[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Rapiers That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

Best rapiers in Elden Ring
An image of Placidusax; a dragon you'll need to defeat for the best thrusting sword in the game

In previous RPG games by FromSoftware Inc. like the Dark Souls series, rapiers left much to be desired. Thrusting weapons simply couldn’t compete with katanas and greatswords which were usually the top-performing weapons in previous games. However, with Elden Ring, FromSoftware seems to have finally brought thrusting weapons up to par for players who desire such weapons. Now players have a wide variety of cool and effective thrusting weapons to choose from. Join me as we look at the top ten rapiers in Elden Ring.

10. Noble’s Estoc (best used with either a dex or strength build)

At number ten we have the Noble Estoc, a fancier version of the normal Estoc. Unfortunately this weapon is not that great and its only real advantage is that it can be infused with your preferred ash of war. Personally I think the weapon looks cool and since you can infuse the weapon with passive abilities such as bleed there is a lot of potential for this weapon.

However the fact remains that this weapon has no amazing quirks. Unfortunately, this puts it at a very low level compared to all the other weapons on this list. However, if you're looking for a thrusting weapon that has untapped potential then I recommend trying this weapon out and seeing what you can do with it.

What's good about the Noble’s Estoc

  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war
  • Has a rare R2

How to get the Noble’s Estoc

  • Dropped from Wandering Nobles
  • Head to the waypoint ruins and head southwest toward the path
  • Kill all of the Wandering Nobles around the troll caravan in order to have a chance at getting this weapon

Full details on the Noble’s Estoc Elden Ring Wiki An image of the Noble Estoc


9. Estoc (Best used with either a dex or strength build)

Similar to the Noble’s Estoc the Estoc is a simple thrusting sword without many flashy abilities like the rest of the weapons on this list. Almost an identical copy of the Noble Estoc, the regular Estoc can be infused with your preferred ash of war. Beyond this the weapon is a very simple sword.

However, unlike the Noble Estoc this sword can be obtained quite easily. It’s the starting weapon for the prisoner class, but you can also find it within the game. Visit the traveling merchant in Liurnia of The Lakes and he will sell it to you for a fairly cheap price. Honestly though, I recommend saving your money as the thrusting swords from here on out get exponentially better.

What's good about the Estoc

  • This weapon can be infused with your preferred ash of war
  • You can get this weapon really easily
  • Has a rare R2 move

How to get the Estoc

  • Choose the Prisoner class when first creating your character and you will start the game with this weapon
  • Can be purchased from the traveling merchant in Liurnia of The Lakes
  • Can be purchased from patches at the Scenic Isle site of grace 

Full details on the Estoc Elden Ring Wiki 


8. Rogier’s Rapier (best used with a dex build)

Rogier’s Rapier is a very good rapier for early game players as it can be obtained right after completing the Stormveil Castle area. By speaking to Rogier after getting him to return to the Round Table he will gift you with his rapier. The special thing about his rapier is that it’s already upgraded to +8 when you receive it. To my knowledge this is the only weapon that is given to the player already upgraded, and while you’ll still have to invest a lot into the weapon it’ll be super helpful to you as soon as you get it.

Rogier Rapier's special skill “Glintblade Phalanx” is also super helpful in the early game as it summons four swords that attack your target. The swords are perfect for breaking enemies' stances which will allow you to go for a lot of critical strikes. Overall this weapon is super easy to get for players and really helpful early game. Even though you probably won't end up keeping this weapon for the entire game, it’s still worth picking up and using for a little while until you find a better one.

What's good about Rogier’s Rapier

  • Comes with the Glint Blade Phalanx ash of war
  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war
  • The weapon is given to the player already upgraded to +8
  • This weapon has a unique R2

How to get Rogier’s Rapier

  • First, find Rogier in Stormveil Castle by the alter within the chapel in the northwest part of the castle
  • Exhaust his dialogue and then go kill Godrick the Grafted
  • After this, he will move to the Round Table Hold balcony
  • Talk to him there and you’ll be given Rogier’s Rapier

Full details on Rogier’s Rapier Elden Ring Wiki  An image of Rogier's Rapier


7. Cleanrot Knight’s Sword (best used with either a dex or strength build)

The Cleanrot Knight’s Sword will be a bit of a grind to get as you’ll have to farm Cleanrot Knights in order to have a chance at this weapon. The base drop rate is also pretty low at about 4% with 100 discovery, but it is well worth the grind. A good spot to check out would be the Aeonia Swamp which has about 7 Cleanrot Knights that you can farm for a chance at this weapon.

