[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Hammer Weapons (And How To Get Them)

 [Top 10] Elden Ring Best Hammer Weapons (And How To Get Them)
Let me go and grab my mallet, stupid dog...

Elden Ring has a wide variety of weapons. These range from easy to use to very gut-wrenchingly hard. But all of them are unique in their own way and offer a nice contrast to your play style. Hammers are a great weapon type that prioritizes bonking others on their head, meaning you’ll be investing mostly in STR and END for the number of hits you can pull off. The following is a list of the Best Hammer Weapons in Elden Ring.


10. Rotten Battle Hammer

Spread the Scarlet Rot!

The Rotten Battle Hammer is quite a heavy weapon, but it yields amazing results. It’s a weapon that can be found in the Consecrated Snowfield making it a bit of a chore to obtain but trust me, it’s very much worth it. This weapon can absolutely decimate most known fields and is absolutely effective in PvP. And this is due to the fact that it has Scarlet Rot build-up. 

We already went through how rare Scarlet Rot build-up weapons are in this game. But if you can somehow proc that, you’re golden. You’re going to be causing a world of pain to your enemies or heck you can just proc it and then run away if they don’t have the resources to clean themselves.

Rotten Battle Hammer Stats:

  • STR - 26 (C)
  • DEX - 8 (E)

What Rotten Battle Hammer excels in: 

  • Scarlet Rot build-up
  • Has a great Ash of War already applied
  • Jumping attacks are brutal

How to get Rotten Battle Hammer:


9. Beastclaw Greathammer

A beautiful weapon for a champion

Beastclaw Greathammer is an excellent Great Hammer weapon in Elden Ring. Obtaining it can be quite a chore because you have to go through a massive ordeal of obtaining Deathroots to finally get it. It’s a weapon perfect for Paladins who scale both FTH and STR, making it absolutely deadly on those builds.

The true powerplay is keeping one hand free for a Clawmark Seal to cast Bestial spells while throwing enemies off with your massive heavy hammer of mass destruction. The weapon has an excellent Ash of War that’s similar to the Beast Claw incantation. This is an absolutely absurd Ash of War and deals a lot of damage to the unsuspecting enemy.

Beastclaw Greathammer Stats:

  • STR - 20 (D)
  • DEX - 10 (D)
  • FTH - 18 (D)

What Beastclaw Greathammer excels in: 

  • Ash of War deals a lot of damage
  • Perfect for Bestial builds
  • Great FTH scaling

How to get Beastclaw Greathammer:


8. Nox Flowing Hammer

Long whip-like range

Nos Flowing Hammer is one of the lightest hammers in the game. It has a really cool design where it operates as one of the shortest and longest weapons in the game simultaneously. If anyone has ever played the Cane weapon in Bloodborne, then you probably have a good idea of how this weapon will function.

And that’s where the Ash of War plays itself. The Ash of War called Flowing Form allows you to wield the Hammer in a flowing whip-like manner, as you crush through hordes of enemies. This makes it a very effective weapon for crowd control. My favorite play of this weapon is against the Crystallians as you can just melt their poise with this Ash of War.

Nox Flowing Hammer Stats:

  • STR - 17 (B)
  • DEX - 7 (D)

What Nox Flowing Hammer excels in: 

  • Deceptively strong Ash of War
  • Has great poise damage
  • Dual wield for a lot of fun shenanigans

How to get Nox Flowing Hammer:


7. Envoy’s Long Horn


I think it says something when the funny toot toot weapon isn’t the most craziest looking weapon in this game, nor this list. We’ll get to that when we get there, however. For now, let’s talk about this beauty. Envoy’s Long Horn is a weapon you use with two other players calling yourself some Jazz Band reference, as you start blowing the horn on the enemy’s face.

It’s hilarious and absolutely ridiculous and I can not stop recommending it. The Ash of War bubble shower is a great way of keeping your enemy distracted as you shower them with pain from other sources. But…that’s not its biggest resource. Say you have a really large enemy with a ridiculously large hitbox. Now use its Ash of War. The results should speak for themselves. 

Envoy’s Long Horn Stats:

  • STR - 23 (D)
  • DEX - 11 (D)
  • FTH - 18 (D)

What Envoy’s Long Horn excels in 

  • Shreds any large enemy
  • Ash of War is great
  • Great FTH Scaling

How to get Envoy’s Long Horn:


6. Cranial Vessel Candlestand

Spread chaos everywhere

Writing this list makes me realize how much bias FTH weapons have received. There is such an immense gap between fun FTH weapons as opposed to fun INT weapons, that it’s actually crazy. Cranial Vessel Candlestand is one such example. While it may deal Fire damage which is the most resisted damage type, it’s an absolute beauty to use.

And that’s where the Ash of War comes into play - another pattern that I’m noticing. Much like the Envoy’s Long Horn, the Ash of War is a massive AoE that’s better on larger targets, absolutely shredding them to pieces. But it’s quite effective in PvP as well if you have some other players with you. You can use this as a deterrent against the enemy as you shower them with pain and misery.

