Toram Online Best Weapons (Ranked Best To Worst)

Toram Online best weapons
A good start begins with a great weapon.

What Are The Best Weapons in Toram?

We all hear "the best" this and "the best" that, but youwant the closest-to-objective. That's what we're here for; to give you a bit of a scoop on the top weapons out there, one game at a time.

9. Knuckles

Knuckles allow you to equip a subweapon, and agility and vitality are key. They’re good for consistent damage.


● High Attack Speed

● High Damage


● Close Range

● Not a Great Standalone Weapon

Weapon Rating: 50/100

8. One-Handed Sword

One-handed swords allow you to equip a subweapon, and are based on Dexterity. They are good for a first time player.


● Fast Cast Speed

● Low MP Usage


● Not Complex

● Limited Status Damage

Weapon Rating: 60/100

7. Two-Handed Sword

Two-Handed Swords don’t allow subweapons. They are based on Strength, and it’s a high attack damage with slow speed.


● Very High Damage

● Easy to Use


● Slow Attack Speed

● Limited Skills

Weapon Rating: 70/100

6. Staff

The staff allows you to equip a subweapon, and is based on Intelligence. It’s a glass cannon, so extremely high attack with little to no defense.


● High Attack

● MP Regeneration


● Low Attack Speed

● Spells Disrupted Easily

Weapon Rating: 80/100

5. Bow

Bows only allow arrows as subweapons, but various arrows can have different effects. Dexterity and Strength are the main stats needed.


● Decent Attack Speed

● High Crit Frequency


● Low Attack Damage

● High MP Usage

Weapon Rating: 85/100

4. Halberd

Halberds allow you to equip a subweapon. They are considered one of the hardest weapons to master, and are based on Strength.


● High Crit Rate

● Hard Damage


● Slow Attack

● High MP Usage

Weapon Rating: 90/100

3. Magic Device

Magic Devices do not allow a subweapon to be equipped, though they can be used as a subweapon. They use Intelligence and Agility.


● Good for Farming

● Ranged Attack


● High MP Usage

● Spells Interrupted Easily

Weapon Rating: 95/100

2. Katana

Katanas allow you to equip subweapons and are pure Dexterity. Their speed and strength allows for quick attacks and near misses.


● Intense Attack Speed

● 100% Crit Damage


● Low Damage

● High MP Usage

Weapon Rating: 100/100

1. Bow-Gun

Bowgun crosses bows and guns and can equip a sub-weapon. They also do much more damage with base attacks.


● High Crit Damage

● Status Afflictions


● High MP Usage

● Low Attack Speed

Weapon Rating: 100/100

And that's all we have to give you for Toram Online. Hopefully, this'll help you decide on what weapons to pick, but remember: your weapon's only as good as your ability to use them.

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YukiEvorie's picture

YukiEvorie 4 years 1 month ago

1st thing u need to know, These are wrong 2nd Ill start from Knuckle : Knuckle is Pretty good at breaking because their skills have different inflict ailment 3rd 1HS Dmg is Depend on Str and dont need cast speed (No fast cast) 4th 1HS build is More complex than you think it has tank, paladin, Dual wield, Magic sword, 1H Dagger build 5th Theres no Status Limited Dmg 6th 2HS Skills are not Limited You cn use Knuckle and Magic for Proration 7th Staff users dont need atack speed because their skills need Cast Speed 8th Staff users not all Glass Cannon Theres Staff Tank build 9th ALL WEAPON HAVE SAME CRITICAL RATE Except Dual Sword 10th Bows are not low DMG (The highest DMG Record is From BOW) 11th Spear have 2 skill that Increase the Attack Speed a Lot 12th Magic Device dont need Agi they need Int Dex just like Staff 13th All weapon base critical dmg is 100% so its normal 14th Katana have the 2nd rank in AMPR so no worries about MP Usage 15th Bowgun have lower ailment inflict rate than Bow 16th Bowgun dont have high critical dmg, bowgun have high elemental dmg bonus Thats My opinion for This time(Maybe Ill edit this in the future)

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