The 15 Best PC RPGs Ever Made

Best PC RPGs Ever Made
Geralt approves of our list of top RPGs for PC!

 This is a list of the fifteen most unbelievably detailed, original and well- crafted RPG titles that gives up their all, blowing our minds..

15.  Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn

Baldur's Gate Gameplay Trailer

A staple in the RPG community, the Baldur’s Gate series is known as one of the genre’s principal examples of an excellent RPG title. In it, you play as a human, born with power from the Lord of Murder, Bhaal. Closely following the events of the first game, you find yourself caged and experimented on by an evil wizard. Named Iranicus, you soon learn he is trying to destroy his homeland by extracting your power.

After escaping the wizard’s lair and his experimentations, you learn more of the evil wizard’s plans to destroy the country. In order to save the people, including your close friends, you must brave the land and it’s monsters, while deciding for yourself and the country if you can do it with good will, or feel a dark heart is too tempting to be so kind to the elven inhabitants. Your choices will shape the world around you.

Baldur’s Gate features an isometric (panorama-style) perspective. Allowing you to enjoy its intricately detailed fantasy settings and graphics, as well as strategizinge your moves in its pausable real-time strategy combat. Take on enemies as small as insects and as large as dragons, with numerous allies including names from the first installment.

With the game has a relatively short main story, its side- quests takes up much more hours. This title has hundreds of hours of side- quests, character development, and exploration waiting for you that will have you enthralled in the world of The Forgotten Realms.

The Red Dragon is considered the most memorable fight in this title and contains epic animated fighting.

Deal magic and lightning at your enemies with total control over the situation!

14.  Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Gameplay Trailer

Of the titles in the Dragon Age series, none quite defined the series as much as Dragon Age: Origins. It features a multi-faceted, six- sided storyline. Origins is a game built around your choices as the protagonist, most influenced by race and class.

In the wake of the five blights of Darkspawn on the surface worlders, you find yourself joining it’s main opposition, the Grey Wardens. You and the Grey Wardens protect the surface world from the Archdemon’s Darkspawn, in the hope’s of one day eradicating them from the Deep Tunnels underground. But, it is an enormous feet to destroy the red-dragon known as the Archdemon. In addition, as you fight through the Horde’s forces, you face some of the most intense decisions in gaming, guided only by your own moral compass.

This Dragon Age entry features tons of loot and content, and lots of  flexible character creation options as well.This game showcases intense array of extremely challenging choices for the player.  Death also greatly affects the story especially when characters die on your journey. Considering the number of character perspectives you can see on your player character, this game offers lots of character driven storytelling unique to the RPG genre., Origins adds a lot to the depth to the RPG genre with it’s use of so many origins and backstories to pick from.

The Darkspawn are ruthless and always close. The Grey Wardens are the only hope in keeping them at bay.

Fight against large monster with your weapons and magic ablities!

13.  Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer

The world of Eos is an Americana- style muscle car era, and a departure from the series’ usual futuristic theme. You play the prince, Noctis Lucis Caelum, of the Lucis kingdom. Niflheim has the entire world at it’s fingertips, except for the Kingdom of Lucia. Right on the eve of peace, the Crystal keeping the world alive is stolen from under your royal family’s protection. In order to save the world and Lucia, you must set out to return the Crystal to your home. Amidst a huge war between the two kingdoms, the prince of Lucia is the only thing standing in the way of global destruction.

With the help of the prince’s long- term friend, you must brave this world with it’s fantastical challenges as you face them mostly from the seat of your own in-game car. You must save the magic Crystal from the kingdom of Niflheim’s clutches. 

By taking cues from the past releases, players can look forward to a unique battle system. Featuring all the same options and items, but with a revamped interface that brings the action to life more so than ever seen previously. And a lot of considerations are made with beginners in mind. This is a smooth real- time combat system that maps more action, without all the transitions and waiting from past titles. Fast-paced heavily customizable skills and abilities, unique character types, and an impressive highly active style brings eye candy to gamers.

You can also bring your friends along with the multiplayer features, giving even more playability to a massively packed title with such a strong following. Consider this a complete reboot for the series. Learn about the characters while traveling the world in your muscle car.

Watch the prince and his allies take on the huge creatures with decisive force and elegance.

The huge and open world of Eos offers a lot to all your friends in this online magical land!

