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A huge part of Persona 5 Royal is the free time you get and choosing how to spend it. Every day matters! But with so many options to choose from, it can be paralyzing! To make it easier for you, here are the top ten best ways to spend time in Persona 5 Royal.


10. Explore and Finish Palaces

The castle is just the beginning. 

It goes without saying that you should explore palaces when you get the chance, but you don’t actually want to spend too much time there. By that, I mean days! You can spend hours as long as the in-game days do not pass.

Do what you need to do, but you should try to do as much as you can in one day. You never want to wait until the last minute! Sometimes, you’ll need to wait a day in order to progress. Plus, you don’t want to spend a few days trying the palace and waste days when you could be doing the following things on this list. 

How it works:

  • You’re given a set amount of days to finish each palace and steal its treasure.
  • Sometimes, you will have to interact with things in the real world to continue.
  • Do as much as the game will let you in one day, then send the calling card when you’re ready!


9.  Study

If only it was this easy to study in real life. 

Unfortunately, like in real life, our characters have exams in Persona 5 Royal. That’s why it’s so important to study! The higher you score on your tests, the better people look at you. After all, when you first transfer to Shujin, everyone thinks you are a horrible person and student. You want to prove everyone wrong! 

It is best to study when it is raining because it allows you to focus better. You can study at the school library, at Leblanc, or at the diner. Your knowledge increases more when you study at any of these locations on rainy days, so those are the best times to do so! They allow you to focus better. If you study at the library, you might also get a guts point, but only towards the beginning of the game. That’s something to keep in mind!

How it works:

  • Stop at any location you can study and do so.
  • Your knowledge will increase and you have a better chance of scoring high on your exams.
  • Pay attention during class too so you know what answers you’ll need!


8.  Take the Big Bang Challenge

Think you can do it? 

Taking the Big Bang Challenge can be a fun way to pass the time. If you complete it successfully, all of your stats except kindness will increase! If you fail, only your guts will increase.

If you’re trying to increase your Guts, then this is a great option! If you want to increase everything else, I wouldn’t suggest taking the Big Bang Challenge time and time again. Take it when you are ready, meaning when you have the proper stats to effectively take it on to get all the other stat boosts. Otherwise, there are much more effective ways to spend the bulk of your time.

How it works:

  • You can take the Big Bang Challenge three times. It increases in difficulty each time.
  • In order to win the first time, you need to be at second level for guts, knowledge, and proficiency. This will need to increase to third and fourth level for the second and third time taking the challenge, respectively. 
  • After completing all three, you can continue to take a similar version of the challenge where only your guts increase. 


7.  Stock up on Supplies

Peruse every shop you can!

It’s always good to go around the various cities and check the stores to see what they have. Whether it’s medical supplies, weapons, armor, or more, the shops change what they sell every now and then. While this doesn’t actually spend an in-game day, it’s important to do, especially before a big battle. 

Personally, I try to buy as many items that increase SP as I can! This can be difficult, but a lot of vending machines sell some that replenish a bit. A little goes a long way, especially when you’re in a really long and tough battle. Also look for healing and revival items. Even though these can be learnable skills, they never hurt. There are a lot of supplies you can buy, so peruse them and see what sounds good to you and your battle strategy. 

How it works:

  • Always check stores when passing by to see if they have anything of interest.
  • Don’t be afraid to drop a pretty penny on a lot.


6.  Go to the Movies

Who knew movies could teach you so much?

There are three different movie theaters you can go to that you unlock at certain points in the game. They are in Yongen-Jaya, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. The movies showing all differ from place to place, so it’s worth it to stop in and see a movie every now and then. They increase your social stats, depending on which movie you see. You can see each movie twice, though the increase to your stats will not be as strong the second time. 

You can also see movies with your confidants, which is a great way to deepen your relationships with them. 

I recommend reading the book Cinema Treasures, because this will increase the amount of points earned. As soon as you see it, buy it and read it to enhance your moviegoing experience. 

How it works:

  • See the movies available at the three movie theaters. Read what they will increase.
  • Pay the ticket price to see the film. You will see your boost right away. 
  • You get three points for the first time seeing a movie, and only one the second time. If you’ve watched Cinema Treasures, it will increase your point by one.


5. Read Books

Reading is important, even in video games. 

Make sure that you always have a book or two with you! If you find a spot to sit on the train, you’ll get a chance to read. Plus, in early game when you can’t leave Leblanc at night, reading at the counter is a great way to spend time. Reading can increase your social stats, depending on which book you read, which you’ll need for various confidants or activities. Aside from social stats, they can also unlock new places on the map to explore! However, you do not always need to read these. Sometimes you can travel there with a confidant and still unlock the location. If you want to check it out early, then go for it! 

