51 Best Role Playing Games Ever Made for PC (Single Player RPGs)

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Find Some New Games to Play with the 51 Best RPGs Ever Made!

The Best RPGs Ever Made for PC. How Many Of These RPGs Have You Played?

RPGs are the crème on top of the video game cake, the peak atop the mountain of interactive entertainment. Amongst them, there are 39 games that have made a significant influence in the medium as a whole. When it comes to gamers, there is a special sort of relationship that an RPG gamer has with his or her games thanks to the very nature of RPGs.

People can play Shooters for a quick and violent adrenaline rush, or Puzzle games for some mental stimulation, but Role-Playing Games are unique. They allow us to create our very own particular characters and delve into a world of deep, enriched stories of our own making.  They give us a level of immersion that no other genre gives us, and we throw ourselves into them expecting to be taken on a journey that we can empathize with.

When an RPG gives us this feeling, it’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.  This is a list of RPGs that have given us this feeling, and we hold today as the top 39 greatest RPGs of all time.

51. Fallout 4

Developer: Bethesda Game Developers

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Theme: Survival in a Post Apocalyptic Earth

To survive a nuclear attack, you, your spouse, and son rush to a fallout shelter, only to be tricked into entering cryo-tubes. You and your family awakened by strangers, who proceed to kill your spouse and kidnap your son.

After this tragedy, you become determined to take your revenge for your spouse's death, and find your son. However, 210 years have gone by, and the world is very different.

After 210 years of sleep in a cryotube, you must seek revenge and find your son

Good thing you still know how to shoot!

50. Bard's Tale 2004

Developer: InXile Entertainment

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Theme: Comedy Fantasy RPG

On a quest to rescue a princess named Caleigh, the Bard must face many dangers. He is chosen by a cult to find her, and on the way he fights goblins, fire-breathing rats, and ginormous guardians. But the quest is not all it seems.

As he journeys, he finds the dead bodies of many others who were chosen. When he finally finds Caleigh, he realizes she is actually a demon. The Bard must choose between having all his wishes granted if he frees her (she would destroy the world), destroy her, or refuse to fight her (and thus let the undead rule the world).

This club-wielding troll is no friend

Travel through dark forests and encounter all sorts of hellish creatures

49. Torment: Tides of Numenera

Developer: InXile Entertainment

Genre: Role Playing Game

Theme: Mystery, Fantasy

This soon to be released game features the story of the last body to be used as a vessel for a man’s consciousness. The consciousness belonged to a man who discovered a way to become reborn by entering empty bodies. However, every times he leaves a vessel, the consciousness also known as the Changing God causes the host bodies to awake with a new consciousness and no memory of what happened.

The Sorrow hates this, and thus wants to destroy the Changing God and the new beings. Therefore, the last vessel, now the Last Castoff, must find who is the leader of the Sorrow.

Question if the Changing God is doing a good thing as you travel through a dark realm

Track down who is behind the Sorrow

48. Dark Souls 3

Developer: FromSoftware

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Theme: Dark. Kill Monsters and Demons To Save the World

To delay the Age of Dark, a hero must sacrifice his soul to keep the First Flame going. Prince Lothric, who is supposed to be the sacrifice, abandons his responsibility and allows the First Flame to go out.

You must find a way to survive in a world headed swiftly towards apocalypse. This game forces players to persevere through incredible difficulty and brutal gameplay.

You are a soulbearer, and derive strength from aimless souls

All hope seems lost now that the First Flame barely flickers

47. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Theme: Medieval War Adventure

This new RPG is actually a prequel to Mount & Blade: Warband, since it is set two hundred years before. The nations featured in that game are just forming in Bannerlord, rising from the broken pieces of the Calradian Empire.

Combat is intense, bloody, and close-up. There are several different playable factions, including the Vladians, Swadians, Aserei, Khuzaits, Battanians, and Sturgians. In this game you can choose to join one of these factions and help it rise, or with the declining Calradian Empire, and try to bring it to its former glory.

