[Top 5] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Dancers

Felix from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is preparing to be the best dancer.
Felix is getting ready to blow the competition away.

In Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you are given a limited-time task to choose a dancer for the White Heron Cup. If you win, which you will if your unit has a high enough charm, you unlock the Dancer class for that unit only. 

The Dancer class has the ability to grant another unit a turn after they have already gone and increased stats, including power in sword. This lets you use the Dancer in two ways: One, as a supporter, or two, as a powerful sword user. Here are the best units to pick as your dancer and how they excel in the role. 


5. Ferdinand 

If you choose the Black Eagles, Ferdinand will be a part of your class. However, despite his ties to the Aegir territory in the Empire, he can be recruited into any class with enough work. Ferdinand is an incredible choice as a dancer. He honestly excels in any classes due to his lack of weakness, so a dancer is no exception! 

Due to the sword avoid skill a dancer receives, which increases the avoid +20 when the user is holding a sword, and Ferdinand’s personal skill of Confidence, which increases his hit and avoid by +15 when he has full HP, Ferdinand will be almost impossible to hit. While Ferdinand doesn’t necessarily need this help to be built up well, it is really nice that you don’t have to worry about him in the line of danger. 

What Makes Ferdinand a Great Dancer:

  • While the Dancer class isn’t usually someone you want on the front lines, Ferdinand is a strong unit that makes this class stronger!
  • Ferdinand is great with a sword, so when given one, he will have avoid +20. Combined with his personal skill, his avoidance will increase. 
  • If he is out of range of combat, he can dance to give another unit a turn. While he might not always dance, it is still helpful to have on the battlefield. After all, not all enemies take a lot of damage with a sword.
  • Ferdinand is always quick to brag about his dancing skills. An easy way to make him happy and raise your support with him is to ask him to be your house dancer. He is dazzling to watch, as he’ll make sure you know! 


4. Felix

Felix is an incredibly strong swordsman that you get automatically if you choose Blue Lions. Like Ferdinand, he can be recruited to any route.

Felix is also a great dancer due to the sword avoid. He will be very annoyed that you chose him as a dancer, but oh well! You’re the professor, he’s just going to have to deal with it. The one thing that makes Felix stronger as a dancer choice than Ferdinand is his Crest of Fraldarius. This makes him a stronger unit with strong evasion, plus he has strong speed. 

What Makes Felix a Great Dancer: 

  • You want a strong unit like Felix to be on the battlefield for as long as possible with high HP. With the sword avoid you get this can help you accomplish that.
  • He is one of the strongest units in the game and everyone recommends that you recruit him. Why not use one of your routes to make him a dancer? 
  • Felix also has a high speed, which gives him the ability to hit multiple times in one move. This, combined with dodging other moves, will make him a great dodge tank!


3. Mercedes

Mercedes is arguably the best healer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While she has some defensive roles, she has magic skills such as Physic and Fortify, so she can heal from a distance. She comes from the Blue Lions house and can be recruited to any other house. 

She shouldn’t really be put in the line of fire too much, so Dancer is a great role for her. She can heal units when needed, and when she’s not healing, she can dance to give stronger units an extra turn to help you clear this battlefield quicker. 

What Makes Mercedes a Great Dancer:

  • Mercedes is already a great supporter. Giving her an extra boost that she can give to her allies to support them is helpful. Mercedes is one of the units where you can best relish in the power that the Dancer gives you.
  • If Mercedes is a dedicated healer, there are some turns that she has nothing to do. Having the ability to dance will make sure she isn’t just sitting idly! 
  • Mercedes has a personal skill, Live to Serve. Just the name of it pairs well with the role of a dancer. Mercedes genuinely wants to help her allies best she can, so she will be happy to be a dancer!


2. Marianne

Since Marianne is so shy, you might think that she would be horrible at a more extroverted role like the Dancer, someone who dances across the battlefield. However, this Golden Deer would be great to choose! You can also recruit her to any house. 

Since the dancer can use magic, Marianne is a great choice. She is already a powerful magician with skills like Blizzard and Silence, so you can use her in various ways. She can fight, heal, and dance for her allies. Since she’s a good fighter, she is powerful with certain weapons. For instance, a Levin sword which is a long range sword that uses magic as strength, or Blutgang, a Heroes’ Relic that pairs with the Crest of the Beast—Which Marianne possesses! 

What Makes Marianne a Great Dancer:

  • Marianne already has a talent in swords, so that stat boost the Dancer gets is worth it.
  • She can use the Levin Sword and attack with magic from a further distance, get the sword avoid, and stay out of harm’s way.
  • Her powerful magic spells will only enhance her role as a Dancer, but she can dance or heal when they aren’t needed.


1. Dorothea

Dorothea of the Black Eagles, who you can recruit to any house, is easily the best choice as a dancer. Her character even has a history of performing in the opera, so she was born to be a dancer! 

Dorothea has both defensive and healing magic. With moves like meteor, she can attack from a long range, but she also has physic which gives her the ability to heal from a long range. When neither of these skills are necessary, she can dance across the map to give other units another move. It really is a move that always comes in handy! 

What Makes Dorothea a Great Dancer:

  • She has a good range of long distance skills so you can keep her out of harm's way and in the back to continue supporting other more defensive units.  
  • Like Marianne, you can equip her with a magical Levin Sword, which grants her the Sword Avoidance as well. 
  • Dorothea has the special ability Songstress, which grants nearby allies about 10% of their maximum health at the start of every turn. This paired with her long range healing and the ability to grant users another turn, she is incredibly helpful on the battlefield. 


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