Elden Ring Best Class - What's The Best Class To Play?

Elden Ring Best Class
An interesting diverse list of classes

As is the case with most RPGs, Elden Ring has quite a few classes that you can start with. These classes can drastically affect your early game and how well you perform in those levels. Unlike past Soulsborne games, picking a class is critical, especially for early-game as it helps you go on the right track you want to for your dedicated build. 

In earlier games, the classes didn’t matter much as you could go into any build you want to from the get-go. This is not the case in Elden Ring where the early game can be ruthless and brutal to the unprepared. I have a habit of starting with the “Depraved” classes in these games, which is why I went with the Wretch…and oh boy, did I set myself up. I had nothing for quite a long time, going around the Lands Between almost naked with nothing but a strap of tiny cloth covering me. My trusty club could only keep me going so far, fortunately, I soon stumbled upon the Lordsworn Greatsword and dedicated myself to it.

This guide exists to help you not make the same mistake I did when I first started Elden Ring. Instead, hopefully, you can get a good idea of what’s good for you or not. I should preface that this list isn’t a ranking, as each of these classes serves its own dedicated purpose to the point that competing against one another would make no sense.


10. Hero


Barbarians arise, this is the moment of truth

If you want to dedicate yourself to always using Strength builds, then Hero is the class for you. With high Vigor and high Strength, Hero is the class that’s meant to not only tank huge amounts of damage but also dish out a lot. You start with a Battle Axe and a Large Leather Shield. While you might be a little confused with why the Hero starts with a shield, it’s because the armor is not that good. You start off with the Champion’s set and while it looks really aesthetically pleasing to anyone who enjoys Conan the Barbarian, its defenses are not that high.

But of course, if you’re playing a Strength character, then immediately, you want to get better armor and even stronger, heavier weapons and that’s exactly what Hero helps you with. There’s a bit of opportunity for Arcane as well, so you could mix some elemental effects or some Dragon magic in if you really want to. All in all, Hero serves as the classic Oonga Boonga class.

What Hero excels in: 

  • High strength means stronger weapons
  • High Vigor means better tanking ability
  • Respectable Arcane allows for good status build-up
  • Respectable Endurance for making heavy strikes

Choose Hero if: 

  • You want to play Strength builds more 
  • You like Poise
  • You want to always be heavy


9. Bandit


For those who prefer to play like Sekiro

Taking notes from Sekiro, Elden Ring allowed players to crouch and stealth around, thus opening another way of playing. Bandit is the best Elden Ring class you want to go for if you want to be sneaking around, backstabbing people. The class comes with high Arcane and high Dexterity making it the best class for anyone who looked at Rivers of Blood and said “mine”.

When you start with the Bandit class, you receive a Great Knife, a Shortbow (perfect for sniping enemies from afar), some Bone Arrows (Fletched), and a Buckler. The armor you receive is the Bandit set which has very low weight and is perfect for anyone trying to be nimble on their feet. If you’re dedicating yourself to an Arcane/Dexterity build, then this is the class for you.

What Bandit excels in: 

  • Arrows provide long-range support 
  • Daggers are good for backstabbing and critical damage
  • Excellent Arcane boost to help build up status effects
  • Second to Warrior in terms of Dexterity

Choose Bandit if: 

  • You want to play Dexterity weapons with Arcane
  • You want to play an Archer
  • You like to stealth around
  • Your favorite game is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


8. Astrologer


Astrologers are for those who like magic

In every Dark Souls game, there is always that one Sorcery class, and Astrologer fills that gap for Elden Ring. Astrologer starts off with quite decent Intelligence and Mind, making them the go-to class for anyone who wants to start blasting spells from day one. They start off with the Astrologer set, a Short Sword, an Astrologer’s Staff, and a Scripture Wooden Shield.

