31 Best JRPGs To Play In 2017 (PC)

best jrpgs for pc

The 31 Best JRPGs for PC in 2017

JRPGs have caught the love of gamers all around the globe. The incredible adventure and memorable characters has turned this genre into one that is much loved and rightfully so. Thanks to sites like Steam, many amazing JRPGs are now available on the PC. With there being so many great ones, I’ll be telling you about the 25 best JRPGs you can play right now.

31. Agarest: Generations of War 2

Your offspring will carry your will until the end.

Despite being a the third installment in the Agarest series, You don’t need to play the former game to be familiar with it; if you did, then you might recognize familiar faces from the previous ones.

Here, you play as Weiss, an amnesiac, and is told that he killed a mythical being. To make up for his crime, he must become a Vessel to hold the power of the being that he slain. The said power will be used to revive the same being. The price to pay for betraying the divine is too costly…sending the traitor and everyone down his line to a limbo between salvation and damnation.

If you have played Xenogears on the PSX, then the battle style would be somewhat familiar. It employs grid positioning that you (and your enemies too) can use to your advantage during a battle. Aside from the usual RPG elements, combos and follow-up attacks can be done as long as your turn allows you to. Outside combat, the storyline itself is a huge plus, and you can micromanage the stats of the next generation’s hero and determine the ending route not only by choosing who you ‘date’ and ultimately unite with (if you get what I mean), but also by the choices that you make along the way. The simplicity of combat and the complexity of raising story flags add a lot of replay value, making Agarest: Generations of War 2 one of the best JRPGS that would keep you hooked for a long time.

There are a lot of aspects that define a JRPG, and I hope this gave you the heads up of what to play and what to expect this year in the Japanese RPG scene. It doesn’t matter if you like seeing damage numbers over 9000 or panty shots on your screen; there’s always a JRPG for you.

Now, which one do you wish to play?

Agarest 2 Battle

Burn baby, burn.

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