[Top 20] Fifa 22 Best Teams To Play In Career Mode (Ranked Good To Best)

Top 20 Teams To Play In Career Mode

20. Paris Saint-Germain 

Transfer Budget: $188,812,000

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

PSG is a fantastic team to begin your career mode in FIFA with, especially if you are new to the game or are getting back after a long halt. This is because the team is already so good, that you are going to have a hard time figuring out which new players to buy and add to the team. 

With a front three that consists of Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe, you would be hard-pressed to find a better player for each of those positions. These are three of the best forwards in the game and playing together, can create absolute havoc for the opposition.

Winning the Champions League and the domestic league in France are the major goals of this team and considering the star-power you will be vested with; it should not be too much of a task. Financial management and youth development are not on top of the list of priorities, hence you do not need to pay much attention to those matters.

Despite being a brilliant team, to begin with, it still has one of the most massive transfer budgets in the game meaning that, if need be, you can go on and add more of the world’s best players to a team already filled with stars. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/73/paris-saint-germain/


19. Manchester City 

Transfer Budget: $253,050,000

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

When a team is already the reigning champion of the Premier League and then also has the biggest transfer budget for any club in the game, it does not take an expert to achieve success with them. Manchester City is one such club that has a wonderful starting eleven as well as quality players on the bench. This combined with that extraordinary budget means that you can easily make any signings you want and improve this already star-studded squad. 

Kevin De Bryune is in this squad, undoubtedly the best central midfielder in the game. He makes creating and scoring goals from midfield absolute ease. You can also sell him for an absurdly high value and buy some other top talent if you don’t fancy him enough. Some other players with peak potential include Ederson, Phil Foden, and Bernardo Silva. 

Domestic and Continental success is key for City and the board would expect you to win it in your first season given the quality of players at your disposal. Again, with that ridiculous budget, you can make a few more world-class signings and make this task even easier than it already is. 

Youth development and financial management are not very important to the club so you can spend as much money as you want and ignore the youth academy players completely and you will not face any consequences. This, of course, is reliant on the fact that you keep winning silverware in the meanwhile, which is an easy task with that squad. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/10/manchester-city/


18. Liverpool 

Transfer Budget: $158,939,000

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Alongside City, the most dominant team in England is undoubtedly Liverpool. This is one of the most complete teams in the game with a world-class player in nearly every position. Sadio Mane, Thiago, Allison and so many more great players fill in important roles in the team. And with the big budget, you can further add on great signings. At that point, success is almost a given with this Liverpool team.

This team has the best-rated LB, CB, and RB in the game as well as four other players who have been mentioned in the list of the top 20 players in the game. Trent Alexander Arnold is the best crosser in the game and can chip in from that right-hand side. Virgil Van Dijk is the best and strongest center back in the game who makes it tremendously difficult for the opposition to score. 

The attacking duo of this team is certainly the best in the Premier League. Mohammed Salah is undoubtedly the best right wing in the game, maybe only behind the very special Lionel Messi. Sadio Mane from the left is so creative and can also play as false 9 as his finishing is absolute class. 

You will be expected to win the Premier League and the Champions League in your first year. However, the financial and youth demands remain a low priority so you can just completely focus on the team you want to create and not be bothered by the demands of the board in that department. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/9/liverpool/


17. Manchester United

Transfer Budget: $224,514,000

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

With the addition of top-class players such as Jadon Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Raphael Varane, Manchester United are a wonderful prospect heading into the 21/22 season. Very little improvement is needed to make this team better and given that it has the second biggest budget for any team in career mode, those changes can be easily made. 

The one position that is not world-class in the starting eleven is possibly that of a central-defensive midfielder. With the mega-budget at hand, one can easily convince some of the best CDMs in the world to join your team. These could include experts such as N’Golo Kante and Joshua Kimmich or young players with massive potential such as Declan Rice. 

