[Top 10] WWE 2K23 Best Finishers That Are Awesome!

[Top 10] WWE 2K23 Best Finishers That Are Awesome!
Superstars make the finishers, but sometimes finishers make the superstars.

Finishers are the climax of most matches. It is the end of  the story. No matter the story, when someone kicks out of a finisher, it is the twist in the movie that shocks us all. 

It is when the little boy in The Sixth Sense tells Bruce Willis he is dead. It is finding out that Vader is Luke’s dad. If it is timed right, it changes the entire epicness of the match. 

Most of us want to end our matches with a finisher. It feels incomplete to end it with a belly-to-belly or a Russian leg sweep. When the computer kicks out of a finisher, I feel the adrenaline of the match. It gets kicked up a notch. 

These are WWE 2K’s top 10 finishers and how to perform them. For most of them, your opponent will not be kicking out. 


1.     John Cena Double Attitude Adjustment 

The only thing better than one AA is two AAs. 

I must start with the finisher of WWE 2K23’s poster boy, John Cena. The attitude adjustment had many revisions and changes to become what it is today.   

Cena’s first persona in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) was similar to Mr. Perfect. He called himself the Prototype and, instead of the attitude adjustment, performed a modified sit down powerbomb called the proto-bomb (there is a Cena Prototype version in 2K23 with the protobomb). It was not long before he moved on to his Thuganamics character.  

Cena changed his finisher from the Proto-Bomb to the FU, the original version of the AA. I assume Brock modified Cena’s move and changed the U to a 5. There was a point when Cena did the FU and Brock did the F5 at the same time.  

Cena once again changed his character. He lost the hate, kept the jersey, and became the cool All American we know today. The All-American family man could not have a finisher called the FU, so it changed, for the last time, to the AA. 

Cena is known for his feats of strength, and that is why this move is so awesome. He lifts not one but two men onto his shoulders and throws them like rag dolls.  

How to do it:

There must be at least three men involved in the match for this move to work. Make sure one of the opponents is stunned, but having both stunned will not hurt. Irish wipe the stunned opponent into the corner first. As quickly as you can, irish wipe the second opponent into the same corner, and they will be stacked on top of each other. Walk up to them and press R2/RT along with A/X. Cena must have a finisher stored. 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher: 

  • It will deplete an entire green bar of stamina from two opponents, making handicap matches not only winnable but advantageous. It helps increase that unstoppable feeling Cena, Austin, Brock, and a few others, have had throughout WWE. 
  • You only need one finisher, even though it affects two opponents. 
  • It shows the great feats of strength Cena is capable of. When Big Show was asked who the strongest person in WWE history was, he instantly said John Cena. 
  • He has performed it on top of a ladder, off the top rope, and on top of a hot rod.  
  • 5 superstars have shocked the world and kicked out of the AA: Orton, HHH, Batista, Sami Zayn, and the Miz (yes, that is right, the Miz). 


2.     Bret Hart Turnbuckle Figure Four 

Submission matches are few and far between. Create the Submission Championship and have them every month. 

Bret Hart is one of the greatest submission specialists of all time. He had a submission match with Austin that is constantly ranked number one on top ten lists. It was hard not to add the Sharpshooter to this list, but this move is just too cool and unique. 

First added in WWE 2K14, this was one of Hart’s signature moves throughout the 1990s. Legends like Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Steve Austin have all fallen victim to it. Bret would weaken the leg for the sharpshooter. I love old-school wrestling (to be fair, I also love new-school wrestling). 

Anytime a gigantic steel bar is required for a move, you know it will be awesome. It shows innovation and ruthlessness. What that era was all about.   

How to do it:

Bret Hart needs to have a full blue momentum bar. Irish wipe your opponent into the corner. While the opponent is stunned, press RT/R2 and Square/X. The move will go to an animation of Bret wrapping the opponent’s leg around the ring post and doing the Figure Four. 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finishing move: 

  • It shows the ruthless aggression Bret Hart had. 
  • You do not need a stored finisher because it is a signature move. 
  • It makes it easier to get a submission with the sharpshooter. The leg will be weakened (sweep the leg).  
  • Bret Hart, arguably the best ever, invented it. 


3.     Cody Rhodes Cutter

Cody is one of the funnest superstars in WWE today. His arsenal makes every match a little more exciting. 

Cody’s best move shows off his speed and agility. The two attributes that make him who he is. 

