[Top 15] Fifa 20 Most Used Players Who Are Amazing

Most Used Players FIFA 20
Welcome to the FIFA 20 popularity contest!

This is a list with a few surprise inclusions that you'd never even consider. 

We’re getting towards the business end of FIFA 20 right now, so let’s take stock of the year so far. There have been a ton of players used in the game, with more fancy colors and longer titles than ever before. While some of the highest-ranking players were used more at the release of the game, a lot of them are still very usable right now.

The likes of Messi, van Dijk, Salah, and Mane just miss out on the top spots. I’ve spoken about them enough though, so I’m sure they can deal with that. Given that they’re virtual versions of real people I’m not expecting a lot of blowbacks on this one.

15. Nelson Semedo

One of the finest right-backs to take the virtual field this year.

I still see people with massive teams popping up that still have an 82 Semedo sitting at RB. As we're going to see, Barcelona dominates the most-played list, and Semedo has racked up 12.5 million matches this game cycle. Quite a career. 

Semedo's stat highlights:

  • 91 Acceleration, 92 Sprint Speed. 
  • 88 Agility, 91 Stamina, 82 Balance. 
  • 81 Interceptions, 81 Stand Tackle, 80 Slide Tackle. 

What makes Semedo amazing:

  • Four-star skills are brilliant for a defender.
  • He's got a LB Inform and an awesome 87 Headliner. 
  • Medium/High work rates are ideal. 

14. Clement Lenglet

Lenglet beats out the likes of Pique and Ramos for a spot on this list.

Looking for a lovely strong link to Semedo? Lenglet has no doubt lined up alongside his clubmate in many of his 11.5 million games. He's a better defender at this stage of the game than his rating suggests. 

Lenglet's stat highlights:

  • 87 Interceptions, 90 Defensive Awareness, 83 Stand Tackle. 
  • 86 Jumping, 82 Strength, 80 Aggression. 
  • 81 Short Passing, 84 Reactions, 82 Composure. 

What makes Lenglet amazing:

  • His nationality and league are perfect for hybrids. 
  • An Anchor makes him an excellent CB even now. 
  • Better than a lot of higher-rated CBs in the game. 

13. Ousmane Dembele 

Looking for a lovely strong link to Semedo? Dembele has no doubt lined up alongside his clubmate in many of his 11 million games. Hold on… 

Dembele's stat highlights:

  • 94 Acceleration, 93 Sprint Speed. 
  • 89 Agility, 85 Ball Control, 89 Dribbling. 
  • 83 Shot Power, 84 Crossing, 82 Short Passing. 

What makes Dembele amazing:

  • He's five-star/five-star. Unreal for 7k.
  • The same lovely hybrid combo as Lenglet. 
  • He's light and quick on the turn with those skills most certainly paying bills. 

12. Kyle Walker 

The moment that made Walker a legend: and spawned immediate requests for an Inform GK card on FUT.

Alright, that's enough Barcelona players for now. With almost 11 million games, Kyle Walker's regular gold card is the EPL's most used player in FIFA 20. He benefits from being a favorite of around 140% of starter squads. 

Walker's stat highlights:

  • 87 Acceleration, 94 Sprint Speed. 
  • 81 Interceptions, 84 Stand Tackle, 83 Slide Tackle. 
  • 83 Jumping, 89 Stamina, 86 Shot Power (for some reason). 

What makes Walker amazing:

  • 6'0" tall is brilliant for a full-back. 
  • He's less than 10k. Even his 88 Headliner is under 200k. 
  • Great to switch to a CB in-game. 

11. Thomas Delaney Inform

More games on this guy than Lewandowski, Reus, Neuer, the list goes on.

The Bundesliga's most used player is a bit of a surprise. Delaney got this Inform in the very first TOTW, so he got into a lot of teams early on. His price has gone right down too, so he's played around 9.3 million games in FIFA 20 so far. 

Delaney's IF stat highlights:

  • 93 Jumping, 92 Stamina, 86 Aggression. 
  • 87 Interceptions, 85 Stand Tackle, 90 Slide Tackle.
  • 80 Short Passing, 82 Long Passing, 83 Reactions.