While the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword doesn’t have a ton of special qualities it makes up for it with its damage. It has over 400 attack power, and the ability to infuse it with your preferred ash of war which makes it a very deadly thrusting sword. While this weapon is very good and one I highly recommend using, grinding for it can be a bit of a pain so it’s understandable if you want to skip over this weapon for ones further down the list. 

What's good about the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword

  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war

How to get the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword

  • Drops from clean rot knights
  • A good farming spot is located at the Inner Aeonia site of grace
  • Go around the swamp in this area and you’ll be able to kill around 6 cleanrot knights

Full details on the Cleanrot Knight’s Sword Elden Ring WikiAn image of the Cleanrot Knight Sword


6. Godskin Stitcher (best used with either a dex or strength build)

Next up we have the Godskin Stitcher which you’ll have to take from one of those donut-like Godskin Nobles at Volcano Manor. Similarly to the Cleanrot Knight Sword, the Godskin stitcher doesn’t have much in the way of special abilities. It can be infused with your preferred ash of war and it has a special R2 attack. Other than those two perks this weapon is fairly ordinary.

However, the benefit of this weapon is that you won’t need to grind for it. It will require you to beat a Godskin Noble, but the fight is fairly easy as long as you can avoid getting flattened by his rolling attack. Simply put the Godskin Stitcher is just an easier to obtain version of the Cleanrot Knight sword so if you avoided that sword now's your chance to get a very similar weapon with a lot less work.

What's good about the Godskin Stitcher

  • Has a unique R2 attack that does not affect its feint 
  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war

How to get the Godskin Stitcher

  • Head to Volcano Manor and make your way through the area
  • Eventually, you’ll come across a Man-Serpent holding a whip guarding two cage elevators
  • Take the elevator that goes upward and enter a temple where you’ll be confronted by a Godskin Noble
  • Defeat the Noble and you’ll be given the Godskin Stitcher

Full details on the Godskin Stitcher Elden Ring WikiAn image of the Godskin Stitcher


5. Frozen Needle (best used with a dex build)

The Frozen Needle is a thrusting sword that you can find very early game within the Liurnia of The Lakes. You’ll have to make your way to the Kingsrealm ruins and beat a Royal Revenant boss (arguably one of the most annoying creatures in the game). However, this weapon might just be worth dealing with such an annoying enemy as the perks on this weapon are pretty incredible.

First the Frozen Needle passively causes frost build-up to your enemies which is a nice passive ability as it will damage and slow down your enemies. Where this weapon really shines is its R2 ability which allows the players to shoot a medium range ice missile. What's even better is that this R2 ability requires no FP to shoot the ice missile. Charging your R2 attack will also increase your damage and range. The R2 attack adds a lot of variety for players as the weapon can be effective at both long and short distances. 

What's good about the Frozen Needle

  • Deals frost damage to your enemies
  • R2 attack shoots an ice projectile that requires no FP

How to get the Frozen Needle

  • Head to the northwest part of the Liurnia of The Lakes where you’ll find the Kingsrealm Ruins
  • Kill the Royal Revenant boss in the underground area
  • After killing the boss open the chest behind him and you’ll find the Frozen Needle

Full details on the Frozen Needle Elden Ring Wiki An image of the Frozen Needle


4. Great Épée(best used with either a dex or strength build)

Coming in at number four we have The Great Épée which can be found quite early on just past the Agheel Lake. Like most of the previous thrusting swords, The Great Épée can be infused with your preferred ash of war. However, this weapon has a  few unique traits that set it apart from its peers. 

The most unique quality of this weapon is the R2 ability which is a super-strong thrust. When fully charged the attack will stagger most enemies, and multiple stabs will stun most bosses as well. If you're in danger while charging the R2 attack, you can press the dodge button in order to cancel into a feint which can combo directly into an R1 attack. Out of all the thrusting swords on this list this one definitely feels like the most elegant and fluid weapon because of the unique R2 ability. Even if you aren’t planning on using this weapon I would suggest giving it a try as it is a lot of fun when you get used to the mechanics.

What's good about the Great Épée

  • R2 can stagger most enemies and multiple strikes will stagger most bosses
  • Holding the dodge button while charging your R2 attack will switch it to a feint which can be turned into a running R1 attack
  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war.

How to get the Great Épée

  • Head to the Agheel Lake South site of grace and head east to the hill with gravestones
  • Head up the hill until you see two Kaiden sellswords
  • In front of the rightmost yellow canopy, you’ll find a chest that contains the Great Épée

Full details on the Great Épée Elden Ring Wiki An image of the Great Épée


3. Antspur Rapier (best used with a dex build)

The Antspur rapier is a perfect choice if you are looking for a powerful low-weight thrusting sword. You’ll have to wait a bit to obtain this weapon as it's in the shaded castle within the northern part of Altus Plateau, but I highly recommend picking this weapon up. This thrusting sword is one of the only non-great thrusting swords that can be effective all the way up to end-game. This is mainly due to its intrinsic perks.