Cody has always had a wide arsenal at his disposal, even when he was Stardust, but after joining AEW, he turned himself into the 2023 version of Shawn Michaels, or RVD. You never know what move he is about to make, when he is about to do it, or how he is about to do it. 

Cody Rhodes has gone from Randy Orton’s lackey and a knockoff of Goldust to turning into a true main eventer. This move is a springboard RKO and is just fun to do.

When performing the move, Cody leaps onto the middle rope, bounces back to his opponent, grabs his neck, and slams them to the ground. 

How to do it:

First, fill up your signature move bar. Then move Cody near the ropes, hit LB/L1 and X/Square while your opponent is near you, and you will perform the signature, cody cutter. 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • It uses the rope as a springboard, and not many other moves do that. While it has been in WWE games for a few years, it is still an awesome feature that is fun to watch. 
  • It is a signature as opposed to a finisher. His finisher is the cross rhodes.  
  • It comes out of nowhere, like the RKO. 
  • A trend across 2K23 is assigning the secret cody cutter to Rhode’s move set. This is a top-rope springboard version of his signature. It can be done as many times as you want, as opposed to his normal signature cutter, but it may get reversed. I suggest you add it in.  
  • Cody’s first ever match was against Randy Orton. Orton was also Rhodes mentor in a revamped version of Evolution with only legacies allowed to join. I assume Orton gave Cody the idea for this move. 


4. Seth Rollins Curb Stomp 

Have you ever seen the beginning of American History X? That is what the curb stomp reminds me of. 

I’m not sure which move would cause a concussion faster, Seth Rollins’ curb stomp or Randy Orton’s punt. These two would make an awesome Last Man Standing match, with each trying to hit their finisher to get the knockout. I decided to put Rollins’ curb stomp on here,though, because the punt is currently banned from the WWE (while the Stomp has been reinstated from its’ banishment).

It may be a matter of time before the curb stomp is banned once again. Vince will probably reapply the ban after some kid stomps his friend’s head into the ground during some backyard wrestling. The curb stomp is the most lethal, legal move in the WWE. And probably the best finisher that does not involve HIAC or tables.

How you do it:

Simply hit the finisher buttons:R2+X or RT+Square. The opponent can be on the ground, or Seth will throw them down before he stomps their head. 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • This is the most lethal finisher out there and looks like it could seriously injure someone. 
  • It will decrease an opponent's entire red bar and put them down for good. 
  • It was also banned from the WWE for a while when it was originally named: “The Blackout.” It was allowed back after some Seth begging and renamed the curb stomp. 
  • The curb stomp is a protected finisher, meaning not many people are allowed to kick out of it. If someone is to kick out of the curb stomp, it must be a huge moment or a mega superstar. The only people that I know of that have kicked out of it are John Cena (Rumble ’15), Orton (WM 31), and Dean Ambrose (FCW ’11). 
  • Seth Rollins' other finisher is the Pedigree. He has special permission from Triple H to use it in his arsenal. 
  • The most effective way to do the curb stomp is to drag your opponent to one of the turnbuckles, hit your finisher buttons, and Seth will climb to the second rope to perform the move. 


5.     Edge’s Spear through a flaming table 

Everytime I watch this it makes me smell bacon. Is that weird? 

Edge has a long and storied career. He started his rise as part of Gangrel's Brood faction, which led to the formation of E and C and his becoming a full-blown star. Then, during the 2001 Invasion, they separated E and C, and Edge became the biggest star in WWE. 

When many tag team specialists start out, they don’t always have a legit finisher of their own. Edge’s first popular finisher was a lifted DDT called the edgecution. The spear was more of a dropkick or clothesline for Edge at first. A tough, quick move to swing momentum. He quickly made it famous, and people expected it from him.  

While the spear itself is awesome, doing it through a flaming table turns it into a “Holy S***!” moment. 

How you do it:

You will need two finishers. Go to the outside of the ring and pick up a table by pressing LB (Xbox) or L1 (PS). Make sure to position it at the correct angle needed for the spear. 

Set the table down by pressing A/X. There will be a prompt to ignite the table; do so with your first finisher by either pushing RT+A or R2+X. After the table is lit (I love the look of the blaze!), get back into the ring with your opponent. Hit him into the ropes near the flaming table until he leans on the top rope.

Hit the finisher buttons, and there will be an animation of Edge dumping his opponent over the rope. Your opponent will stand up outside the ropes, and Edge will spear him through the ropes and through the flaming table.  