The early-game spells you have are Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Arc. Now, unlike other Dark Souls games, magic is actually VERY fun in Elden Ring. My recent Intelligence playthrough had me going through a lot of weird, and wonderful spells. And guess what? Somehow the Glintstone Pebble remains a viable option for a long portion of the game (However, I recommend switching to Comet once you get it). 

Being a magic caster, however, means certain drawbacks which come in the shape of your Vigor being low. I would recommend at least leveling it up to 20 just so you don’t get one shot all the time.

What Astrologer excels in: 

  • Highest Intelligence stat in the game
  • High Mind means you can cast a lot of spells
  • Very strong early game

Choose Astrologer if: 

  • You like seeing cool magic 
  • Being the support type is your thing
  • You don’t like rushing in


7. Warrior


Curved Sword Combo from Dark Souls 3 PTSD

The Warrior is perhaps one of the best classes to start with when playing Elden Ring. The only difference between Bandit and Warrior is that Bandit focuses more on Arcane while Warrior is completely focused on Dexterity. This is nice because Dexterity offers a lot more to the table than just your average Bleed builds. Elden Ring has an amazing variety of weapons and experimenting with them is very crucial to the enjoyment of the game.

The Warrior starts with two Scimitars which are perfect for anyone looking into Powerstancing. It also starts with a Riveted Wooden Shield but let’s be honest, you won’t be using that at all. Finally, the Warrior wears the Blue Cloth Warrior Set, which is one of the most fashionable early-game armor.

What Warrior excels in: 

Fast and Dextrous, good with Dexterity weapons

Highest Dexterity means more damage 

Starts with powerstancing or two-handing

Choose Warrior if: 

If you like being fast  

You like having high DPS

You don’t enjoy slow weapons


6. Prisoner


You may run but you can’t hide

When the Prisoner was first revealed in the Elden Ring trailer, everyone immediately loved this guy. The headset, which is reminiscent of Griffith’s headpiece from Berserk, but also used in torture scenarios (thus the comparison), draws the wondrous imagination of what monstrosity lurks underneath it. And rightfully so, only the most demented of skilled players go for this, just to exert dominance. 

The Prisoner has respectable Intelligence and Dexterity stats. So, while it’s inferior to the Astrologer in terms of pure magic casting, someone looking to be dextrous with magic at their disposal as well would certainly enjoy this class. The Prisoner starts with an Estoc, a Glintstone Staff, and a Rift Shield as its weapons. Its primary spell is the Magic Glintblade. The armor set it comes with is called the Prisoner’s Set.

What Prisoner excels in: 

  • Magic and Dexterity combination
  • Having balanced stats in others as well
  • Looking absolutely menacing

Choose Prisoner if: 

  • You enjoy magic 
  • You enjoy fast attacks
  • You like to invade people


5. Confessor


For a Paladin, he could serve to wear better armor

Confessor is the Paladin class of Elden Ring. You would think Vagabond serves that image more, but no. Confessor excels in two very key things: Faith and Strength. It is the highest level class in the game (starting at Level 10) and possesses both Faith and Strength in respectable quantity.

The Confessor starts with the Broadsword, the Finger Seal, and the Blue Crest Heater Shield. Their Incantations are Urgent Heal and Assassin’s Approach, both being excellent for someone who’s half-support. They wear the Confessor’s Set as evidenced by their class name. Faith is really good in this game, and if you’re someone who’s looking to invest in the various amount of brilliant Incantations found in this game, then Confessor is the class for you.

What Confessor excels in: 

  • Respectable Faith means better Incantations
  • Respectable Strength to be a good Paladin
  • Being a mix of Strength and Magic

Choose Confessor if: 

  • You like casting Incantations 
  • You like the idea of being Melee focused as well
  • You like to heal others


4. Wretch


The most fearsome invader in Elden Ring is a naked person

Ah, the beloved Wretch, finally, we appear to this one. The Wretch is like the Deprived from previous Souls Games. They are naked people with a club who seek to threaten everything you hold dear. Here’s some advice if you’re new and unskilled: Don’t take this class.