12.  Shenmue 2

Shenmue 2 trailer

Shenmue 3 trailer

The highly anticipated sequel to Shenmue, Shenmue 2 tells the tale of jujitsu artist Ryo Hazuki trying to avenge his father’s death. After returning to his father’s dojo and witnessing his murder, Ryo has set out to follow the path of his killer, Lan Di. After Ryo learns what he can from the gangs of Yokosuka, Japan, he explores Hong Kong, gathers clues, and investigates Lan Di’s whereabouts by going deeper into the criminal underbelly of Hong Kong. Taking you on a faster pace than in it’s predecessor, the sequel is a wild ride through the violent and mysterious path of Lan Di. It brings you closer to your father’s killer, and his missing dragon mirror from the first game.

As you learn more about your father’s murderer though, you don’t remain as far from the fights this time, expect more of a focus on martial art combat than ever before. With independent NPCs schedules, and an interesting living world setting,. Shenmue 2 makes its a return with innovative settings and NPCs living logic that made it so iconic on the first title’s Dreamcast debut. Explore its open world and detect clues by talking to people.

With innovate graphics and seasonal effects, you will see beautiful and dynamic effects throughout Shenmue 2 that remind you of the carefully developed mechanics that Shenmue is so well regarded for. Look out for the heavily anticipated follow-up Shenmue 3, coming out sometime this year. With updated graphics, you will learned more about Ryo and his martial arts journey. You will not want to miss out on this classic martial arts based justice.

Fighting is the language of these streets for Ryo Hazuki. Use his Hazuki-style to deliver some of it’s teachings.

The large living city of Hong Kong lets you feel immersed in the mystery and vitality in the world of Shenmue 2.

11.  Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Gameplay Trailer

Hot on the heels of Commander Shepard’s victory against the biological life murdering Reapers, he now faces the Collectors. The Collectors, an insectoid species intent to cause humanity’s destruction, has been stealing entire colonies of humans. You play as Commander Shepard in this third-person perspective RPG. This time he needs to work with Cerberus (a merciless human survivalist organization) and assemble his own elite team on the humanity most sophisticated ship, the Normandy, to face the Collectors. 

With the entire galaxy at your fingertips, you can explore the most perilous regions of space. Use 19 different weapon types in an improved and polished combat system, and delve into some of the most interactive storytelling in gaming. You can even import your save files from the first game to completely customize the story based on your previous in-game decisions.

Immersive and well acted voices are used adds to the overall quality of this title and extremely carefully fleshed out characters are just one part of this most epic and interactive experiences ever seen.

Implement your tactics on your squad, and take down large intimidating enemies with futuristic ease.

Lots of weapons, and high tech weaponry, powers, and upgrades, all at your own discretion.

10.  Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity Gameplay Trailer

Funded purely by a kickstarter campaign, Pillars of Eternity is an answer to a lot of issues found in the genre, innovating a lot of aspects in doing so. You find yourself in a cave after a storm wipes out your travelling caravan. While there, you witness cultists performing a strange ritual on a machine that seems to be removing souls. While witnessing the ritual you find yourself exposed to the same energy powering the machine. It leaves a curse on you and keeps you from sleeping or dreaming ever again, thus starving your sanity.

You play as the Watcher, a foreigner cursed by this strange supernatural event. The curse lets you see visions and access your past lives’ memories. However, while pursuing these cultists in order to reverse the curse and save yourself, you discover you are not the only one cursed. That this cult may be the cause for all of Dryrwood’s Hollowborn epidemic (where newborns are born without souls). 

Build up your party, character, and a stronghold to fortress your stuff. In this real time strategy isometric- perspective RPG, you and your party choose from five skills (Stealth, Athletics, Lore, Mechanics and Survival) to overcome obstacles and enemies. While fighting enemies you learn more and more about how to effectively kill and defeat them. Come use your tactical prowess and dispatch enemies with your skills in it’sa fast- paced complex battle system.

Enjoy a vast array of story choices and lore to read throughout the whole experience. The game’s very elegant soundtrack immerses the different settings of the world seamlessly.

Your team can use magic and can sometimes light the setting on fire.

Come and visit the dark world of PoE, and explore the deep dark secrets it holds inside the Pillars of Eternity, and delve into it’s intricately drawn settings.

9. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay Trailer

After the death of your Bohemian emperor, the kingdom is entering into a time of war, and greed. The crown has transferred to his son, Wenceslas, a naive simpleton unfit for the crown. Seeing weakness in the Bohemians, the King of Hungary kidnaps the emperor, and sets his sights on Bohemia’s riches. Leading to your character, Henry experiences his worst moment of his life. Henry is the son of a blacksmith in 1403 Bohemia. After war breaks out, you find yourself thrust into a merciless raid on your village. Your village is burned to the ground and with only you and a few others left as survivors. All at the hands of the king of Hungary himself.

This open historically- accurate world contains huge landscapes, castles, and high- definition graphics. Solve the problems of the world any way you desire, and develop your character however you want. Bring history alive, as the historical accuracy lets you immerse yourself in the past and act any way you want to. Enjoy realistic sword-based combat, well-crafted and acted dialogue, and seamless background music. You even have the ability to stink as if you would in this dark age world. Your character influence those around you with your choices. This is a deeply immersive medieval adventure with a lot of replayable and experimental mechanics.

Fight with your friends in epic high-quality castle combat.

Swing two handed weapons and take on medieval warriors in realistic sword-on-sword combat.

8.  Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade: Warband  Gameplay Trailer

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Gameplay Trailer

The world is broken and divided by nonstop warfare. None of the current lords can see anything but greed, and so the country remains disjointed. Someone must come along and stitch this fractured country together, or else they may never see peace. Six factions hold the reins of this world, with the addition of Sarranid Sultanate in Warband. You are an unaligned player who must take his land for himself, or even the entire country. You must start a faction and raise your army.

Take back the world from the greater factions’ control and bring together peace, or further destruction as you reign over the people more and more with the spread of your influence. You can influence these factions, including political options in Warband. Marry off royalty to manipulate the political landscape.

Even bring your friends along in multiplayer modes. Delve into realistic solo and team combat as you attack other factions. Play as you want with even peaceful mercantile paths to power, not bottlenecking you with only violent methods. Look for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, coming soon. Even more weapons, strategy, and epic warfare than the original, but with all the same fantastical fun of the original. Fans can expect its release sometime later this year.

Take on the enemy from horseback and deliver even more devastating damage.

Take your army to victory and lead them with care.

7.  South Park™: The Stick of Truth™

South Park: The Stick of Truth Gameplay Trailer

Cartman has had his prestigious Stick of Truth stolen from the gang’s treasures. In order to get it back, they will have to go to war with Clyde and fight monsters, even asshole adults to restore peace to the land. Can you, Douchebag, save his friends and the world? Or will he just stay inside and watch TV? You are Douchebag, a new kid in town. You need to escape your past, so you moved here with your parents. You quickly ally with the other South Park kids as you make your way through government cover- ups, betrayal, and even work with... the Girls.

In this unique third- person, 2.5D experience, you use turn-based combat to deliver one of four class attacks. The most interesting of which is the ‘Jew’ who uses Jew-jitsu and long- range combat skills. With a heavy dose of South Park humor throughout and a convenient combat system, it is a memorable story and experience.Fans of the show can consider like an entire bonus season to the show. Even though the main story and world map are smaller than average RPGs, it uses its smaller canvas to its strengths, jamming it with well-paced kickass comedy adventure.

Lead the adventure and enjoy a hilarious fantastical journey.

Turn-based combat, and very unique abilities for each character unlike any RPG of its kind.

6.  Skyrim

Skyrim Gameplay Trailer

The Dragonborn will come someday to defend the lands from evil; it is what the legends say. Alduin the world-eater has returned, as was prophesied in the Elder Scrolls themselves. But only after stopping the war among the people can Alduin then be stopped. You play as a prisoner, destined for the gallows. Right as you are about to meet the gods, Alduin appears. Even though dragons were thought to be extinct, one comes out of nowhere and starts burning the village to the ground. Now as the legend of the Dragonborn becomes true, they must play their part, or let the dragons burn everything to the ground. 

Featuring a custom gaming engine, and a huge open-ended world. Skyrim has a very interesting skill tree and lots of crafting and customizations. With a very intensive character creation system at its helm and several classes and races, Skyrim is jam- packed with features for any level of game or fantasy nerd. The Skyrim modding community and the addition of virtual reality continues to maintain the popularity of this game even years later.

Watch time slow down as you get critical damage on your enemies.

Enjoy fantastically rendered villages, and high-definition scenery.

5.  Age of Decadence

Age of Decadence Gameplay Trailer

In this living dynamic world, the raging powers of The Empire and Qantaar have left the land torn apart by magical warfare and destruction. Many factions struggle to reach the top of power in such a world. But if there’s any hope, you better start looking for answers. You play as an unnamed character with a lot of investigative curiosity. You attempt to survive among the depraved lives of a collapsed society. You piece together many parts and ultimately decideing the outcome of the world.