While financial management is not the biggest concern for this team, youth development is important. You may want to slowly discover good players in your academy and integrate them into the starting line-up over time. However, even if you don’t do this but continue to win trophies, it should be enough to keep you in the job.

Winning the Premier League and the Champions League are critical goals of the club and given the transfer budget and the existing team, it should not be a humongous task. Furthermore, a few players such as Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes have the highest potential for players in their position in the entire game.

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/11/manchester-united/


16. Bayern Munich 

Transfer Budget: $135,500,000

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Bayern Munich is perhaps one of the easiest teams to do a career mode within FIFA 22. With world-class talents like Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller, etc. this squad is brilliant. This is a team with so many great players in nearly all the positions, making it a very difficult job for you to assess where to spend the money.

Bayern Munich’s dominance in their domestic league for the past decade means that the expectation from you as a manager would also be to win the Bundesliga title. The Champions League is also crucial for them so be sure to pay attention to that and with the class and quality of players available at your disposal, it really should not be much of a task.

Finance management and youth development are lower on the list of priorities for the board at Bayern Munich. This means you do not need to stress a lot over earning a profit for the board or integrating youth players into the team if you are not interested in those matters.

Players such as Kimmich, Goretzka, Sane, Coman, and Davies are already excellent in the game with potential rising to some of the highest in the game. This means if you stick with these players for some time, they will increase their overalls and will also multiply their value. This is useful especially if you want to sell them in the future to buy some of the other top talents in the game. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/21/bayern-münchen/


15. Real Madrid

Transfer Budget: $177,034,464

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

12. Piemonte Calcio

Transfer Budget: $122,097,000

Difficulty Level: Easy

With the biggest budget in the Italian Serie A and a good first-team squad, Piemonte Calcio is a good team to pick in the career mode. Within the first season, the board would expect domestic and continental success. The expectations are low in matters of money and youth development; hence you will be given the freedom to create your team. While the squad is filled with good players, a few additions in the first season could improve your chances of success massively.

The star player in the team is Paulo Dybala, a center-forward who is an all-around excellent player and has a potential rating of 90. Another fantastic player is Chiesa who is a winger and has potential in the late 80s. Matthis De Ligt is the Dutch superstar in defense who can be your star center-back for a long time to come. 

Improvements can be made on the bench players. The position with perhaps the biggest room for improvement is full-back. Considering the budget, you can either invest heavily in Alphonso Davies who is a wonderkid in that position. Otherwise, cheaper options could include Tierney or Guerreiro. 

Piemonte Calcio has lost out on the title in the last two years. By doing a career mode with them you need to regain the side’s lost legacy in Italy. While this may be possible to achieve quickly, continental success in the Champions League will require much more investment and time. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/45/juventus/fifa22/


11. Tottenham Hotspurs

Transfer Budget: $90,048,000

Difficulty Level: Easy 

Tottenham Hotspurs gives you the perfect blend of ease and challenge in career mode. Having two world-class forwards in Son and Kane helps you have a major goal threat every time you go forward. Also having a world cup winning goalkeeper in Hugo Lloris playing between the posts will help you defensively. However, most other positions in the team can be improved by selling some existing players and utilizing the budget properly.

The board at Tottenham understands that you probably will not be able to win all the major titles in the first year, hence you will be given a few seasons to prove your metal. For the first season, you should try qualifying for the Champions League places and winning the FA Cup.

The financial requirements of the club are at medium-priority while youth development remains higher on the list. This means that you must properly utilize your budget, control your yearly wage growth and attempt to integrate more youth players into your team.

The positions you should focus on improving in the first season are midfield and defense. A possible addition in midfield could be Frank Kessie who will add plenty of strength and passing ability in the middle of the pitch. Defensively, young players with cheaper price tags and high potential should be preferred. These could include names such as Josko Gvardiol, Fofana, etc.

