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Horror games are extremely popular nowadays, and there is nothing more frightening than feeling like YOU are in the middle of the action.

10 RPG Horror Games To Satisfy Your Need for Roleplaying and Horror

Horror games are created with a singular purpose; to scare the ever-living daylights out of the player. The type of game that does this best is the RPG horror game; players are placed directly into the shoes of the protagonist. They are chased by every monster, they battle every psychopath, and the only perspective that they have is their own. Here are the ten best RPG horror games for PC.

10. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is a game that is exclusively in virtual reality; it is currently in Steam early access for Playstation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift platforms. Players are immersed in a deeply unsettling environment, armed with only a flashlight.

Players are free to move through the environment using Room Scale and Immersive Movement Role-Play System mechanics.

Though very little of the actual plot of the game has been released, it is known that it is based in the original mythology of the Paranormal Activity franchise, and the player’s goal is to unravel the secrets of the house in which the game takes place.

Players are immersed completely within the environment; there is no user interface, no prompts or hints, and nothing to make it known that the player is in a game.

The game's demo suggests that there are very sinister things going on in the house.

9. Resident Evil 7

A new chapter begins in the Resident Evil franchise with this terrifying game. Released in early 2017, the game is unique amongst its Resident Evil brethren because it employs a first-person perspective, creating a visceral and immersive player experience. Players must navigate the twisting property of a family of psychopathic hillbillies, set far from any help.

The family seems to be very tight-knit, all together in their various psychopathy.

The player interacts with everything in first person, giving the game a more visceral fear factor than its predecessors.

8. Angels of Death

Released on Steam in late 2016, Angels of Death is an indie RPG horror game consisting of 4 episodes. The game follows two protagonists named Ray and Zack, who have awoken in a strange place with no memory of how they got there.

Gameplay revolves around various missions and puzzles as the two try to escape the sealed building they have found themselves in.

The game was originally released as freeware, but it was released on Steam in 2016.

The protagonists have found themselves in a sealed building with no idea how they got there, or how to escape.

7. Mad Father

Mad Father is an indie RPG released in 2012, and later on Steam in 2016. Players take the role of a young girl who has asked her father to commemorate the year anniversary of her mother’s passing.

She wakes up that night to find that her house is filled with walking corpses, and she must embark on a journey to find out what terrible things her father is doing in his basement laboratory.

The gameplay centers on exploration and interacting with other characters.

The game is designed like an old pixelated dungeon crawler, with the addition of character portraits when one of them speaks.

The girl's father seems to be a scientist, and he has become deranged.

6. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is another upcoming horror game that is due to be released in 2017. It is a sequel to the 2013 game Outlast.

The player takes on the role of Blake Langermann, a journalist roaming the desert with his wife while investigating the murder of an unidentified pregnant woman. When he becomes separated from his wife, he attempts to find her while traveling through a remote village in which the inhabitants believe that the end of days is shortly approaching.

Players are completely unable to fight, but must hide, crouch, run, vault, and climb to escape enemies. Instead of a flashlight as in other survival horror games, Langermann is equipped with a camcorder that has night vision enabled, whose battery is drained and must be replaced with batteries hidden throughout the environment.

The game has a very similar atmosphere to that of Resident Evil 7, with its blending of rural farming imagery with unimaginable horrors.

The town seems to function much like a cult, with its inhabitants believing that the apocalypse is coming soon.

5. Corpse Party: Blood-Covered

Released for Windows in March 2008, Corpse Party: Blood-Covered is a remake of the 1996 Japanese video game Corpse Party. It is played in third person, and players are tasked with exploring the grounds of a haunted school to escape the horrors within.

Players must interact with the environment by picking up objects, talking to other characters, and inspecting documents, all while avoiding entities bent on their destruction. The game features multiple endings, with one being the ‘True Ending’ and the others being ‘Wrong Endings’ – which of these the player receives is dependent on their decisions throughout the game.

The game focuses on several different characters, but they are all trapped in the haunted school, and they all want to escape.

There is evidence that horrible things have gone on in the school.

4. Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a single player action-adventure horror game that was first released for Windows in 2012.

Players take control of a best-selling thriller novelist named Alan Wake has he tries to uncover the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance while on vacation in Bright Falls, Washington, while simultaneously experiencing events from his latest novel that play out in real life.

Gameplay centers on fending off enemies of various shapes and ability levels, while simultaneously collecting pages from the manuscript in which the events of the game seem to have been create

Bright Falls, Washington is a seemingly quaint little town that becomes a horrific place at night.

Light is the saving grace in the game; it provides a safe zone for the player that enemies cannot enter.

3. DreadOut

Developed by Digital Happiness and released in 2014, DreadOut is a survival horror game set in an abandoned town in Indonesia. A group of high school students has stumbled into the town, and are encountering paranormal activity. The protagonist, Linda, must uncover the secrets of the town to survive. The player must use tools such as a digital camera and a smartphone to solve puzzles and interact with the ghosts.

The smartphone mechanic is used to fend off many of the enemies, as well as catalogue them in a 'Ghostedia' in Linda's notebook.

The monsters are all based on creatures in Indonesian myth.

2. System Shock (2018 remake)

A remake of the 1994 video game that is due to be released in 2018, System Shock is a first-person action-adventure horror game.

According to the developers of the remake, the plotline and characters will remain the same, with the player taking the role of a nameless hacker aboard a space station in the year 2072. The objective of the game is to hinder the machinations of a sinister AI called SHODAN.

A representative for the reboot developer states that the game will be essentially faithful to the original, with modern mechanics and graphics to make the game more appealing to the modern gamer.

The goals and mechanics will remain faithful to the original, and the space station also resembles the original environment.

SHODAN has seemingly taken over the space station; all the robotic occupants have been reprogrammed into hostile enemies, and all humans have been killed, turned into cyborgs, or otherwise mutilated.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Released for Windows in 2010, Amnesia: The Dark Descent features a protagonist named Daniel who finds himself in a frightening castle with no memory of how he got there. Players must avoid monsters and solve puzzles as they navigate the environment.

The game echoes the physical object interaction present in the developer’s previous Penumbra games, allowing for physics based puzzles and other interactions. It also features a sanity meter that must be managed along with health.

The environment in the game has been painstakingly rendered, and is hailed as one of the game's selling points.

The various puzzles seem to resemble those in the Uncharted games, with an obviously bizarre and unsettling twist.

Can you feel the fear? Steel yourself against the jump-scares and enjoy these frightening RPGs!

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