However, if you’re someone who’s played the previous Souls games, then…still don’t take this class. At this point, you might be wondering who should? And my answer is that, and this is a personal opinion, it should be reserved for a new playthrough where you’re more confident with the world and know where to get early weapons. My own experience with the Wretch was a welcome lesson to how harsh the world of Elden Ring is, and while I personally enjoy satiating my masochism, I can’t say the same for others. That’s why be careful picking this class.

What Wretch excels in: 

  • Being the most versatile class 
  • Starts at level 1
  • 10 in every stat means a lot of room for customization

Choose Wretch if: 

  • You enjoy the freedom of customizability  
  • You want to bonk people
  • You are a skilled player


3. Vagabond


For those who love the path of the Oonga Boonga

Vagabond is the class that most people voted for when surveyed. It’s the most stylish and badass-looking class out of them all, and it really shows. Your average Vagabond has high Vigor, high Strength, and Dexterity while lacking a lot in the Magic stats. They wear the Vagabond’s Set and start with the Longsword, the Halberd, and the Heater Shield. 

The Vagabond is perhaps one of the best classes when it comes to tanking. They start with a 100% Physical Damage reduction shield which is amazing for early game, but even two-handing the weapons yields a wonderful advantage. Someone looking to tie into Faith as well could take a dip there, it’s very versatile as opposed to other classes which are more focused.

What Vagabond excels in: 

  • High Strength means strong attacks
  • High Vigor means higher HP
  • High Dexterity means faster attacks
  • Respectable Endurance and other stats

Choose Vagabond if: 

  • You love the idea of being a Knight 
  • You want to embrace the idea of being a tank
  • You love heavy, slow weapons

2. Prophet


Embrace the Faithful

If Astrologer is the dedicated class for Intelligence builds, then the Prophet is the class for Faith builds. It starts with High Faith, Mind and Arcane, which is a unique choice but I’ll explain in a bit. Their starting weapons are the Short Spear, the Finger Seal and Rickety Shield. They start with the Prophet’s Armor.

Alright, time for the power move. When you make the character, take the Stonesword Key as your Keepsake. Once you start the game properly (dying to or beating Grafted Scion), and have completed the tutorial, keep heading forward in the cave, until you see a Fog Wall to your right. Open it by interacting with the Imp statue. Now navigate this treacherous area (and trust me, this is truly a venomous area), until you reach a Banished Knight. This is where you’ll find the Dragon Communion Seal. Now, embrace the power of Dragon Incantations which scale off of Faith and Arcane, and start letting loose your rage on everyone. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun.

What Prophet excels in: 

  • Highest Faith stat which means better Incantations
  • High Mind lets you cast more spells
  • Good dip into Strength
  • Opportunity for Arcane

Choose Prophet if: 

  • You enjoy Incantations 
  • You like being support or very aggressive
  • You are a man of violent peace


1. Samurai


Hesitation is Defeat

The Samurai class is amazing and might be one of the best classes in Elden Ring. What makes Samurai a candidate for the best class is that it starts with a lot of good stats. You have high Dexterity and respectable Vigor, Endurance, and Strength, meaning there are a lot of opportunities to spread out as you want to. 

But wait…the Samurai class starts with Uchigatana which is one of the best weapons to have, especially in early-game. But it also starts with the Longbow which has the Mighty Shot Ash of War. You can use that to cheese the Grafted Scion for an early-game OP weapon. The Samurai class starts with the Land of Reeds Set which looks amazing and is one of my favorite armor set pieces in the game.

What Samurai excels in: 

  • High Dexterity which is perfect for the Katana
  • Balanced stats
  • Starts with Uchigatana and Longbow

Choose Samurai if: 

  • You like the idea of being a badass Samurai 
  • You enjoy Dexterity while also being heavily armored
  • You want to stay at range


And these are the classes in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide helps you figure out which one you want. Ultimately, it’s less about the Classes and more about how you decide to play them. 

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