FIFA 23 Best Ways To Defend (Top 5 Tactics)

Best ways to defend in FIFA 23.
Attacking wins you games, but defending wins you titles!


Everybody focuses on scoring goals in FIFA 23, but there are better solutions to winning games consistently. Defending well in FIFA 23 can help you attack or hold onto a critical goal advantage against an opponent. All these attacking features give variety to each gamer's game, but a gamer's defending skill needs to be more appreciated. Great defending can keep gamers in the game and has more advantages than disadvantages. Learning the critical elements of defending in FIFA 23 can separate an average player from a great player.

5. Jockey

Wait for your opponent to make a mistake with this underrated technique.

Jockeying is a simple technique that hardcore players like to defend attacking players patiently. Many gamers want to hold the sprint button to rush and commit a tackle on an attacking player. Most of the time, when sprinting can be risky and lead to counter-attacks. 

Jockeying is useful when an opponent likes to sprint and stop consistently. This sprint and controlled dribbling can be almost impossible to defend while running the whole time.

  • If an opponent uses controlled dribbling around you, jockeying must be used to prevent mistakes. 
  • Jockeying can give you more time to observe a potential pass or attack from occurring beforehand.
  • Jockeying can confuse an opponent to either over rush an attack or lose passing options when attacking.
  • Standard Jockeying is key in 1v1 situations, especially when an opposing player isn't running at your defending player or the back line. 


4. Jockey and Sprinting

Use the jockey technique with pace, which allows you to catch up to fast players!

The standard jockeying technique is a good defense tactic against many players. The standard jockeying can get exposed when some gamers know how to abuse skillful and pacey players. Sprinting defending, as mentioned before, is not recommended against these players, which is why jockeying while sprinting is preferred.

    This jockeying technique is performed for any level of FIFA gamer. Use the jocking control while also holding the sprinting controls. This defending technique has to be used carefully, as patience will come into play during jockeying and sprinting. 

  • Jock and sprint simultaneously when an opposing player is running by the wings. 
  • Keep players outside the box and commit to tackles if it's achievable.
  • Be extra careful if tackling inside the box can cause a penalty.
  • Jockeying and sprinting should be used during an opposing counter-attack. This can cause a ball recovery and a counter-attack of your own.

This tactic can help recover the ball quickly or even at the opponent's half, which can lead to great goal-scoring opportunities. 


3. Keep Shape Defense Line

Your defense line shouldn't move a muscle past the halfway line. Make them your mighty brick wall.

Your backline is the most crucial part of the field when defending, but it can cause many problems with many formations. Gamers believe outnumbering an opposing backline guarantees goals, but it exposes a vulnerable defense. Some gamers like to attack with their defenders to have many players forward.

Many FIFA gamers use a four-at-the-back formation with two center-backs and two fullbacks. Some gamers use three-at-the-back formations with three central defenders.A five-at-the-back formation has three central defenders and two fullbacks or wingers that can drop back.

  • Whichever formation you use, do not pull a defender to midfield to try and recover a ball.
  • Full backs can go up and down to support attack and defense, but it can expose the sole defenders centrally.
  • When opposing players run towards your goal, bring midfielders and forwards to support the defense.
  • Keep the back three, four, or five in its shape to defend as a unit rather than an individual player against multiple players.


2. Stay back while attacking

Be a Tactician when setting instructions to your players!

Defending as a unit is effective as it can outnumber lonely attacking players from scoring. There is a higher probability of defending and preventing a goal with more players behind an opposing attacking ball. Central defenders are set a staying back at attack, but the fullbacks have other options like attacking.

    Something to keep in mind is to keep those instructions to players that are not defenders. Midfielders and attackers can get set to drop back and support the defense. Playing around with these instructions can help your players drop back naturally without having to control each player.

  • Go to your squad and go to Custom Tactics.
  • In Custom Tactics, you go to player instructions.
  • Each player is set a specific instruction that will transmit during the game. Ensure your defenders, including the fullback, are set at "Stay back while attacking" to keep the defensive line.
  • Midfielders like the CDM position is good players to instruct the "Stay back while attacking" tactic.
  • Don't put too many players on that instruction, so you can at least have a good number of players to attack

A Balanced number of players to attack and defend is the best way to keep a balanced way to play. Don't over-attack or over-defend.


1. Power Slide Tackle

A normal slide tackle won't be enough to stop these attacking players.

A gamer defending is always tempted to tackle an opposing player to stop the attack or a specific player from shooting. The risk of tackles is receiving yellow or red cards, which can put your team at risk of losing a player and the game overall.

    Many use the standing tackle if an opposing player runs straight at them. This is the cleanest way to tackle any player. A slide tackle is a risky 50-50 defending command that can lead to missing a player or committing fouls and penalties. The new Power slide tackle effectively prevents a player from continuing to run more cleanly.

  • Power tackle control is needed for this type of slide tackling.
  • As an opposing player runs toward your defense, time the powerful slide tackle to get the ball and progress further up the pitch.
  • If you think you can power slide tackle in the box without folding, do it.
  • The standard slide tackle and the power slide tackle can not only stop players but block some low shots. 
  • You can use the power slide tackle in the middle of the pitch and at the opponent's box for a potential attack.


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