Fifa 21 Best German Players (Top 10 Amazing Players)

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A Team Of Ger-many Talents!

Fifa 21 Best German Players

(Top 10 Amazing Players)

We take a look at the best players Germany has to offer in Fifa 21!

10. SERGE GNABRY - 85 Rating

Top Attributes 

  • Acceleration - 90
  • Balance - 88
  • Dribbling - 87
  • Shot Power - 86
  • Agility - 86

Serge Gnabry, 25, is a winger currently playing for German giants Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Extremely quick with and without the ball, he has great dribbling ability while being very hard to stop for any defender unlucky enough to come up against him. Also able to play in an attacking midfield role, Gnabry possesses a wicked shot which allows him to have an eye for goal too!

9. TIMO WERNER - 85 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Acceleration - 93
  • Sprint Speed - 89
  • Positioning - 88
  • Finishing - 88
  • Reactions - 87

Timo Werner, 25, is a forward currently playing for Chelsea FC in the English Premier League. With absolutely frightening pace, combined with his attacking positioning and deadly finishing, he is every defender around the globe’s worst nightmare! Excelling in every department, Timo Werner is a player that every team would happily find a role for, and at only 25 he is bound to get even better!

8. LEROY SANÉ - 85 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Sprint Speed - 95
  • Acceleration - 91
  • Dribbling - 88
  • Shot Power - 87
  • Ball Control - 85

Leroy Sané, 25, is a winger currently playing for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. Quite frankly, he is one of the fastest players in the entire game and he manages to mix that well with his incredible ball control and dribbling skills. Sané also has a palm stinging shot in his locker, so if extremely quick and goal scoring wingers are your thing then look no further than this man right here!

7. KAI HAVERTZ - 85 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Sprint Speed - 88
  • Ball Control - 87
  • Dribbling - 86
  • Finishing - 85
  • Reactions - 85

Kai Havertz, 22, is currently a player for Chelsea FC in the English Premier League being deployed mainly as an attacking midfielder. Despite his young age, he possesses a vast amount of top level attributes such as his electric pace, dribbling ability and his pinpoint finishing skills. Already a fantastic player, Havertz is sure to keep improving year after year, for a long time to come!

6. MATS HUMMELS - 86 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Interceptions - 91
  • Marking - 90
  • Composure - 89
  • Standing Tackle - 88
  • Heading Accuracy - 87

Mats Hummels, 32, is a central defender currently playing for Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga. Rugged, great in the air and super composed on the ball at all times, Hummels is a classy defender of the very highest order. If you want your defenders to play with the ball at their feet and still be a top class defender, then add this man to your squad!

5. THOMAS MULLER - 86 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Positioning - 94
  • Reactions - 94
  • Stamina - 86
  • Finishing - 85
  • Vision - 85

Thomas Muller, 31, is a forward player that’s spent many years playing for German giants Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. This talismanic player is a true veteran and is the absolute epitome of “fox in the box”. What he lacks in pace, he more than makes up for with his wiley vision, deadly finishing and knack of always being in the right place at the right time, which has made Muller a true elite level player for many years!

4. TONI KROOS - 88 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Short Passing - 93
  • Long Passing - 93
  • Vision - 90
  • Reactions - 89
  • Shot Power - 89

Toni Kroos, 31, is a world class midfielder currently playing for the mighty Real Madrid in the Spanish LaLiga. A real top level operator, he has ridiculous skill level in every department that you’d want from a midfielder in today’s game. Kroos has the ability to find any player on the park with his pinpoint accurate passing while also having incredible reactions and a shot capable of testing the wrist strength of even the world’s best goalkeepers!

3. JOSHUA KIMMICH - 88 Rating

Top Attributes

  • Stamina - 95
  • Crossing - 91
  • Aggression - 89
  • Reactions - 88
  • Short Passing - 87

Joshua Kimmich, 26, is a midfielder currently playing for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, but operates mostly as a right back! An awe-inspiring engine allows Kimmich to keep his energy levels up and run for the entire 90 minutes without any issue, allowing him to display his highly impressive defensive abilities and wing back play. Joshua Kimmich is the ideal modern day full back and a huge part of the German national team’s future for years to come!

2. MANUEL NEUER - 89 Rating

Top Attributes

  • GK Kicking - 91
  • GK Reflexes - 89
  • GK Diving - 87
  • GK Handling - 87
  • GK Positioning - 86

Manuel Neuer, 35, is a goalkeeper that's been playing for German giants Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga for many years now! A real stand out in his field, Neuer has been performing at the very highest level for a very long time now, and judging by his stats it’s clear to see why. One of the best on the planet, there aren't many other players that can provide the skill level and constant reliability that Neuer does!


Top Attributes

  • GK Reflexes - 90
  • GK Diving - 88
  • GK Kicking - 88
  • GK Positioning - 88
  • GK Handling - 85

Marc Andre Ter Stegen, 29, is a goalkeeper currently playing for Catalonian giants Barcelona FC in the Spanish LaLiga. Arguably the best goalkeeper in the world, Barcelona is exactly the kind of team fitting of a player with the skill level of Marc Andre Ter Stegen. His consistently great stats across the board make incredible reading for every gamer lucky enough to own this player as part of their squad, which is why he is the deserving heir to the throne of the current legendary goalkeeper that is Germany’s number 1! 

We took a look at the profiles of the top German national team players and saw what they have to offer on Fifa 21. There is an absolute abundance of talent that didn’t make their way on to this list, which just goes to show how much talent this country has produced and continues to produce to this day. Seeing an older generation of legendary players retiring while ushering in a new wave of rising superstars, the future looks very exciting for fans of the German football!

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