[Top 3] Mystic Messenger Best Routes To Go For

The main members of the RFA,
The members of the RFA eagerly await the thrill of cyber mischief.

Welcome to the world of Mystic Messenger, where every fangirl's dream of being the main character of their own story and winning the heart of their 2D heartthrob in a 3D world comes to life. Of course, what would a good love story be without a sprinkle of angst, a lavish party, and A LITERAL BOMB?! It is hard not to become engrossed in this game. it is not the kind of game one simply finishes and never revisits because there is always something new to find in a route. Even after over 2k days of having this app, the fun never stops. I suppose you could say I'm somewhat of a Mystic Messenger expert at this point.

The Badge of a Faithful RFA player! 

  • In 2016, a mobile gaming company named, “Cheritz”, created a game with an innovative twist where the player’s outcome was dependent on their communication skills throughout the day. Meaning, not answering the characters’ phone calls, texts, or emails could determine what or even whose route you will get. The fate of your journey rests on the frequency and nature of your responses. 
  • The responses are tracked by color-coded hearts related to each character. On the other hand, it is best to avoid getting too many black broken hearts, as they can lead to a bad ending. However, do not  be disheartened if you do encounter a few; you will have plenty of opportunities to make up for them.

Each character alongside their respective heart’s color.

  • Initially, there are five routes you can be assigned based on the colorful hearts you receive during your texts with the characters who are planning their annual RFA party. The RFA, also known as, “Rika's Fundraising Association”, plays a significant role in bringing the characters together and driving the narrative forward through its events and activities in which you will be in charge of foreseeing.
  • The five original characters are: Jaehee, Jumin, Seven, Yoosung, and Zen. Later in the game you will have the opportunity to unlock side characters of the story and reveal just how deep the history of the RFA actually goes. While Jaehee, Yoosung, and Zen are considered the casual story routes, Jumin and Seven are considered deep story routes. 

Pick your poison! Either cry a little with a Casual Story or cry a lot with a Deep one.

  • While both Jumin and Seven’s routes are both well deserving of being categorized in the deep story section, I cannot help but to think Yoosung’s route should have been included too, which is why his route is ranking number 3 in my routes to go for. 

3. Yoosung Kim’s Route

Yoosung Kim being ever-so bubbly in his character profile. 

  • I first learned about Mystic Messenger, I believed I would undoubtedly lean more towards wanting Zein’s route. I mean, who wouldn't be drawn to a charismatic idol with the voice of an angel, right? However, as I started playing, I discovered that, as a college student at the time who preferred playing video games over studying myself, I found Yoosung character the most relatable.
  • He was dorky, cute, and an overall ball of sunshine. Little did I know his story would be the complete opposite of what I perceived him to be and would leave me a sobbing mess. Until this very day, I wonder how on Earth was his story not considered deep? 
  • Yoosung is still grieving the recent loss of a loved one who understood him more than anyone in the world. After his loss, video games served as his distraction of choice from his grief. Without them, he's left with no escape from his pain. 
  • As the main character, you have the option to handle him with both firmness and care, or feed into his unhealthy delusions, although the latter choice may not end well. Overall, I enjoyed how this lovely sunshine boy not only had one of the most heartwarming routes, but depending on your replies, it could very-well turn into one of the darkest. I would highly recommend this route if you too are struggling with grief or just need a good cry. 

Quick Tip for a Good Ending: Be yourself. You are not to be molded into someone Yoosung wants you to be. 

2. Jaehee Kang’s Route

Jaehee Kang wearing her everyday business attire in her character profile.  