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • Edge Spearing Cactus Jack through the flaming table is one of the most iconic moments in WWE history. That WrestleMania 22 Hardcore match is one of the most gruesome matches Foley has ever had (and that is saying something).
  • Edge’s Spear had another iconic WrestleMania moment when he speared Hardy from the top of the ladder. I’m sure you’ve seen it a few hundred times.
  • We know Roman Reigns hypes up the crowd before the Spear, but Edge originated the pre-Spear pop. 
  • This is another move that looks like it hurts. Cactus had to have suffered thirddegree burns. 
  • While Edge has the edgecution as a finisher and edgeucator as his submission hold, the spear is his most iconic move. 
  • Getting burned hurts, and I can only imagine what it feels like to smother a fire with a human’s body. 


6.     Rock Bottom from top of ladder 

Rock is a well known actor, musician, and a** kicker. 

The Rock Bottom was good-looking last year, but WWE 2K23 has increased its’ motion tenfold this year. You can see Rock lifting his opponent, trying to get them as high as possible.His opponent’s legs and arms flail in the air, and he slams them down. I had the Rock bottom delivered to me during backyard wrestling, and it knocked the wind out of me.

While the Rock bottom is sufficient on its’ own, performing it off the ladder is just that much better. Not everyone has the ability to perform their finishing move from the top of the ladder, which makes this finisher a little extra special and unique to the Rock. 

This is the only move from the top of the ladder on this list because it is that good.  

How to do it:

This one requires a little help from your opponent because they have to climb the ladder. Carry the ladder with LB or L1 under the belts so your opponent will want to climb it. Set it down by pressing X (PS) or A (XBOX). Let your opponent start to climb the ladder (don't worry, they will not be able to grab the belts fast enough to win). Then you start to climb, and when you are both at the top, perform your finisher by pressing RT+A or R2+X.   

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • There are many iconic finishers across the WWE, and this is one of the few that has yet to be passed down. Rolins uses the Pedigree and KO the Stunner, but will anyone be able to use the Rock bottom?
  • Try putting a table underneath you at the right angle and lighting it on fire, to up the ante.
  • This move has been in wrestling for a long time, but 2K23 has perfected it. 
  • Stone Cold, Angle, Brock, Hogan, and Goldberg (quite an impressive list) are some of the few men to ever kick out of the Rock bottom. No one has ever kicked out of one from the top of the ladder. 


7. Spear through chamber in Elimination Chamber 

Elimination Chamber is the best match WWE has to offer. There are many different ways to use the cage as a weapon. 

I still vividly remember watching the first ever Elimination Chamber. Believe it or not, it was Eric Bishoff who teased the crowd. Telling them how he created the most brutal match ever. A little bit of HIAC, a little bit of WarGames, a little bit of King of the Mountain, the right finances, and you get the Elimination Chamber. My personal favorite match.

It was Survivor Series 2002, and HBK regained the WWE title for the first time in over five years (fun fact: HHH actually broke something in his neck after an RVD Frog Splash from atop a pod). No one was speared through the chamber in this match, but Kane did throw someone through it, and HHH was slingshotted through one. It was not until 2003 that Goldberg speared Jericho through the plexiglass. 

I have never been a fan of Goldberg, so at least I can recreate this moment with a more high-class superstar.  

How you do it:

Make sure your opponent is stunned. Grab him by pressing Circle/B and LB/L1. When you get to the pod, it will prompt you to hit Square/X. After that, perform a heavy attack by holding A or X, and you will spear someone through the pod. 

I would make sure your momentum bar is full and you have a finisher stored. It may get reversed, and it is not easy to do. 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • That plexiglass looks extra painful when someone smashes through it. You can see the force required to drive someone through the glass. It does not break as easily as a table. 
  • You can perform this as many times as you want. You can even walk around and destroy every pod on both sides if you feel so inclined. 
  • This one is nice because it can be done with a variety of superstars; almost everyone can spear someone through the glass.
  • There is a new animation where your opponent reverses the spear, causing you to crash through the glass. 


8. Undertaker’s Chokeslam from top of HIAC and Last Ride through HIAC

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker was the first ever HIAC match. It is most famous for Kane ripping off the door. 

I know the first thing you think of when you think of a chokeslam from the HIAC, Rikishi! For those who do not remember, Rikishi too was chokeslammed from the top of HIAC. It happened in the only ever 6-man HIAC match. (Note: Kurt Angle actually retained his belt against Austin, Taker, HHH, Rock, and Rikishi, which is impressive.). 