What makes Delaney amazing:

  • A four-star weak foot is grand for a CDM.
  • He’s a solid presence in a Bundesliga side.
  • His going rate is less than 25k. Affordable to anyone.

10. Georginio Wijnaldum Inform

Who would have thought the Dutchman would become one of the most useful player in the game?

Any of the best central midfield players benefit from either a couple of outstanding stats or a generally well-balanced card. Gini Wijnaldum’s Inform is definitely the latter. 9.8 million matches later and he’s still a suitable option for EPL sides.

Wijnaldum's IF stat highlights:

  • 81 Jumping, 95 Stamina, 81 Stand Tackle.
  • 86 Ball Control, 86 Dribbling, 87 Composure.
  • 87 Short Passing, 84 Balance, 83 Reactions.

What makes Wijnaldum amazing:

  • That all-roundedness I just mentioned.
  • A four-star skiller with an Engine increases important attributes.
  • You can make some really unusual and fun teams with the Dutch link.

9. N'Golo Kante

Hard to narrow down Kante's best moments to just ten, I know.

One of the players here that is still a top option in any team is the Chelsea engine that is Kante. He’s taken to the field 10.5 million times, not counting any of his many, many upgrades.

Kante's stat highlights:

  • 92 Balance, 93 Reactions, 85 Composure.
  • 92 Interceptions, 90 Defensive Awareness, 91 Stand Tackle.
  • 97 Stamina (obviously), 90 Aggression, 86 Short Passing.

What makes Kante amazing:

  • Put him on Cut Passing Lanes and he will stop every attack through the middle.
  • His TOTY card is the best CDM in the game if you have a spare 2 million coins.
  • If 400k is more your speed, put his Shapeshifters CB in next to Lenglet.

8. Frenkie de Jong OTW

Not the worst start to life at Barca if his OTW is anything to go by.

De Jong is one of the Ones To Watch cards that has benefitted from upgrades this year. Even if you didn’t pick him up at his lowly 85, his current 87 OTW is still under 50k. Expect many more matches to be added to his 14 million total.

De Jong's OTW stat highlights:

  • 91 Ball Control, 90 Dribbling, 92 Composure.
  • 90 Vision, 94 Short Passing, 90 Long Passing.
  • 82 Acceleration, 83 interceptions, 85 Stamina.

What makes de Jong amazing:

  • Medium/High work rates and four-star skills.
  • He’s an Anchor or a Sentinel away from being a world-class CDM.
  • He plays for Barcelona… And links to Wijnaldum! We’re building quite a team here.

7. Kylian Mbappe

Can a teenage World Cup winner be classed as one for the future? He's more like the here and now.

One of the least surprising inclusions, I bet. Even after a season of seven upgrade versions, his 89 original gold card has a massive 12.5 million games played. I’m running out of things to say about this kid...

Mbappe's stat highlights:

  • 96 Acceleration, 96 Sprint Speed.
  • 89 Positioning, 89 Finishing, 83 Balance.
  • 92 Agility, 90 Ball Control, 91 Dribbling.

What makes Mbappe amazing:

  • He’s got five-star skills and a four-star weak foot.
  • Even though strikers are the most changed FIFA players, he has been used the entire game cycle.
  • A Marksman brings his shooting and dribbling up to match his blistering pace.

6. Lautaro Martinez TOTT

He has just now had a relentless TOTSSF card released. Defenders beware.

The only other striker on this list. Martinez has a phenomenal Future Stars card, but the masses are still flocking to use his ungodly 87-rated Team Of The Tournament version to the tune of 9.3 million games. 

Martinez' TOTT stat highlights:

  • 92 Positioning, 92 Finishing, 89 Shot Power.
  • 93 Jumping, 99 Heading Accuracy, 89 Strength.
  • 93 Agility, 89 Ball Control, 89 Dribbling.

What makes Martinez amazing:

  • He’s under 30k. I can’t make enough noise about what fantastic value that is.
  • Four-star/four-star with incredible heading for a 5’9” player.
  • A Hunter gives him 91 pace. Fabulous coupled with that Agility.