  • If you are anything like me and intend to go for the great actor Zen, just know that a formidable foe is afoot. Her name is Jaehee Kang, a passionate fangirl of Zen, she would rip into you in the RFA chat at the mere sight of a heart emoji sent to him.
  • Initially, I viewed her as a bit of a Debbie Downer, convinced that she was ruining the overall gaming experience by dampening the mood. To my surprise, many fellow players were shocked when I admitted that I was not a fan of Jaehee. This prompted me to question whether we had even played the same route and what I might have overlooked.
  • Throughout Jaehee’s story, the player uncovers the depth of her personal struggles and inability to obtain a work-life balance. She is an incredibly undervalued assistant who had forgotten that life is not solely about work. In a way, I could get her frustrations with life, for not only must she tend to her boss’s demands but the demands of others as well. 
  • Jaehee acting in the manner of an “annoying fangirl” was actually just her enjoying one of the only bits of normalcy she was allowed to have. It seems everyone but Jaehee noticed how under-appreciated she was, not only within her office but also in her personal life. She does not seem to mind it much, for she fears being unable to keep up with others and falling short. 
  • It was hard not to relate to those similar pressures that Jaehee endured e which made her route more compelling. Jaehee’s route serves as a helpful reminder that work should not feel like a prison and that life is too short to solely seek validation from others. It also highlights the importance of self-care. 
  • This journey will make you reconsider how you use your free time and encourage you to take that much-needed vacation or simply dedicate some downtime for yourself. Witnessing Jaehee's own realization leads to a significant and beautiful transformation, both mentally and physically. If you say the right things, you will soon learn that this growth was all thanks to your push.
  • You might be wondering, “Can I pursue Jaehee romantically in this romance game?” Without giving away spoilers, the answer is both yes and no. Just know that there is a great chance that friendzoning will occur.

Jaehee and MC lovingly sharing a cake in the Valentine's Day DLC

  • Jaehee’s route is a must-try for those interested in a more realistic type of character. I would recommend Jaehee's route for players who enjoy narratives that tackle themes of dedication, friendship, and self-discovery. 

Quick Tip for a Good Ending: Be sure to remind Jaehee that she is not a robot and deserves to rest. do not  forget to stand up to her self-centered boss, Jumin in the RFA chat as well. Doing so will inspire Jaehee to advocate for herself. 

And here we are, at number one! To the average Mystic Messenger player, this choice will come as no surprise. Get ready for the big reveal – our favorite hacker, Seven, takes the crown!


1. Saeyoung Choi (Seven or 707) Route

Seven seems conflicted and not as playful in his character profile.

  • While the other route storylines are vital, when you talk about Mystic Messenger after playing it, you cannot help but think of the emotional rollercoaster that was Seven’s storyline. It is an experience that gripped my heart and still refuses to let go. I can most definitely say that it has left an indelible mark on my gaming experience.
  • Think of Seven as an onion, a character with countless layers. The more you peel, the deeper you will go. However, just like peeling an onion, be prepared to shed some tears along the way as you uncover his complex past that slowly eats away at him in the present.
  • In the other routes, you will quickly notice just how much of a troll Seven is. He’s prone to breaking the fourth wall as well as breaking into computers. Oh, and remember earlier in the when I mentioned the bomb? Well, he was the genius who installed it for “security purposes”. He is most definitely a character who will keep you on your toes.
  • The most interesting part of his route was how his personality swiftly changed the moment he sensed your true feelings. He transforms from playfully love-bombing troll you when you either A. Expressed interest in someone else or B. Laughed at his antics to becoming so cold that you’d think you were talking to a completely different character. 
  • Seven’s personality shift effectively showcases the depth of his character and the state of his emotional journey. Seven's route in Mystic Messenger is also considered quintessential for several reasons. Firstly, it delves deep into the game's intricate storyline, providing crucial information about the mysterious organization and the characters' backgrounds without fluffing up things to make it pretty. 
  • Seven's route offers way more emotional depth that unravels his complex personality and backstory, making it practically an essential gateway for players seeking a thorough understanding of the game's world. You could easily make an iceberg theory out of Seven’s route alone.
  • The tip of the iceberg being his playful hacker persona, while the deeper points would include the dark truth behind his family, the RFA, his struggles with mental health, and the web of lies and secrets he weaves to protect himself and those he cares about. These layers add depth and richness to his character, making him one of the most compelling and memorable figures in the game.

Quick Tip for a Good Ending: Do not hesitate to speak on the subtle hints he gives off. I call these instances in Seven’s route ‘Character development Easter eggs.' If something strikes you as odd, do not  hesitate to probe deeper to find out more about it.

  • For example, while he might joke about hardly eating or being too drained to look after himself, it is important to gently remind him that living in such a way is not beneficial to him. These interactions not only deepen your connection with Seven.

Seven sharing an intimate hug with MC

Mystic Messenger was quite the journey, and these three routes are the perfect representation of the very essence of the game. I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I have. You can download Mystic Messenger from the App Store or Google Play Store. Stay updated on new developments and releases by following Cheritz on their official website: https://en-shop.cheritz.com and their Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheritz_dl

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