FF14 Best Grand Company - Which To Join?

You'll want to know what Grand Company is the best to join early for great benefits!
Moving up in Eorzea means shacking up and pledging your allegiance to one of the three Grand Company factions available. Which one is the best to invest your time at?

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you'll be prompted to choose many things in your playthroughs. You'll be offered to choose between your character's race, class, and starting point in the game. Once you reach Level 20, you'll soon find out about another creative factor to choose from: deciding which Grand Company to join.


What’s a Grand Company?

A Grand Company is a faction headquarters that hires adventurers for various quests that help push A Realm Reborn’s storyline. There are five total Grand Companies, but only three of them are available for players to join. These joinable factions are The Maelstrom, The Immortal Flames, and The Order of the Twin Adder. All three of these companies were conceived in different cities around the world to keep the realm of Eorzea safe.

The Grand Companies in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a central quest hub for players who reach Level 20. It is here where you can gain access to new playable activities (Online game modes, dungeons, etc.) You must join either the Maelstrom (located in Limsa Lominsa), the Immortal Flames (located in Ul'dah), or the Order of the Twin Adder (located in Gridiania) to progress the story and unlock new content. You can always change who you join up with later in the storyline, and it won't affect your story progress (your Company Rank will change though).


How does a Grand Company work?

Each Grand Company has access to different ‘Guildleves’ (replayable quests) that give out EXP (experience points) to level up your character and Company Seals that promote you to different Company Ranks in your associated company. The higher your rank (from Private Third Class to Captain), the more services you'll unlock (including Expert Delivery, Player Housing, The Hunt, and Adventurer Squadrons). Here's a ranked list of the Best Grand Companies to choose from in Final Fantasy XIV.

(Note: Keep in mind that all three Grand Companies have equal functions. They are there to simply push the narrative and unlock new features/activities for players to discover. All joinable Grand Companies unlock the following activities at the same level/quests: Chocobo Mounts, PvP Mode, Frontline Mode, zones, dungeons, Squadrons, and The Hunt activities. All Grand Company ‘Elite Weapons’ have the same numerical stats and weapon choices for classes/Jobs, it's just the name and appearance that are different.)


#3: The Maelstrom

Military discipline oriented group settled across the Limsa Lominsa waters.

The Maelstrom Grand Company is a faction based on the Navy, supported by a strong fleet of ships around the sea town of Limsa Lominsa. This company was founded by their Chief Admiral, Merlwyb Bluefhiswyn. The Maelstrom is essentially a small branch of the Thalassocratic Navy that employs strong adventurers to help protect the realm on the sea. 

With strong determination, the Admiral commands the entire armada around Limsa Lominsa to keep the town and its waters safe. Members of The Maelstrom enforce the law around the waters of Eorzea, particularly centered around the Vylbrand seas. Their main opposition is the local pirate gangs in that area, led by Captain Hyllfyr of the Bloody Executioners.

The Maelstrom Review:

  • Headquarters located in the city of Limsa Lominsa.
  • Faction resembles the Navy military, including ranks, ethics, and appearance.
  • Quests are mainly based in Lower La Noscea and Coerthas Central Highlands zones.
  • Offers 21 Guildleves to complete: 6 Prudence, 5 Equity, 5 Promptitude, and 5 Unity quests.
  • Has the lowest total reward output: 114,214 EXP and 4,559 Company Seals (around 2,436-9,936 EXP and 138-311 Seals awarded per quest).

You should join The Maelstrom if:

  • You like the aesthetics and environment of a Navy-based group/organization.
  • You like to adventure in areas/zones related to water-based ecosystems.
  • You want to live closer to the merchants located in Limsa Lominsa.

Overall, this Grand Company ranks in 3rd place on the list. While there is no difference in gear and ranks compared to the other companies, Maelstrom has the lowest EXP and Company Seals reward total. It's highly recommended that you look elsewhere if you want a higher EXP average per completed quest. However, you should try out the Maelstrom if you need extra EXP in the future (or if you want to role-play as a Navy sailor).


#2: The Order of the Twin Adder

An organization that congregates with ideas and theories about the nature around them.

