10 Video Games We Wish Were Real

realistic video games
I wonder if I can make this guy really look like me.

If only we could get our hands dirty for real.

We’ve all exclaimed, in one way or another and at some time, how we could totally do a better job if we were actually in the game instead of merely manipulating a keyboard or controller. Some games we think would just be fun to see if we could even make it through. Here are ten games that are sometimes frustrating, but always enticing. Though, it would be nice if we could regenerate unharmed like in the games, too.

10. Need for Speed

Insert Tom Cruise quote here.

Kicking of the list of games we would like to play for real is Need for Speed. Every day I get in my car fantasize about throwing the laws to the curb and seeing how fast I can get from point A to point Z. Need for Speed allows us to feed automotive monster inside us and do a little stickin it to the man.

November 3, 2015 will mark Need for Speed’s birth into the next generation. It will feature five different ways to express your inner speed demon, expansive car options, and a customization system limited only by your imagination.

This car’s reflection looks better than my car.

9. Halo

Most awesome battle music, ever!

No fan of Halo would blink twice at the chance to step in the Mjolnir armor and  bash some covie skull. The pure visceral charge that would come while sprinting in the boots of Master Chief erases all senses of fear or danger. It is hard to find a hero that can quite match the allure of Spartan-117.

Master Chief even makes crouching look epic.

8. Diablo III

Worst sibling rivalry, ever.

Ever since I played Diablo all those years ago I haven’t stopped playing, I even jump back to the first two installments to this day. Diablo III, however, is so epic, chaotic, and downright fun that I would pick up my sword and charge into battle against the hordes of hell in a heartbeat. How awesome of an adventure would you have swinging weapon and hurling magic against the greatest force imaginable, death.

The path to hell is lit with lightning and flame.

7. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Be Dragonborn, be epic!

All ridiculous amounts of walking aside, Skyrim is an adventure that cannot be missed. In all of fantasy there is no bigger prize than taking the head of a dragon, and we wouldn’t stop there, we would absorb the power of the dragon and brandish their magnificent language to bring all of the North to its knees. The only concern I have here would be how to save so when that stinking saber tooth cat ambushes me I don’t have to start two hours back.

Victory literally never felt so awesome.

6. Resident Evil

Welcome back to the mansion.

2015 marked the second remake of the father of survival horror, Resident Evil. The even better graphics and sound drew us in and still had us jumping in places where we jumped every time we played the game before. I have played through this game so many times that I swear I could navigate the mansion with my eyes closed.

Could I really survive if I was actually in the mansion fighting zombies, mutated apes, enormous snakes, and the Tyrant? I would like to say yes, and I would like even more to give it a try (especially if I have a lot of ink ribbons handy).

Chris Redfield sure has come a long way since getting munched on in the Spencer mansion.

5. Fallout 4

Post-apocalyptic Boston, hope I can visit Fenway.

Nuclear fallout is the closest game scenario to reality we will probably ever experience, and each of the Fallout games have sucked us in for countless hours of adventure. Fallout 4 is my choice to actually live out because it offers the most customization of any of the previous games, and the environment actually looks like somewhere I would like to adventure (no offence Washington D.C. and Nevada).

Would we actually be able to crawl out of an underground vault with nothing but a jumpsuit and a wrist computer and survive? The thought seems arduous, but I bet between gun battles and mutant animals the journey would be a lot of fun.

A powered armor suit and a German Shepard companion, this is a dream come true.

4. Dead Space

I'm not crazy, I just like a challenge.

Ok, first off I have to admit the only reason this one is on the list is because of sure morbid curiosity, and, really, I would want to march through the entire trilogy. Dead Space is the type of game where you sit back and ponder the shear insanity even after you are done playing.

The opportunity to explore giant space cruisers, alien planets, and even spacewalk is quite intriguing. Also there is a sizeable part of me that thinks it would be fun to play with the stasis and kinesis modules. Plus, at least in the third game I get a buddy to accompany me through the horror house from hell.

I think I’d be willing to take up a plasma cutter and go toe to toe with s few necromorphs.

3. World of Warcraft

The new “Legion” expansion is coming soon.

World of Warcraft is the game that brought most of us back to the PC after venture out to consoles a decade ago, so it is only fitting that it should be on the list of games we would love to play for real. With an ever growing world, and quests that start out where, realistically, we would start if thrown into a real life RPG WOW is almost the perfect “game come to life”.

With an ever growing list of expansions, races, character classes, and level cap our adventure could possibly endless. The only question I would ask is what race would I be? (I usually choose undead).

This isn’t too far from a Saturday night at my house in reality, except the six pack and bulging muscles.

2. Middle- Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Who wouldn't want to roam around Mordor?

We now enter the realm of games that are based on books and movies that we have wished we could live out in real life since we were little kids. The quintessential Lord of the Rings series is the inspiration from some our greatest fantasies, and Shadow of Mordor is the first time we felt like we were creating our own legacy in Middle Earth.

The coolest thing about being thrown into Shadow of Mordor will be not having to babysit Hobbits. Ok, well maybe having the Power of the Wraith would be a little cooler. Roaming Mordor and wreaking vengeance while simultaneously weakening a great evil is an adventure truly worth delving into.

This looks way cooler than anything Legolas ever did! Silly elf.

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ambition can be your worst enemy in the Old Republic.

Star Wars is the ultimate “I wanna join” experience. Without Star Wars so many other games would never have had the chance to take off, and every geek and nerd out there has role played Star Wars at least once in their back yard.

The Old Republic is a MMORPG that allows you to create your own character in the Star Wars universe, and use your favorite tools and weapons. Me I prefer the Storm Troopers, and that is my character in the game. I would give almost anything to be launched to that galaxy far, far away and don the trooper armor to take down an evil sith army. I get giddy just thinking about it.

Sith Lord, meet grenade. Being a storm trooper rules!

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