The Antspur rapier causes rot build-up and, depending on the ash of war you pick, it can cause a second passive build-up such as bleeding or cold. This double passive effect build-up does come at the cost of slight damage reduction (does about 260-360 depending on how you upgrade them) which does suck. However, the damage from the passive effects is definitely worth it and I highly recommend this weapon especially for boss fights.

What's good about the Antspur Rapier

  • Can be infused with your preferred ash of war
  • Causes rot build up and another passive ability if the player chooses an ash of war that adds one

How to get the Antspur Rapier

  • Head to the shaded castle within the northern Altus Plateau
  • Once there head west of the castle into an open area with a bunch of statues
  • You’ll be invaded by Maleigh Marais, kill her and you’ll receive the Antspur Rapier
  • Full details on the Antspur Rapier: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Antspur+Rapier 

Full details on Antspur Rapier Elden Ring Wiki An image of the Antspur Rapier


2. Bloody Helice (best used with a hybrid dex and bleed build)

Coming in at number two we have The Bloody Helice which is a perfect weapon for players looking to make a good bleed build. The Bloody Helice is a heavy thrusting sword that causes bleeding to your opponents as a passive ability. This combined with the hefty damage (a little less than 400) makes this weapon a force to be reckoned with.

While the damage and bleed build up are nice they aren’t enough to secure this as the number two thrusting sword in the game. Luckily this sword comes with the added bonus of an incredible  special ability called Dynast’s Finesse. This ability allows you to jump back, avoid an attack, and lunge back in for a piercing strike which you can follow up with a sweeping slice building up a ton of blood loss to your opponent. This is a weapon I highly recommend if you’re looking for an incredible thrusting weapon to carry you through the entire game.

What's good about the Bloody Helice

  • Causes blood loss
  • Comes with the skill Dynast’s Finesse which allows players to dodge away from an attack, lunge back in to pierce the target, and follow up with a sweeping slice.
  • Special R2 move that affects its feint animation

How to get the Bloody Helice

  • Head to the northern part of the Altus Plateau where you’ll find the Mirage Rise
  • Head north of the Rise and you’ll find two jumping platforms that lead to the Writheblood Ruins
  • Beat the Sanguine Noble boss and open the chest to find the Bloody Helice

Full details on the Bloody Helice Elden Ring Wiki An image of a player holding Bloody Helice


1. Dragon King’s Cragblade (best used as a dex and strength build)

The Dragon King’s Cragblade is easily the number one thrusting sword in all of Elden Ring. Everything about this weapon is just insanely cool from the way you obtain it, to the look, and even the special ability. To obtain this weapon you must head to Crumbling Farum Azula and travel backwards in time to fight Dragonlord Placidusax, a two headed dragon who is absolutely insane in terms of attack moves. After killing him you’ll turn in his remembrance for the Dragon King’s Cragblade.

This weapon does both physical and lightning damage, inflicting a good amount of both on your enemies (combined total of over 500). Damage aside  this sword has an insane ash of war that allows you to be swallowed up in a thundercloud in the air, then emerge and crash to the ground, inflicting massive damage on your target. In conclusion, you have to try this weapon no matter what because it is absolutely the best thrusting sword and one of the best weapons in the game. 

What's good about the Dragon King’s Cragblade

  • Comes with the skill Thundercloud Form in which the you fly into the air, enter a red thundercloud, then emerge to strike down your opponent
  • Deals 15% extra damage to ancient dragons and 30% extra damage to normal dragons
  • Does lightning and physical damage
  • Has a special R2 move that affects its feint (identical to the one on Bloody Helice)

How to get the Dragon King’s Cragblade

  • Head to Crumbling Farum Azula and the “Beside the Great Bridge” site of grace
  • From there turn around and take the elevator downward
  • Head down the stairs and out of the building and run straight to the cliff edge that is outside the entrance
  • Look down and you should see a place to drop down
  • Follow the path of floating earth until you reach a stone floor with skeletons encased in the ground
  • Find the hole that's missing a skeleton and you will be prompted to lie down
  • This will transport you to the Dragonlord Placidusax boss fight
  • Defeat him and return his remembrance to the finger maiden to claim your Dragon King’s Cragblade

Full details on the Dragon King’s Cragblade Elden Ring Wiki


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