The Order of the Twin Adder Grand Company is a group formed of kindred spirits who believe in the power of nature and work together to keep the wilderness safe by hiring strong-willed warriors. In the heart of Gridiania lives the Elder Seedseer, Kane-E Senna, leader of the Order. As the lead figure of the Adders, Kane-E speaks through her prophetic visions and words of wisdom to calm the masses and guide her followers to victory. 

As a member of the Order, you'll be met with nature enthusiasts who strive to understand the world around them. Their demeanor is usually calm and intuitive, but they are known to fight back against any opposition in their way for knowledge and peace. It's the Order's job to enforce stability throughout the forests of Eorzea.

The Order of the Twin Adder Review:

  • Headquarters located in the city of Gridiania.
  • This group studies the mythical beauties of the unknown wilderness (they’re mythical nature lovers).
  • Quests are usually based in the East Shroud, West Shroud, and Coerthas Central Highlands zones.
  • Set with 21 Guildleves: 5 Prudence, 5 Equity, 6 Promptitude, and 5 Unity quests.
  • Has a moderate total reward output: 120,006 EXP and 4,602 Company Seals (around 3,248-9,936 EXP and 138-311 Seals awarded per quest).

You should join the Order of the Twin Adder if:

  • You want to live in the city of Gridiania.
  • You enjoy the aesthetics and environment of a mythical nature lovers group.
  • You like to explore areas within the East and West Shroud zones.

Overall, this Grand Company ranks in 2nd place. The city of Gridiania has multiple players visiting daily, is easily traversable, and yields a larger total EXP and Seals reward average compared to The Maelstrom. You should pick this Grand Company if you want to role-play as a forest-loving character or just enjoy the mythical side of nature in Final Fantasy XIV.


#1: The Immortal Flames

These noble souls have their inner flames burning bright with inspiration and fighting spirit.

The Immortal Flames Grand Company is a collection of mercenaries and combat veterans combined with the Ul'dah military. This company is known for brute force and strong, ethical warriors banded together for the sole purpose of defending the sultana of Ul'dah traditionally. That's why Flame General Raubahn Aldynn reignited the Immortal Flames to protect Ul’dah once again since the greedy Syndicate couldn't do so.

With his honorable mindset, the Flame General sends his troops out to help enforce peace among the lands and sands of Eorzea. With the Immortal Flames, you'll be surrounded by proud warriors hardened by combat with survival instincts. If you fancy yourself to be with other hardy, honorable combatants, then joining up with the Immortal Flames is the way to go. 

The Immortal Flames Review:

  • Headquarters located in the city of Ul'dah.
  • Represented as a group of proud warriors set on a noble path of carnage for peace.
  • Quests are commonly issued within the Eastern and Southern Thanalan zones.
  • Available with 21 Guildleves to complete: 5 Prudence, 5 Equity, 5 Promptitude, and 6 Unity quests.
  • Has the highest total reward output: 122,714 EXP and 4,790 Company Seals (around 2,436-9,936 EXP and 138-311 Seals awarded per quest).

You should join the Immortal Flames if:

  • You enjoy traversing the Eastern and Southern Thanalan zones.
  • You want to live in the merchant city of Ul'dah.
  • You like the aesthetic and environment of hardy, prideful warriors who fight for a noble cause.

Overall, the Immortal Flames is the best Grand Company to join. The merchant city of Ul'dah is sprawling with new and experienced players and is a thriving society with all sorts of shops available. This Grand Company also rewards the largest total average of EXP and Company Seals for completing company quests. If you want to level up quickly for a Company or just need a huge EXP opportunity, then the Immortal Flames are built for you.


In conclusion, it is solely up to you as a player to decide what Grand Company to join. It's necessary to pick one to further progress the story and to unlock new activities as you play along. Your choice will never affect your gameplay negatively in the long run, so have fun with it!

It'll be no cakewalk to rank up for a Company, but you can make it worth your while with all the sweet rewards, loot, and potential friends you could make along the way. Whatever your choice is, make sure you enjoy the (Grand) Company you keep around.


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