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/18/tottenham-hotspur/fifa22/


10. Arsenal

Transfer Budget: $107,616,000

Difficulty Level: Easy

Moving on from Spurs, let's take a look at their North-London rivals. Arsenal is one of the youngest and highest potential teams in FIFA 22. Many of the first-team players have very high potential and can easily double their value after a few seasons of development. You will also not be asked for immediate success and can spend a few seasons playing with the existing squad to fully develop them.

Players such as Martinelli, Smith-Rowe, Odegaard, Saka, Gabriel, and Ramsdale have massive potential and almost all of them can reach around 90 overall. When the starting line-up is so good, the focus should be more on realizing their potential rather than making new signings.

One position where urgent attention may be required, however, is that of the center-forward. Although players like Lacazette and Nketiah are in the squad, a better player in this position could greatly improve the goal-scoring efficiency of this team. Some recommendations could be Gabriel Jesus, Anthony Martial, and Karim Adeyemi.

The financial and youth requirements are a medium priority for the board. This means you may want to find good talents in the academy and slowly merge them into your starting lineups. The budget also must be carefully utilized as it’s not in the top three in the Premier League. Hence, earning a profit or controlling wage growth will lead the board to think positively of you. 



9. Atletico de Madrid 

Transfer Budget: $80,917,000

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Operating on a tight budget to compete with two Spanish giants is a massive task, and this is the challenge to excite you when playing career mode with Atletico de Madrid. Despite the huge competition around them, the expectations are still to win both the big titles. There are young players with high potential in the team and by utilizing the budget, they can indeed achieve success. The superstar player here is Joao Felix, a 21-year-old center forward rated at 83 with a potential of 91.

The goalkeeper Jan Oblak is a world-class player and one of the best in the game. Other top players include Marcos Llorente and Thomas Lemar, both of whom are midfielders and have potential in the late 80s. Suarez and Griezzman are two very good players in the forward line. However, they are aging and soon will start to devalue.

While you can feasibly play your first season with them, you should buy someone who can grow and be ready to replace them when the time comes. A good recommendation would be Karim Adeyemi, a young and affordable striker who can eventually grow to be one of the best in the game. 

While the objectives of domestic and continental success are critical to the board, they will be lenient in matters of finance and youth development. In short, your complete attention should be on what happens on the pitch. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/240/atlético-de-madrid/fifa22/


8. Borussia Dortmund

Transfer Budget: $74,501,000

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Competing with Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title is no easy feat. Such is the challenge for Borussia Dortmund. While they may be rivals, there is a massive difference between the squad and the financial capabilities of the two clubs. That is why playing with Dortmund in career mode is challenging as it requires careful planning and extracting the full potential from the existing squad.

Undoubtedly the biggest silver lining of this team is Erling Haaland. The Norwegian striker has an unreal potential rating of 94 and is possibly the best striker available in the game. If you wish, you can sell him for an absurd amount and then spend that money on other areas in the squad

One more player who stands out is Jude Bellingham. He is a young midfielder with the potential of being one of the best in the game. Other good quality players in the team include the likes of Marco Reus, Mats Hummels, Akanji, and Guerreiro. One position which could use some improvement is right-back. A good budget option could be Pedro Porro.

Domestic success is critical to the board hence you will be expected to challenge for the league title. Success in European competitions is also appreciated but not of critical importance in the first season. However, youth development is crucial and young academy players must be developed and integrated into the team. 



7. RB Leipzig

Transfer Budget: $81,198,000

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Apart from the two giants in Germany, RB Leipzig is a team also in the race for the Bundesliga title. Owned by the Red Bull group, Leipzig is a team that has made quite a name for itself recently in European football. The club operates by buying young players with potential and then developing them to be one of the world’s best in their position. Most times these players are lured away to other clubs, but often with massive price tags. A career mode with this team would require investment in cheap but high-potential players, while simultaneously getting the best out of the current squad. 

