Hatched from egg- Due to this animal only being hatched via an egg, this leads to a great way to save money on purchasing and make money on selling goods.
  • High base value- At a base value of 600g per egg, you are sure to turn a large profit in selling quality goods.
  • Large mayonnaise production- Each ostrich egg put into a mayonnaise machine will produce 10 mayonnaise at the same quality of the egg. This allows for a large profit every 7 days upon egg retrieval.

How To Make Money With Ostriches?

  • Sell eggs at a base value of 600g every 7 days.
  • Produce and sell 10 mayonnaise with a single egg.
  • Sell ostrich for 20,800g.

1. Pig


The ultimate moneymaker.

At long last, we introduce our coveted number one spot, the pig. Though costly to gain, this is truly one you aren't going to want to exclude from your farm. With the production of truffles on a daily basis under good conditions, this is a fantastic way to make tons of money in a very short period of time. With truffles selling for a massive 625g at base value, truffle oil selling for 1,065g, and plenty of space, you will never be in the dumps again or without a large fortune. If you're going to invest in anything in this game, make it this beautiful creature.

Why Are Pigs Profitable?

  • Multiple selling points - With the availability to sell truffles, make truffle oil, and sell animals as is, the pig creates a fantastic way to create money fast.
  • Highest selling goods- At 625g base value per truffle, 1,065g for truffle oil, and a pig selling price of 20,800g you can create a massive profit with the pig.
  • Fast production time- A mature pig with good conditions will produce a truffle every single day. This is the perfect recipe for creating goods and selling as is, allowing for large amounts of money in very short periods of time.

How To Make Money With Pigs?

  • Sell truffles at a base value of 625g.
  • Produce and sell truffle oil at a base value of 1,065g.
  • Sell pig at max hearts for 20,800g.

If you didn't believe in Stardew's animal-raising jackpot before, I'm sure you do now. In the amazing world of Stardew Valley, we as players are so lucky to have so many options to choose from in terms of our careers. With so many artisan goods, loads of creative and interesting animals, and a simple bucket in hand, this aspect creates so many great options for taking your farm to the next level within in-game life. Do yourself a favor today and invest in that barn or coop; it'll surely change your life for the better.

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