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Incoming call screen from 707
Incoming phone call from 707.

Phone calls play a pivotal role in the gameplay of Mystic Messenger. They serve as a way of getting to know characters on a deeper level while also unveiling hidden secrets that lie beneath the surface. These calls not only deepen the player's engagement with the game but also offer a captivating avenue to explore every detail of the storyline.

There isare a total of eleven days to play through in Mystic Messenger, but the first ten are much more call and chat room based. So, hold your phone close because in this article, we will explore ten of the most important phone calls in Mystic Messenger within the first ten days of various routes.

Various Mystic Messenger’s incoming call screens.


Day 1 Calls Getting to know the characters 

Day One Screen A fresh start!

  • On the first day, you're the newcomer among the group. The characters are unfamiliar with you, and while some are open to your presence, others may come off as cautious and reluctant. Through these phone calls, players can express their true personality and harmless intentions.
  • Through day one’s calls, you get a glimpse into their personalities as well. The player finds out that Jaehee is a workaholic, Jumin is stern but playful, Yoosung is as obsessed with games as Zen is his looks, and Seven is just well…Seven. This day also serves as a navigation point on how to interact with characters and complete tasks for the RFA, so pay close attention.
  • Be sure to reply to these calls strategically if there is a certain character’s storyline you’re aiming for. The calls during day one are what gets the ball rolling.


Day 2 Calls Yoosung’s gaming addiction and Rika. 

Day 2 Screen: Taking step deeper into the lore.

  • Throughout not only Yoosung’s personal route but also within others, it’s important to take into consideration how many times he compares the player to Rika, his deceased family member. In the calls, although it may come off as harsh, instill that you are your own individual person and not Rika.
  • If you remember other phone calls and messages, you will know that Yoosung is addicted to both playing and talking about games, so when he sidetracks to talk about anything else, it’s a pretty big deal. However, when compared to Rika, it’s best to dispel any comparisons with her.
  • In this call, you get a glimpse into a new layer of Yoosung that is one of the focal points of his route. 


Day 3 Calls Jumin and his Beloved Cat

Day 3 Screen RFA duties call!

  • It is no secret that Jumin adores his cat Elizabeth the 3rd. Many find their bond to be quite peculiar, but it is important to note from his calls on this day, just how strong his bond is with his cat.
  • During this sequence of calls, he speaks poorly of his assistant, Jaehee, holding her responsible for his cat shedding fur, a natural cat behavior. Additionally, he dismisses Zen's severe cat allergy.
  • These calls are important because not only do they show where Jumin’s priorities lie, but throughout the game you’ll notice he’s starting to like you when he speaks more of you than his beloved cat.


Day 4 Calls RFA party and security preparations 

Day 4 Screen The plot thickens as you draw closer to the route reveal. 

  • It's crucial to pay attention to these calls from the characters as they provide detailed explanations about the fundraising party that you're responsible for organizing.
  • While calls such as Jaehee’s detail how the RFA fundraiser events are supposed to go it’s also key to pay attention to underlying problems that could occur.
  • Jumin's call emphasizes the need to look into security measures, hinting at potential lurking danger. This highlights the importance of not only ensuring the success of the fundraising party but also the safety and well-being of the RFA members, including yourself.


Day 5 Calls Zen’s Battle with Perfection 

The 5th day displays the character’s route you’ve been assigned.

  • Throughout every phone call and message exchange, Zen comes off as a bit self-centered. Some characters even considerdeem him to be a narcissist.
  • In on the 5th day, Zen confides in the main character during the call. He shows that he too has insecurities and at times he even doubts himself.
  • During this call, it is best to be understanding of Zen’s true mental state. He shows you that his performance as a character doesn’t just end on stage. 

Quick Tip: On this day it is revealed whose route you’ll have. Their photo will appear on the 5th day card. 

Day 6 Calls Mysterious Emails

Day 6 Screen The unveiling of truths.

  • This day marks a pivotal turning point in the game, as it brings the narrative closer to the revelation of darker truths, significantly altering the course of the storyline.
  • ​Every character reaches out to express their fear and concern regarding the mysterious email originating from an organization named "Mint Eye”, signaling that it is best to answer and move with caution.
  • To maintain a positive relationship with Seven, it's important to show understanding, considering he's the sole person responsible for technical matters like the hacker of Mint Eye. This is especially crucial as everyone appears to be pressuring him despite his significant workload.


Day 7 Calls Seven becomes depressed

Day 7 Screen The deepening of relationships. 

  • At this point in the game, the player should be well acquainted with the characters and their personalities during their private calls. It is best to catch onto any changes. During this call, Seven appears less upbeat, feeling like he's let others down. As the call progresses, the player discovers that there's something much deeper weighing on Seven's mind.
  • When engaging in this call, avoid being accusatory like the other members. You might uncover something surprising by taking a more understanding approach.


Day 8 Calls Jaehee realizes her own strength 

Day 8 Screen A Dayday of realization  

  • As usual, Jaehee is burdened with another significant task when she already has a lot on her plate. The way in which you interact with her during this call plays a role in determining a good or bad ending for her route.
  • The first approach is agreeing with Jumin and telling Jaehee during the phone call that she should essentially stop whining and just do her job. This could lead to Jaehee disregarding her own health and overworking herself.
  • The second option is reminding Jaehee that she not a robot and is deserving of a life of her own. This phone call could lead to Jaehee finally sticking up for herself.


Day 9 Calls Seven shows concern for you

Day 9 Screen The calm before the storm 

  • If youu have chosen Seven's route, you find yourself in quite a predicament. Despite being in the same location, you still communicate solely through phone calls.In this call he is still very cold to you but if you keep calm he will soon reveal more information on what’s going on.
  • It is okay to still be playful in this call but sometimes being stern will be of help too. It’s what will keep Seven grounded and of course lead to a good ending. 


Day 10 Calls

Day 10  Screen: The Eve of the RFA party! 

  • These calls can vary depending on what route you have chosen. This is also the home stretch, so be mindful how you answer your calls. For each of the characters, this is a very important day because not only is the long awaited RFA party tomorrow, but also each character finally expresses their feelings.
  • One of the most intense calls comes from Seven, where despite his previous cold demeanor, in a call on day 10, he finally admits that his actions were to protect you, bringing you sudden clarity to his behavior.

Quick Tip: Feel free to revisit your calls once your route is over through the Call History screen.

Catch up on calls using the call history screen. 

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