5. Alessio Romagnoli Halloween

Remember the Halloween cards? I literally never see any other than this guy...

Romagnoli’s Halloween card is approaching 10 million matches. For a center-back with good pace and physicality, and very nice defending, 25-30k is an absolute bargain. With more viable Serie A players to come with the TOTSSF on the way, this is a great start to a new team.

Romagnoli's Halloween stat highlights:

  • 84 Sprint Speed, 99 Short Passing, 99 Long Passing.
  • 88 Interceptions, 90 Defensive Awareness, 88 Stand Tackle.
  • 82 Strength, 87 Aggression, 83 Slide Tackle.

What makes Romagnoli amazing:

  • His passing out from the back.
  • A crazy good defender with an Anchor.
  • He’s going to be a solid fit to build a TOTSSF Serie A team around.

4. Aaron Wan-Bissaka OTW

Have we seen a better slide tackler this season? Lucky you if you picked this card up early.

Owners of Wan-Bissaka’s OTW have been treated to a five-point upgrade since the beginning of the game. Putting trust in one of the EPL’s best defenders has seen 10.3 million games feature the young star.

Wan-Bissaka's OTW stat highlights:

  • 89 Acceleration, 92 Sprint Speed.
  • 89 Agility, 85 Dribbling, 87 Interceptions.
  • 88 Defensive Awareness, 90 Stand Tackle, 93 Slide Tackle.

What makes Wan-Bissaka amazing:

  • Four-star skills from RB.
  • 6’0” tall (helps more in the tackle than in the air).
  • Anchor makes him seriously rapid and immense at the back.

3. Neymar Jr

I'm going to have to start putting non-PSG lists together to avoid Neymar and Mbappe appearing constantly.

Mbappe’s clubmate at PSG has had a similarly stellar season and is a similarly unsurprising addition here. Having featured 13 million times on just his base card on FUT, there are still many more defenses for Neymar to terrorize going into the end of the game cycle.

Neymar's stat highlights:

  • 94 Acceleration, 89 Sprint Speed, 96 Agility.
  • 96 Dribbling, 92 Reactions, 95 Ball Control.
  • 94 Composure, 87 Finishing, 90 Vision.

What makes Neymar amazing:

  • Five-star/five-star. PSG are spoiled for skillers, aren’t they?
  • His upgrade path covers LW and CAM.
  • Worth every last coin you’ll have to pay for him.

2. Marc-Andre ter Stegen TOTT 

Maybe I should include Barcelona on my blacklist...

Our first goalkeeper! Oh, and a Barcelona player, again… Ter Stegen is hands down one of the best keepers in the game. The third most-used card with 14.6 million appearances doesn’t lie. You can pick him up amazingly cheap for a 91-rated player, too.

Ter Stegen's TOTT stat highlights:

  • 88 Diving, 90 Reflexes.
  • 85 Handling, 43 Speed.
  • 88 Kicking, 88 Positioning.

What makes ter Stegen amazing:

  • The German/Barca links are amazing to some of the cheaper Bundesliga TOTSSF cards.
  • Speaking of TOTSSF, his 95 is hovering around 160k at the minute.
  • You have to use this card to believe how good he is. His 90-rated gold is number six on games played.

1. Wissam Ben Yedder Inform

A surprise one-two from the same player. Everyone loves an underdog.

The most used player in all of FIFA 20 - and a little bit of a shocker. Closing in on 18 million games, Ben Yedder’s Inform is top of the tree, over 600,000 matches clear of… Ben Yedder’s OTW. Clearly, the Frenchman (links to Mbappe and Dembele, by the way) is top quality.

Ben Yedder's Inform stat highlights:

  • 92 Positioning, 91 Finishing, 90 Acceleration.
  • 92 Agility, 91 Balance, 84 Reactions.
  • 85 Ball Control, 87 Dribbling, 85 Composure.

What makes Ben Yedder amazing:

  • The French link is power, as I’ve just demonstrated with other players just on this list.
  • Four-star skills, five-star weak foot.
  • He’s had two further Informs since this one, and his OTW is cheaper than the matching 87 TIF. Figure that one out.

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