[Top 7] Lost Ark Best DPS Class For Max Damage (Latest Patch)

Lost Ark Best DPS Class For Max Damage Latest Patch
Uncontrollable power cannot be contained

If you want to be the hero of every fight and top the leaderboard, check out this Lost Ark DPS tier list. The seven most effective damage-dealing classes are guaranteed to earn you MVP (most valuable player) status after every boss fight. So let's get started.


7. Gunslinger

Nothing is sexier than a lady with a gun

Gunslingers, a subclass of the Gunner class, are a pure DPS class that can attack effectively in both close and long range thanks to their ability to handle three weapons: the sniper rifle, the shotgun, and the pistols. The quickness and agility of a cat make gunslingers challenging to catch and even more difficult to stop from unleashing a hail of bullets on an unsuspecting opponent. They're one of only two classes with access to all sixteen abilities at once, and when used properly, they can deal massive amounts of damage. There are two different playable Gunslinger builds: Peacemaker and Time to Hunt, with Peacemaker being the meta and go-to build because of its higher DPS. 

Why Gunslinger is one of the best DPS:

  • High Crit Debuff Uptime thanks to abilities such as Spiral Tracker, Equilibrium, and Dexterous Shot.
  • High-damaging long-range attacks by using sniper rifle skills: Target down, Focused Shot, and Perfect Shot. 
  • High mobility through a combination of jumping and using pistol abilities like Quick Step and Dexterous Shot.
  • Very fluid to play due to the stance swap between weapons and a wide range of abilities.
  • It synergizes well with most of the classes.
  • The Gunslinger is very fun to play if you master its mechanics.

How to build Gunslinger:

Peacemaker Gunslinger Build Guide

Time to Hunt Gunslinger Guide

DPS power score: 76/100


6. Striker

Be water, my friend

The Striker is a Bruce Lee-inspired martial arts subclass that uses Elemental Gauntlets to deal great burst and sustained damage. He has a wide range of physical skills and lightning-fast reflexes. He can do spectacular flying combos after hitting an opponent right away. The striker's identity gauge is an elemental meter that, once it is full, is used for hard-hitting skills. They are capable of incredible damage with correctly executed combos. Esoteric Flurry and Deathblow are the two ways to build a Striker. The first is more important in the early and midgame, while the second is more important in the late game. 

Why Striker is one of the best DPS:

  • High damage through combos of Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike, Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges, and Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation.
  • High mobility with Jump, Sky Shattering Blow, Storm Dragon Kick, and Vicious Tiger Dance.
  • Simple combos execution.
  • Provides a crit resistance debuff and attack speed buff with the ability Lightning Whisper.
  • There is no downtime involved when using a striker's ability because they are all instant casts.

How to build Striker:

Esoteric Flurry Striker Build

Deathblow Striker Build Guide

DPS power score: 79/100


5. Sorceress

The School of Destruction involves harnessing the energies of fire, frost, and lightning

The Sorceress is an advanced class for the mage that, depending on the build, may deliver some of the strongest burst damage as well as some of the best-sustained damage by building up the meter. Their weapon of choice is staff, which allows them to control the power of the elements to deal massive damage from a distance without getting hurt. The Sorceress has two playable builds: Igniter and Reflux, with Igniter being more popular among experienced Lost Ark players and Reflux being more popular among new and less hardcore players. 

Why Sorceress is one of the best DPS:

  • High burst and sustained damage with Doomsday within Arcane Rupture.
  • The game's best-ranged spellcaster.
  • Every single target ability has an AOE effect as well.
  • High weak point damage thanks to Doomsday, Explosion, Esoteric Reaction, and Inferno.
  • High mobility for a ranged class with two charges of blink and spacebar.
  • Good synergy with other classes through Blaze, which provides bonus damage to targets for all party members.

How to build Sorceress:


Igniter Sorceress Build Guide

Reflux Sorceress Build Guide

DPS power score: 84/100


4. Destroyer

Destroy or be destroyed

The Destroyer is an advanced class of warriors. He wields a large hammer that generates shields by bending gravity and deals a massive amount of stagger damage. The hypergravity mode that makes up his identity skill is something that may be activated by filling up the gravity meter. The Destroyer has a high health pool, allowing him to take hits without having to reduce the amount of damage he deals. Rage Hummer and Gravity Training are the two different playable styles for Destroyer. However, the majority of players choose to play with the Rage Hummer build because it is less RNG and gives more burst and sustained damage.