The game features a unique perspective on the RPG genre. Using every freedom the designers had, the game features intense and difficult combat, as well as 23 different skills, and a very intense decision making gaming system. The decisions you make will reflect on the world forming a large and intricate storyline, designed uniquely by the game.

Use strategy to overtake them with large numbers.

Use the grided-movement system to control the action and give each opportunity consideration.

4.  Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Gameplay Trailer

The world is tainted with hordes of dark and evil monsters. And now portals appear on your family’s estate. Now you must cleanse the world and yourself of the deadly evil being reigned upon it. You are an adventurer who has inherited some land, and you must recruit a few of your peers to go out and smite the evil in your house. But, first, you must enter the dungeons below the manor. As you do so, you may find out more than you expected about the past of your family, and the actions your ancestors took to obtain their riches.

In this dungeon crawler, you find yourself along with up to 25 heroes. With 15 different character classes, all with their own special abilities and stats. And intense lethal deaths adding to the cutthroat realism. This is a whole new kind of fantasy, with a lot of wit.

Turn-based combat and gruesome bloody artwork give a lot of eye candy.

Unique and interesting skills from each of your allies, take on these enemies with lots of variety.

3.  Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Gameplay Trailer

In this Fallout 3 spin-off title, the radioactive wasteland has another set of tales to share, as you explore the Mojave Wasteland. The land is full of war and dishonesty, death, and destruction. Out of this chaos is the post-apocalyptic city of New Vegas. You play as the lone Courier. After being shot in the head and left in the desert to die, you find yourself still alive in the home of an old man with more memory of who you are and what are you supposed to do. But, as you regain your memory, you’ll learn more than you ever could have imagined, about the secrets hidden in the city of New Vegas.

Similar to Fallout 3, the same third/first- person hybrid view over-the-shoulder destruction is ever present. But, now we have lots of interesting and gruesome death animations and much less of an instructional approach to the character- creation process. The title introduces a new more sophisticated survival skill to take into account of the heat blasting the desert during hardcore mode (which goes against even the game’s recommendation to even use). Welcome to the familiar but satisfying pretty cutthroat reality from the world of Fallout.

Blow them up with explosives, shoot them up with machine guns, and have fun with other explosive goodies.

Or take out the trash with a good bullet in the face with some VATS precision.

2.  The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Gameplay Trailer

Geralt cannot rest for long before his intricately involved existence is shaken by his past. Ciri, who had disappeared just before the Wild Hunt, after reappearing after so long. And now, he has been tasked with finding her, and saving her from the elf Eredin’s, King of the Wild Hunt.You play as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher or what you can call a Monster Hunter.

With his life of training in the arts of hunting and magic, he is even mutated to resist toxins, and can act faster and more incredibly than a normal human. With the help of his sorceress wife and many allies from other dimensions, lands, or realities, he steadying pursues his prey. He will need it to defeat his worst nightmares.

In this third person action thriller, you can use the Witcher’s abilities in any range, or use counter combat techniques to gain prowess in an elegant and smooth fighting system. Even use mutagens to influence Geralt's health and magic. Explore the  open world full of fright and excitement.

Enjoy the high- definition combat from the supercharged monster hunter.


Explore a vast land of dark horrific activity, always lurking in the shadows, and only the Witcher can help.

1.  Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 Gameplay Trailer

A universal magic known as the Source allows you and the people of Rivellon to use magic. But, the gods have given much of their own to Lucian, a Divine, who has been tasked with protecting the land from the evils of the Void. Lucian has fallen. So now it’s up to the Source users, known as Sorcerers,  must on their own fight against those who would do the bidding of the Voidwoken . You play as the Sorcerer ‘Godwoken’. After being captured by the Divine Order, this Voidwoken- controlled organization, sent you to a prison designed to remove your magical abilities and your soul with it. Only the gods can save you now, as you make your way to the prison, Fort Joy.

You and a party of up to 3 others allies, all with unique storylines set out on Rivellon using complex battle tactics where you control characters independently. Even mix and change your skills with 12 skill types and over 200 skills. And face the most toughest AI in this RPG title that is some of the most merciless yet featured in the series.

Large-scale battles will test your focus and attention

Beautiful and highly detailed scenes are for your viewing pleasure.

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