[Top 10] Reasons Why Elden Ring Is So Fun

What makes Elden Ring as fun as it is?
Don't try to tame this dragon, for this is not a Dreamworks film.

Elden ring is considered as one of the best Fromsoftware games and there is no doubt about it that you’ll get hours of fun playing the game, here is our top 10 reasons Elden ring is so fun and definitely worth your time. 

With bosses looking as good as Maliketh (pictured) you'll have an amazing time with each of the boss fights.

10. Evergaols

If main bosses aren't enough there are Evergaols (pictured) with some challenging and unique boss encounters.

With bosses being a great importance in Elden ring it’s good to see that you don’t necessarily have to travel through the map to the next main boss if you’re only looking for a fun fight. With the addition of evergaols comes the fun of being able to enter one of these arenas and have a fight with a variety of bosses that can vary from very hard to quite easy depending on your play style and build. They’re scattered throughout the map and you’ll have a great time mastering your skills with these evergaols.

9. Weapons 

As the Moonlihght Greatsword returns (pictured) you'll fall inlove with the weapon all over again.

With so many different weapons in Elden ring and most of them with their own moveset, you’ll be spoiled with choice if you’re a dex or strength character. With amazing weapons like the Moonlight greatsword and the Hand of Malenia you’ll certainly find your weapon of choice. With the added benefit of being able to change the ash of war on most weapons to ones you like most you’ll be happier than ever when you go into new game plus and slaughter that boss with his own weapon.

8. Larval Tears

Larval Tears (pictured) will be your best friend if you wish to use different builds in the same playthrough.

So you used all your runes to upgrade your faith/ dex build and suddenly you pick up the best weapon imaginable only to realise it scales with strength and you don’t even have the requirements to use it. Don't worry because Elden ring is quite forgiving when this happens as there are 18 Larval tears per playthrough. All you have to do is beat a certain mage boss that can be found in the academy and you’ll be able to respec your character, and if you have a certain monkey friend don’t give him a Larval tear unless you tell him he’s beautiful. 

7. Dungeons

You'll be in for quite a shock when you get jump scared by one of these grotesque ants. (pictured)

Elden ring has a lot of caves and dungeons, a whopping 52 of them, and each of them with a difference, the bosses inside are copy and paste of each other with slight differences and this makes them feel unique. With these caves, tunnels, hero graves and dungeons you’ll have to use your head to get through them, with some of them having real challenging things to do just to use the lever that opens the door to the boss.  Each and every one is totally worth it even if you only do them once, for you get smithing stones inside the mining caves and sometimes really good charms for defeating the bosses. 

6. Night Bosses

Bell Bearing Hunters (pictured) are some of the scariest and toughest bosses you'll face. 

With time of day changing as you play, you’ll have quite a surprise when you stumble upon a Nights cavalry in the middle of a bridge when he wasn’t there that morning, or a bell bearing hunter when you want to buy a few ashes of war from the warmasters shack. These bosses aren’t a pushover either but the rewards you get are worth it, especially the Nights cavalry set, because we all know the only thing that really matters is fashion. 

5. Messages 

Even Ensha the (pictured) NPC isn't save from the playerbase and their hilarious messages.

Messages is one of the best aspects of Elden ring with so many people leaving a good tip or a hilarious comment and gesture you will find reading a few of these messages are quite good. With veterans using “try jumping” near cliffs and seeing so many people jumping to their death is a hilarious display of the souls community's sense of humour, and if you put down a message, it might save you in a pinch, for if you get a good rating from a message it restores your health, mid boss fight this can be a real lifesaver, or better yet a controller saver.

4. Bosses 

Radhan (pictured) one of the saddest yet best bosses in the game.

As you play Elden ring the bosses only get better and harder, as this is the main attraction to all souls like games it was good to see how fun most of these boss fights were. After defeating a boss you’ll also have the opportunity to use their remembrance for their weapons/spell, and if you want to look like the boss, you’re in luck as you can buy their outfit at the roundtable hold. With soundtracks that fit perfectly with each boss you’ll be in awe of how magnificent most of these bosses are, with second phases that can come with completely new moves and in some cases even a name change, you will thoroughly enjoy each boss as you learn their patterns and when you have openings to attack.

3. The Open World

With the Erdtree (pictured) looking over you, you'll always be reminded of your goal.

With so many open world games you might feel overwhelmed or bored after hours of playing, but not in Elden ring, unlike some other games, Elden rings world feels lived in and non repetitive, with drastic changes from Caelid to Raya Lucaria, Limgrave to the Altus Plateau, each section of the map feels and looks different. 

2. Crafting

The crafting kit (pictured) will be available from the start of the game, just buy it from Kale the santa merchant.

With the addition of crafting to Elden ring, not a lot of people make use of it like they should, from crafting flame pots to throw  at that hard boss or using a perfume bottle to spray on you and your friends for a opaline bubble, you can get a great advantage from crafting a few things. With sleep arrows that can make a certain duo boss a breeze to beat, you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish with only a few crafting materials, with the benefit of the mimic summon, if you craft items and add them to your equipment, the mimic will use it without you losing it from your inventory, while on the topic of mimic, here’s our number 1.

1. Summons 

If you wish to use summons (pictured) be sure to get the summoning bell from Ranni at the same church as Kale.

The addition of summons is one of my favourites in Elden ring, from summoning a pack of wolves to your side or taking on Godrick with his own soldiers, with very overpowered ones like tiche and mimic, there’s a summon for everyone. Even if you wish to beat the game without any online interaction you can always summon someone or something to your side, and take all the credit as the mimic destroys the boss for you, and after you and your favourite jellyfish summon defeat that boss you’ll finally start to feel like you deserve to be the Elden lord, whether it’s with or without your summon by your side.


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