Top 10 Youtube Gamers Ranked By Subscriber Size (2018 Edition)  

Youtuber rezendevil's Minecraft character
The reigning kings of Youtube continue their legacy

Let's all be honest here: gamers owns Youtube. Nowadays it seems like everyone and their moms have a gaming channel for those sweet, sweet views. With so many options popping up in your feed, it's hard to find who has quality content and who's riding the hype train. Don't worry, here at Gamers Decide, we have your back.

10. Rezendeevil – 17.5 million subscribers

Who is He? Pedro Afonso Rezende is one of Brazil's most popular streamers. He's so well known that he even won two Brazil Kids' Choice Awards in 2017: “Best Gamer” and “Trendy Guy”.

What's His Style? If Minecraft and Resident Evil is your calling, with a few skits on the side, rezendeevil is the channel for you. His energetic and friendly style makes you feel like you're playing right beside him and his friends.

9. DanTDM – 19.2 million subscribers

Who is He? Daniel Middleton--or who was once known in the community as TheDiamondMinecart--is the most popular Youtuber in the UK. Even though his subscriber count is second lowest on the list, his fans have made him the highest paid Youtuber in the world.

What's His Style? DanTDM posts daily gameplay videos of various genres—ranging anywhere from Horror to Adventure—and game reviews. His casual and friendly demeanor is easy to follow and creates a chill atmosphere for his videos.

8. Jacksepticeye – 19.3 million subscribers

Who is He? Real name Sean McLoughlin, Jacksepticeye got his start with a shoutout from PewdiePie. Since then, he's made his channel into one of the most recognizable in the gaming community. He's the most subscribed channel in his home country of Ireland and currently has a traveling live tour.

What's His Style? Jack posts gameplay videos of all kinds and vlogs updating fans about his life. He keeps his videos upbeat with comedy and a never ending source of energy.

7. Markiplier – 20.7 million subscribers

Who is He? Ah yes, Markiplier—who hasn't heard of this guy by now? He started his channel around indie horror games and developed into the third most popular Youtube Gaming channel.

What's His Style? Like Jacksepticeye, Mark posts gameplay videos and vlogs of his daily life. He can be energetic and loud, but in recent years he's toned it down for comedy and casual friendliness.

6. Vegetta777 – 22.6 million subscribers

Who is He? Samuel Batuecas is a youtuber from Spain with one of the biggest fanbases in Latin America. Not only has his content brought him such a high number of subscribers, but also over eight billion views.

What's His Style? Samuel tries to narrate his videos so that the audience can picture a movie in their mind. He also likes to take advice from fans about what they would like to see him do next. He plays a variety of games but got his start with Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

5. VanossGaming – 23 million subscribers

Who is He? Top 5, here we go. Evan Fong is a Canadian youtuber that has grown into one of the top gaming channels on Youtube, second only to PewdiePie.

What's His Style? VanossGaming plays multiplayer games with his group of rowdy and hilarious friends. The channel also posts animated videos of its mascots that developed into a Youtube Premium show.

4. JuegaGerman – 26.7 million subscribers

Who is He? Germán Aranis is a Chilean youtuber who has made himself into a Latin American icon. He is the most popular youtuber in the continent. Not only his gaming talent leads the way, but also his talent for comedy and music with his band, Ancud.

What's His Style? JuegaGerman's gaming videos are pretty down-to-Earth and casual, with some playful jokes scattered throughout. He uses a facecam but utilizes it without overexaggerating his responses.

3. Fernanfloo – 28.2 million subscribers

Who is He? Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado is a Salvadorian youtuber and Twitch streamer. He's gained enough popularity that he has more subscribers than the total population of his country.

What's His Style? Fernanfloo is very energetic in his videos, with no shortage of excitement or comedic timing. There's a variety of games on this channel as well as skits and personal vlogs.

2. ElRubiusOMG – 29.7 million subscribers

Who is He? Rubén Doblas Gundersen made a name for himself as the most subscribed Youtube channel in all of Spain and the 4th most subscribed Youtube channel in general. In 2016, one of his tweets was the most popular tweet in the world. It was retweeted over 1.3 million times.

What's His Style? Rubius plays multiplayer games like Fortnight and horror games like Outlast, all with high energy and comedy backing it up. He posts personal and comedic vlogs as well, with a “Science Experiment” series that's hilarious even without knowing the language.

1. PewDiePie – 63.4 million subscribers

Who is He? Are any of you really surprised? Even with multiple controversies, Felix Kjellberg consistently reigns supreme in the Youtube gaming community. He has the highest subscriber count in the entire Youtube community.

What's His Style? Pewdie got his start with loud, over-the-top reactions to horror games. But he's dialed back a few notches to focus on a more relaxed, sarcastic delivery to his content. He uses a lot of ironic humor through jokes or memes, which has gotten him in hot water over the last few years but continues to bring him fans from far and wide.

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