Experience the tumultuous time of new nations forming

Go through in depth medieval combat as you help the heir take the throne

46. The Technomancer

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Theme: Technomancy, man vs. monsters

Another game that will soon hit the market, The Technomancer features a sci-fi world on Mars. Humans have lived on the red planet for 200 years. In this game, you will travel across a planet with deadly alien creatures and a human civilization torn apart by war.

As a technomancer, you are a person with the magical ability to affect technology. However, in this plot-line, you are on the run from the secret police, and therefore must stealthily move around. The Technomancer shares the same universe as Mars: War Logs, but the world is now bigger.

You must not only deal with the police, but dangerous alien species

Use your technomancer skills to control technology

45. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Developer: Eidos Montreal

Genre: Action Role Playing Game, first person shooter, stealth

Theme: Cyberpunk

Imagine being the only person who can determine humanity’s future. That is exactly how it is for Adam Jensen, who is chosen to defend an experimental biotechnology firm.

Sarif Industries knows how to turn people into enhanced beings using biomechanical augmentations. As you are on the job, the firm is attacked and the scientists are killed. You must now find out who is behind this.

While attempting to do so, you encounter political cover ups, kidnappers, and a hacker. This game takes look at whether such experiments would be ethical, and what could happen when humanity manipulates things it should not.

This game forces you to contemplate the question, “What makes a human a human?”

Find out who is behind the killings and the coverup

44. Grim Dawn

Developer: Crate Entertainment

Genre: Action Role Playing Game, hack and slash

Theme: Post-apocalyptic world, survival of humanity

Humans are caught between two powerful enemies. One desires to use humans as resources, and the other seeks to decimate the human population before that can take place. As a result of this war, the human race has diminished, and new horrors are being unleashed.

Now, Mankind huddles together in small groups, finding ways to evade both enemies. Some of those who have been exposed to possession or the warp find themselves with unnatural abilities. As one of those, you must use your powers to do your best to protect humanity.

Humans must stay together in small groups to survive

After your exposure to the warp, you display magical abilities. Use these to defend Mankind.

43. Rebel Galaxy

Developer: Double Damage Games

Genre: Space flight simulator game

Theme: Space adventure

In this RPG, gamers play as a spaceship commander. You start off with a Hammerhead ship, which is a fast Corvette. Through butterfly effect decisions, you chose what sort of personality and morals you possess. Earn credits to upgrade to a bigger, more powerful ship.

Explore the galaxy, experiencing a beautiful sci-fi world filled with strange and wonderful things. Defend yourself against pirates or other enemies in high tension combat. Trade and negotiate with friendly parties.

Control a star destroyer and decide whether to use it for evil or good

Should have bought a defense upgrade!

42.  The Banner Saga 2

Developer: Stoic Studio

Genre: Tactical Role Playing Game

Theme: Approaching darkness, lead your tribe to survival

Picking up from the aftermath of the violent battle, the story is one of hardship. The struggle is not over, though. An apocalypse is just around the corner.

Now you must fight your enemies while on the run from the coming darkness. Keep your moral up as you travel through your destroyed homeland. Stop a Dredge Sundr, a powerful demi-god, from using necromancy to bring back corpses from the dead.

With its strong Norse flavor and darkly beautiful scenery, Banner Saga 2 is sure to please fantasy lovers.

41. Darkest Dungeon

Developer: Red Hook Studios

Genre: Role Playing Game, Roguelike, Turn-based strategy, Dungeon crawl

Theme: Human endurance, humans vs. monsters

During your ancestor’s life, he created terrible evils in and around the family estate with dark magic and necromancy, and it is your duty to destroy them. Bring an end to the wicked creatures your relative created, ridding your property of their darkness.

This is no fun, lighthearted journey, however. Your mission takes heavy tolls upon the mind and body.

Many imagine how they would enjoy going on their favorite fictional adventures, but this cautionary tale warns of what could really happen. This is no happy ending story, but a deeper look at what darkness could take place on a quest.

Send the horrors your relative created back to the grave

Keep your fighters from dispair, lest they go mad

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