As soon as it’s available, check out the speed reading book from the Shujin library. That’ll double your reading speed so you can get two chunks done at once! Then, it’ll be an even more effective way to spend your time. 

How it works:

  • You can borrow one book at a time from the library in Shujin Academy or buy them from various bookstores.
  • Different books will increase different social stats, make certain tasks easier, or unlock locations. Pay attention to the description of the book!
  • Read at Leblanc at night or the library during the day after completing the first palace. 


4.  Play Darts

Who will you invite?

Playing darts in Kichijoji is an excellent way to pass the time. It’s a fun little minigame that increases the Baton Pass rank between party members. You can choose who you’d like to play the first round with while two other random party members join. If you win, your second round will be played with one of the aforementioned joiners. 

Increasing your Baton pass rank increases the damage boost after passing the baton and even provides a bit of an HP and SP recovery at its max rank. 

Playing darts with your team also gives one confidant point to everyone who arrived, so this can also help increase those social links! Because of both of these great bonuses, it’s worthwhile to play darts every now and then and invite someone new or whoever you use most on your party.

How it works:

  • The Penguin Sniper lounge and Kichijoji will unlock automatically on June 5th. 
  • Anytime thereafter, you can invite a friend over to play with you for 800 yen. You get two rounds.
  • Two random friends will also join.
  • Every party member has a different technique and darts ability. Upon winning, you’ll increase your Baton Pass rank.
  • When the two rounds finish, you’ll get one confidant point with each member who joined you.


3.  Explore Mementos

 Who knew this place was so deep...

Mementos, as you learn, is a palace for everyone. There is so much to explore with more levels unlocking the further you progress in the game. Naturally, it gets harder the deeper you are! 

Spending a day in Mementos is a great way to spend some time. The best thing you can do is make sure you get as many Mementos requests as you can, so you can fulfill them as you explore. You technically do not have to do Mementos requests, save for ones tied to increasing confidants, but try to complete all of them! You can get some neat items and help make Japan a better place by stealing the hearts of those committing horrible crimes and exploiting those weaker than them. 

Mementos is the best place to go when you want to spend a day leveling up your party before a big fight, like before sending your calling card. 

How it works:

  • Meet at your hangout with your fellow Phantom Thieves. 
  • If you have requests, talk about them with your team before going into Mementos. Everyone needs to agree!
  • Explore while fighting shadows and making your way down into the depths of Mementos.
  • Eventually, you’ll hit a wall. You can’t go any deeper until the Phantom Thieves are better known.
  • You can stay in Mementos as long as you’d like and fight, collect flowers and stamps for Jose, or just wait for fun dialogue between the characters as they drive in Mona. 


2.  Work

You can't escape from work!

There are various part-time jobs that you can apply for in Persona 5 Royal. They don’t only just make time pass, but they have many benefits! You get money for working, you earn various stat boosts depending on the job, and some are required to gain intel for certain Mementos quests. Because of all of these perks, working is a great way to spend time. 

However, do not work every chance you get. While the money is helpful and the stat boosts are great too, you should balance out your time between various activities. . At least work as much as is necessary to unlock the Mementos requests so you can do them all! 

How it works:

  • You can find job listings in the Shibuya Underground Walkway.
  • Convenience Store: Increases charm and is necessary to unlock the "Calling for Justice for Cats” quest. Available in the daytime. 
  • Flower Shop: Another daytime job, charm must be Head-turning in order to work here. Upon completing a shift, it usually earns you kindness points. Necessary to unlock the request,  "Who's Been Assaulting People?" Reading the in-game book Flowerpedia can increase your knowledge and help make bouquets.
  • Beef Bowl Shop: A nighttime job where you must have at least Decent proficiency. Working here increases proficiency and unlocks the Sun confidant after working there twice.
  • Bar: In order to work this nighttime gig, you must have started Ohya’s confidant and have Empathetic kindness and Skilled proficiency. It increases your kindness unless you talk to patrons at the bar in which case it will increase a different stat. Also unlocks the quest, "We Aren't Just Your Slaves."


1. Increase Your Confidants

We have plenty of time to spend with Ann!

Part of what makes the Persona games so fun is spending time with your new social links. Increasing your ranks with your confidants is one of the most important things to do in this game! They all offer different abilities, but you also get to learn more about the people helping you on your Phantom Thief journey. 

Spend time with whoever catches your eye or check out guides to see who offers what you want. There’s no wrong way to choose.

How it works:

  • Some confidants start automatically, but others you must manually start. 
  • You also need your social stats at a specific rank to start some.
  • Sometimes your confidants will ask or text to hang out to increase your rank, other times they’ll be waiting in their usual spots where you can initiate it. 
  • You will also need to hang out with them multiple times to increase your bond. Not every session is going to increase your rank with them!


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