2K gives us the opportunity to perform this feat on any WWE star on our hit list. Tired of Lesner? Do a HIAC chokeslam. Upset at the Goldberg/Taker last match? Do a HIAC chokeslam. Are you upset at some of the things Hogan has done? Do a HIAC chokeslam. 

Pissed at your boss? Wait, how did that get in there? Give him an animated HIAC chokeslam.  

If you position yourself correctly, your opponent will go straight through the announce table. Then bring them back up the cell and give them a last ride through the top.

The last ride is specific to the Undertaker. Other wrestlers use a powerslam to break the top. Undertaker created the last ride after an 8-month hiatus. Taker came in with his new, unexplained persona and beat the crap out of the McMahons. Then he gave his first last ride to HHH.

How to do it:

Climb up the cell with R1/RB. After you get to the top. It's all about positioning. Get your opponent as close to the edge as possible and hit X/A. It is convenient that you do not need a finisher stored up. So, you can technically hit a finisher on top of the cell and then chokeslam them to the ground.  

To complete the "Mankind Special,” you are going to have to put someone through the top of the cell. There are four breakable squares at the top of the cage. You will see it breaking as you slam opponents onto it. 

Press the Circle/B button and R1/RB button, which will allow you to carry your opponent to where you need it. Press L to change the position of the carry, and then R2/RT and X/A to last ride them through the top of the cage to the ring below. Follow your opponent down with R1/RB and pin them to put them out of their misery.  

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • Mankind is the only man to go through the top of the cell, but you can change that.
  • Putting someone through a cage will almost deplete their entire red bar (though I think it should be much more). 
  • Undertaker is one of the few people with three distinct finishers.
  • This last ride through the HIAC is one of the few moves that looks like you killed a man.
  • There are four different versions of Taker, so use the ’98 for the Chokeslam and the ’03 for the last ride. 


9. Shane McMahon’s Elbow Drop onto the announce table

Shane will always be the owner's son. Shane will, also, always be one risky son of a b****. 

Shane McMahon is no wrestler, but he is responsible for some of the best spots in WWE history. He is in one of my favorite matches with Kurt Angle at KOTR. He was belly-to-belly suplexed through glass and angle slammed from the top rope. 

In a different match, he fell off the Titantron 100 feet in the air after Blackman hit him in the back with a kendo stick. He also jumped off the Hell in a Cell, missing the Undertaker and crashing through the announce table. 

That is why this move has to be on the list. Not only is it awesome, but it fits Shane’s persona. He is right on top of the list with Mankind and Jeff Hardy as the biggest risk takers in WWE history. Shane diving from something high and smashing through a table is just his style. 

How to do it:

Beat down your opponent and stun him first. Clear the announce table of monitors and the tabletop by pressing R1/RB. This is a nice, newly added feature. 

Irish wipe your opponent into the table until the finisher icon appears. After that, just hit RT+A or R2+X. It will do an animation of Shane putting his opponent onto the table, punching them, then going to the top turnbuckle and dropping the elbow! 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • It is a unique finisher in that it is outside of the ring, and you cannot go straight into a pin afterward.
  • There is the bonus of being able to smash a table in a normal match.
  • Jey Uso was also a consideration with his diving splash. 
  • Another of Shane’s high-flying finishers is the coast to coast and the shooting star press. 
  • Shane first dropped the elbow onto Test at Summerslam 1999. He also dove off the top of the TitanTron onto Big Show with the elbow drop to win a Last Man Standing match. 


10. Claymore by Drew McIntyre

I know the leg slap is in controversary right now in wrestling, but I for one, love it. 

This move made it onto the list alongside The curb stomp as the only two standard finishers. They are each too awesome to leave off. Another straight shot to the face that would knock anyone out. 

The claymore was actually made by accident. Drew was part of a rock n’ roll tag team called 3MB and part of his shtick was that he had to wear tight black pants. He was trying to do a big boot but could not get his other leg up, so it turned into the first ever claymore kick.

How to do it:

This one is easy. Simply store up a finisher and hit RT+A or R2+X. 

Why this is a 2K23 Top 10 finisher:

  • It is a straight kick to the face and would loosen anyone’s teeth.
  • He is part of a great tag team with Sheamus, who also has a spinning kick as a finisher. Sheamus and McIntyre are close friends in real life. McIntyre was even Sheamus’ best man.
  • McIntyre’s entrance shows him carrying his kick-a** sword.


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