Christopher Nkunku is a wonderful forward in the squad. Josko Gvardiol is a superstar center-back who will grow to be one of the best in the game. Both players have the highest possible potential for their positions. Others in the squad include Laimer, Angelino, Haidara, Szoboszlai, and Dani Olmo. 

It is safe to say the starting lineup of Leipzig is filled with stars for the future as all of these are young players with very high potentials. Positions that perhaps do require investment are in midfield. Jude Bellingham or Eduardo Camavinga could prove to be excellent long-term signings.

The expectation which has utmost importance for the board Is domestic success. This means attempting to win the title and going deep in the Champions League in your first season. With the excellent quality of the squad and a decently sized budget, it is very feasible to win both titles in a few seasons.

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/112172/rb-leipzig/fifa22/


6. Leicester City 

Transfer Budget: $57,249,000

Difficulty Level: Moderate

When Leicester City won the Premier League title in 2016, no one could have predicted it. Since then, they have always been regarded as one of the top teams in the league and are often in contention to finish in European spots. With one of the smaller budgets in the Premier League, Leicester is one of the most interesting teams to choose in FIFA 22 career mode. The board demands in terms of youth development and finances are quite low, so you will be given a free hand in choosing the team you want. 

There are quite a few top players in the Leicester City squad that you can make use of in the first few seasons. Jamie Vardy is a Leicester City legend and still capable of deadly finishing in the game. Schmeichel is a wonderful goalkeeper and James Maddison is a technically capable attacking midfielder. 

The midfield here really is the charm and is no doubt one of the best in England. Ndidi and Tielemans make a wonderful midfield who show good quality in attack and defense. Both have potential in the late 80s and should be developed to become future superstars.

Domestic success is prioritized by the board at Leicester, which means you would be required to finish in European spots in your first season. Continental success is of medium priority which means your utmost priority should be your performance in the league, and success in Europe would be appreciated but not demanded. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/95/leicester-city/fifa22/


5. Napoli

Transfer Budget: $66,174,000

Difficulty Level: Hard 

Talking about underdogs, Napoli is a team that has always been highly regarded in the realms of European football. However, when competing against giants such as Juventus and Inter Milan, Napoli has always found it difficult to make a mark in their domestic league. Doing a career mode with them means truly being in it for the long haul, and slowly building your team over a couple of seasons. 

The established superstar player in this team is Kalidou Koulibaly. The 86-rated center-back has always been highly regarded and will provide strength and leadership. Another top player with a potential rating of 90 is the striker, Victor Osimhen. He is a young player who can develop to be one of the best strikers in the game. 

The position which requires immediate improvement is the fullback. As the transfer budget is quite decent, you should be able to get a good young player with lots of potential to grow. Some recommendations could be Devyne Rensch as a cheaper option or Reece James as a more expensive but established wingback. 

The board’s expectations from you would be to finish in a Champions League place in your first season and to win the league title after your first two seasons. While this may seem like a massive task, with the squad and budget at hand, it is very manageable.

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/48/napoli/fifa22/


4. Bayer Leverkusen

Transfer Budget: $54,716,000

Difficulty Level: Hard 

Competing against the likes of Leipzig, Munich, and Dortmund is a mammoth task for Bayer Leverkusen. If you choose to play them in career mode, you need to show patience, make long-term decisions, and develop many of the excellent young players they have. This should make them capable of challenging for the Bundesliga title in a few years. A few more transfer windows from then on, and Leverkusen could be a major shout in the Champions League. 

The superstar player in this team is Florian Wirtz, an attacking midfielder aged 18, who has the potential to be one of the best. Other players with high potential include Jeremie Frimpong, Edmond Tapsoba, Moussa Diaby, and Patrick Schick. This team is filled with young gems for the future who need to be prioritized over new signings and be given the time to grow.