Cranial Vessel Candlestand Stats:

  • STR - 26 (D)
  • DEX - 8 (E)
  • FTH - 22 (D)

What Cranial Vessel Candlestand excels in: 

  • Slow but very beefy Ash of War
  • Excellent crowd control
  • Better on larger enemies

How to get Cranial Vessel Candlestand: 



5. Scepter of the All-Knowing

Find the albinauric woman

Sir Gideon Ofnir is a boss most will either not expect or would be waiting for. When you eventually find and fight him, he gives you the Scepter of the All-Knowing which, despite everything, is a hammer. This weapon’s true potential is in it the Ash of War which allows you to remove the magic resistance of foes. It’s a real game changer in PvP but it has its purposes in PvE as well.

Being a Hammer, you’ll be doing way more poise damage than normal damage. This is important because this way you can stagger enemies far quickly which can help with the damage output. You might want to try leaning into jumping attacks with this one.

Scepter of the All-Knowing Stats:

  • STR - 12 (E)
  • DEX - 18 (D)
  • INT - 21 (D)

What Scepter of the All-Knowing excels in: 

  • Rare good hammer
  • Ash of War lets you mitigate magic resistance
  • Lots of poise damage

How to get Scepter of the All-Knowing:

4. Great Stars

Become death incarnate

Everybody knows how annoying Malenia’s healing is. Basically, she can heal per hit, which is absolutely ridiculous as she’s always getting back the more she hits you. Well, now you can be Malenia. This weapon allows you to heal per hit.

Now, this is ridiculous. The number of possible combos you can pull with this is crazy. First off, you have a great bleed build-up with this weapon, but you want to invest in something like Poison because Poison also heals you up. The Ash of War Poison Mist is just a free heal as long as the enemy is inside. Or an Ash of War that’s a lot of hits is also excellent as that guarantees even more healing.

Great Stars Stats:

  • STR - 22 (D)
  • DEX - 12 (D)

What Great Stars excels in: 

  • Restores HP per hit
  • Excellent damage
  • One of the best weapons in the game

How to get Great Stars:

3. Devourer’s Scepter

One of the coolest looking weapons

Devourer’s Scepter is an end-game weapon that’s absolutely nuts on anything. It’s another STR/FTH weapon and can rain hellfire upon your enemies easily. The Ash of War is a brilliant AoE that heals you very nicely so it can be used as a backup heal. The stat requirements are terrifying but trust me it’s quite worth it in the end. 

The Devourer’s Scepter is an excellent Hammer Weapon in Elden Ring. Its normal attack is perfect against anyone who’s panic rolling as it has a bit of delay to it and can catch them off, guard. Use this against anyone who’s running in fear and you’re gold.

Devourer’s Scepter Stats:

  • STR - 24 (D)
  • DEX - 20 (D)
  • FTH - 25 (D)

What Devourer’s Scepter excels in: 

  • One of the longest Warhammers in the game
  • Absolutely perfect for punishing people who spam roll
  • Interesting Ash of War

How to get Devourer’s Scepter:



2. Ringed Finger

And then we have the wackiest weapon in the game

Every FromSoft game has one weapon or item that feels so out of place and yet we all know we can’t live without it. The Ringed Finger is one of the weirdest weapons in the game but by God is it absolutely amazing. This is the weapon that the kid named finger uses casually.

The Ash of War Claw Flick is exactly what it sounds like. The weapon grows in enormous size and throws the enemies away. It’s amazing especially against enemies up in the air and can deal tremendous Poise damage. Don’t look away from this weapon just because it appears as a meme weapon (which it absolutely is), because it’s quite good to use!

Ringed Finger Stats:

  • STR - 15 (D)
  • DEX - 9 (D)

What Ringed Finger excels in: 

  • Longer reach than most hammers
  • Hilarious to use
  • Funny Ash of War

How to get Ringed Finger:


1. Marika’s Hammer

Deliver Golden Order’s punishment

Yet another FTH weapon, the Marika’s Hammer is one of my favorite weapons in the game. It’s brutal and decimates most enemies quite easily, but it’s THE perfect weapon for most FTH/STR builds at least in my eyes. The Ash of War Gold Breaker works similarly to Radagon’s final move in the game. It’s an excellent Ash of War against crowds and destroys their poise very well.

The absolute best place to use this weapon is in PvP however. The poise during the Ash of War is great and it has a great reach meaning you can use it against enemies a bit far and absolutely decimate them for even trying to attack you. You can jump very far with this Ash of War which makes it great against anyone trying to run away.

Marika’s Hammer Stats:

  • STR - 20 (D)
  • DEX - 12 (D)
  • FTH - 19 (D)

What Marika’s Hammer excels in: 

  • Excellent against crowds
  • Ash of War makes you have hyper armor
  • Perfect for catching a running enemy

How to get Marika’s Hammer:


These are the 10 best Hammer Weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully you enjoyed going through this list!

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