Why Destroyer is one of the best DPS:

  • Does outstanding stagger damage through all of his abilities, like Seismic Hummer, Earth Eater, Full Swing, Perfect Swing, and Big Bang.
  • Push and income damage immunity with Endure Pain.
  • High health pool.
  • Able to generate massive shields by using Graviti Release skills.
  • Have access to defense reduction debuffs through Jumping Smash for team synergy.

How to build Destroyer:

Rage Hummer Destroyer Build Guide

Rage Hummer Gravity Training Build Guide

DPS power score: 89/100


3. Scrapper

Two energies are better than just one

Scrapper is another martial arts subclass that also uses heavy gauntlets as her main weapon. Scrappers draw on two opposing forms of attack energy, stamina, and shock, that mutually reinforce one another to deliver some of the best stagger, weak point, and counterattack capabilities in the game. Their self-buffs and decent sustained damage make them one of the best at dealing large amounts of burst damage. The Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu build and the Shock Training build are both playable options for Scrapper, and either one can be used successfully in any type of content.

Why Scrapper is one of the best DPS:

  • Great damage output with Supernova, Blast of Ruination,  Iron Cannon Blow, and Battering Fists.
  • High stagger damage and weak point level through abilities such as Death Rattle, Critical Blow, and Chain Destruction Fist.
  • High mobility with Charging Blow and Spacebar.
  • Increases damage for all party members with Fierce Tiger Strike and Crushing Smite.
  • Lots of Super Armor to keep them close to the boss. 

How to build Scrapper:

Shock Training Scrapper Build Guide

Taijutsu Scrapper Build Guide

DPS power score: 91/100


2. Deathblade

Death by a thousand cuts

The Deathblade advanced assassin class uses not one, not two, but three swords and the power of chaos to deal high sustain high damage and enhance the entire party. A death orb meter serves as their personal identity gauge, allowing them to enter a death trance that shortens skill cooldowns and increases damage. Because of how fast they attack and move, they can do combos that do a lot of damage and also move in and out of battle quickly. As a Deathblade player, you can choose between two different playable builds: Surge and Remaining Energy. While Remaining Energy is used for leveling and tiers 1 and 2, Surge is used for endgame content due to its higher damage output.

Why Deathblade is one of the best DPS:

  • She has a lot of super armor and immunity to protect them from crowd control.
  • Very high burst damage through Blade Surge and Zero.
  • Strong crowd control options with Wind Cut, Blitz Rush, and Earth Cleaver.
  • One of the best mobilities, since most of the damaging skills use dashes or jumps, such as Spincutter, Dark Axel, Blitz Rush, and Flash Blink.
  • There is lots of combo potential with strong finishing abilities that place them behind the targets.
  • Boosts attack speed and damage for party members with Maelstrom, Dark Order, and Open Weakness.

How to build Deathblade:

Surge Deathblade Build Guide

Remaining Energy Deathblade Build Guide

DPS power score: 94/100


1. Artillerist

The bigger the gun is, the scarier you are


Finally, at the top spot, we have Artillerists. They are a subclass of the Gunner class that uses some of the biggest launchers and other hard-hitting weapons the world has ever seen. Artillerists provide a lot of stagger damage in addition to a significant amount of burst and sustained damage, impairment damage, and destruction damage.  In addition to this, they have a high resistance to being damaged, which enables them to unleash their devastating skills without fear of being interrupted. A firepower meter serves as their unique indicator, and when full, it activates barrage mode, which replaces their skills and causes them to deliver absurdly high damage. As an Artillerist, you can choose between two different builds: Firepower Enhancement and Barrage Enhancement. Firepower Enhancement is the better option due to its increased damage and durability.

Why Artillerist is one of the best DPS:

  • Able to deal massive damage with hard-hitting abilities like Bombardment: Howitzer, Bombardment: Focus Fire, Bombardment: Energy Cannon, and Missile Barrage.
  • Provides huge stagger and destruction damage with Multiple Rocket, Flamethrower, Air Raid, and Homing Barrage.
  • Very good survivability due to Energy Field and Impregnability.
  • Able to lower targets’ defenses through Armor Destruction buff from the Summon Turret ability, so the entire party can do more damage to the target.
  • Provides a stagger increase party buff with Target Focus from the Napalm Shot ability.
  • Artillerist has the best mixture of DPS, utility, and survivability of all classes.

How to build Artillerist:

Firepower Enhancement Artillerist Build Guide

Barrage Enhancement Artillerist Build Guide

DPS power score: 98/100


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