Talking about signings, positions that could use improvement include a winger and a goalkeeper. Some possible players for these could include Vandevoordt as an up-and-coming goalkeeper, and Rayan Cherki as a winger from the French Ligue 1. 

The two utmost expectations of the board would be success in the league and youth development. Due to the tight budget, you would be expected to recruit talent from the academy. A top-four finish and then winning the league title in two to three seasons would also be expected. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/32/bayer-04-leverkusen/fifa22/


3. A.C Milan

Transfer Budget: $43,979,000

Difficulty Level: Hard 

Once the kings of Italy, AC Milan is a team with a supreme legacy and a name that immediately brings flashbacks of some of the best to have ever kicked a football. For the size of the club, the allocated transfer budget is extremely surprising. This means a career mode with them would require smart buys in the transfer window who will give you the most bang for your buck. However, there are quite a few players already in the squad who possess top quality.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the most famous strikers in football, plays up top for the team. Goalkeeper Maignan has the potential to be the best in the world. In midfield, Kessie and Tonali provide plenty of strength and passing ability. Apart from them, Hernandez is a wonderful left-back and Leao is showing signs of great potential in the left-wing position. All of these are players with potential close to 90.

Given the strength of the team, only a few signings should be enough to make them challengers for the Serie A title. A signing in the center-back position would add depth and quality to the side. Akanji or Tapsoba are good recommendations for this position. 

Both domestic and continental success is critical to the club, which means that you need to be on track to win the title within your first two seasons. This would require a good balance of outgoings and recruitment in the meanwhile to strengthen your squad to its maximum. 

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/47/milan/fifa22/


2. Ajax

Transfer Budget: $40,589,000

Difficulty Level: Hard

Being the only Dutch team to feature on this list, Ajax is a prominent name in world football. While the team has dominated its domestic league, it has also made major strides in the Champions League lately. With several players in the team having massive potential, in a few seasons, you can take Ajax to the top of European football and win the ultimate prize, the Champions League. 

The team is filled with talents such as Martinez, Mazraoui, Alvarez, and Brobbey. However, the superstar player has to be Antony, a winger with the potential to be one of the world’s best. Gravenberch is also a midfield gem and is showing signs of great potential. Timber is also a young center-back in the squad with a potential of 88.

With so many wonderful players on the team, the only positions for improvement seem to be the goalkeeper and a number ten. With the budget being on the lower side, you may need to spend wisely in these positions. Some recommendations would be Maignan for GK and Wirtz for CAM.

The board would expect you to win the league title within your first year. Champions League expectations would be to go deep in the competition and win it next year. Youth development and finances are also of critical importance. These expectations from the board are what make Ajax so challenging in career mode.

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/245/ajax/fifa22/


1. AS Monaco

Transfer Budget: $30,831,000

Difficulty Level: Hard 

The amount of money invested by PSG is absurd in comparison with any other team in the league. In such an environment, for a team with the transfer budget of Monaco to finish third in the league is a massive achievement. This is a club that has produced some of the world’s best talent over the past few years. Players such as Kylian Mbappe and Bernado Silva began their careers in this team. A career with AS Monaco in FIFA 22 is so engaging and challenging because of the level of difficulty and budget restrictions. And if you are up for the challenge, there is no better choice. 

The superstar player in this team is central midfielder Tchouameni who has a potential of 88. Apart from him, players such as Disasi, Badiashile, Vanderson, and Diop will provide you with ample support to get you through the first season. Other experienced talents in the squad include Fabregas and Ben-Yedder. 

With the competition it will face, Monaco’s team is not good enough to be even close to challenging for the league in the first season. However, with some good long-term signings over the first few transfer windows, this dream can surely become a reality. Some quality signings on a budget could include Adeyemi, Madueke, and Timber.

The only expectation of critical importance to the board is a domestic success. They don’t expect you to win the title in your first season, but it will be expected after your first two seasons.

Details: https://www.fifaindex.com/team/69/as-monaco/fifa22/

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