[Top 15] Fifa 22 Best CF Players For Career Mode

15. Joao Pedro 

Overall: 80

Age: 29

Team: Cagliari

Value: 21 million Euros

Currently playing in the Italian League, Joao Pedro is a right-footed center forward with a four-star weak foot. He has high and medium work rates in attack and defense respectively. Pedro has already reached his potential and should not be expected to improve further. 

  • The qualities he does have though are quite admirable. His 84 finishing and 83 positionings mean Pedro knows where to put himself in the box in order to be most effective. 
  • With a passing rating of 77 and vision of 80, Pedro is not just your typical striker but a forward who can find his teammates with passes hard to read for the opposition. 
  • His 81 dribbling and 83 ball control also are evidence of the quality Pedro possesses. It’s very tough to take the ball away from him as he shows very little of it to the opponent.

Being the cheapest player on this list, Pedro is surely a bang for your buck and will at least give you two to three very good seasons either as a starter, or preferably a back-up. 

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/199254/joao-pedro


14. Wilfried Zaha

Overall: 82

Age: 28

Team: Crystal Palace

Value: 30.5 million Euros

Whenever the conversation for the best player in the Premier League outside the top 6 comes up, Wilfried Zaha is a name often in contention. For years he has been a nightmare for defenders in the English League and many of his skill sets cause major cause for concern for opposing teams. 

  • Having 86 ball control and astounding 91-rated dribbling, there is no taking the ball away from Zaha. He has excellent close control and can cause serious impact in tight spaces just using his feet. 
  • Alongside the dribbling also is the supreme pace rated at 90 sprint speed. Zaha is very impactful at running behind the defenders and carrying the ball to the goal. 
  • When he gets there, his 78 finishing and 81 composure allow Zaha to be clinical in front of goal. He is not near the best in this list in this department, but considering his price, it is a good bang for your buck.

Zaha is approaching his 30s and will soon start to deteriorate in his abilities. Until then though, he is a good option for center forward and will provide your team with plenty of flair.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/198717/wilfried-zaha


13. Anderson Talisca

Overall: 82

Age: 27

Team: Al Nassr

Value: 33 million Euros

Playing in the Saudi Pro League, Anderson Talisca is a left-footed center forward with a four-star weak foot. He has a high attacking work rate and low defensively. At an age of 27, Talisca can come into your team and improve it right away due to his many qualities.

  • Being a very technical player, Talisca is delightful at taking free kicks and corners. He has 84 ball control and 83 dribbling which allows him to keep the ball well and control it easily.
  • One of his major strengths is his 82 passing and 80 vision which allows Talisca to scan the pitch for his teammates and play passes which can often open the opposition’s defensive lines and create space.
  • 81 finishing and 77 heading accuracy also make him a very deadly striker of the ball and a major threat near the opposition’s goal. His 84 acceleration also can be a menace to defend.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/212523/anderson-talisca


12. Dries Mertens

Overall: 84

Age: 34

Team: Napoli

Value: 20.5 million Euros

You may think that because he is the oldest player on this list, Mertens best days are behind him. However, with his years of experience in Serie A and many of his unique attributes, Dries Mertens can be a very potent center forward for your team. This is only for one or two seasons though as he is approaching the end of his career. 

  • With 88 dribbling and ball control, Mertens touch is smooth as silk. The ball often feels like it’s attached to his foot as he manipulates it wonderfully even when crowded with opposition players. 
  • Even at the age of 34, Mertens has a staggering acceleration of 90 and agility rated at 92. He is still an effective player to make runs behind the defensive line and provides plenty of pace to make an impact. 
  • With 84-rated finishing, Mertens is very good at putting the ball in the back of the net. He also has 80 passing and 84 vision making him very capable of not just scoring but also assisting.

The biggest downside of Mertens is his age. He is a technically proficient player who can impact the game at any time but after a few seasons, his abilities may start to diminish.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/175943/dries-mertens


11. Roberto Firmino

Overall: 85

Age: 29

Team: Liverpool

Value: 54 million Euros

There can be no doubt that Roberto Firmino has been crucial to Liverpool’s recent success in the domestic league and the Champions League. The Brazilian forward is a highly technical player who can do things on the ball others can only dream of. As he is reaching the latter stage of his career, he could be a very good value buy for your team. 

  • The finest attribute of Firmino is his playmaking ability. His 81 passing and 83 vision mean that he is excellent at link-up play and has the ability to play dangerous through balls for his teammates. 
  • With 88 ball control and 87 dribbling, it is evident that Firmino is silky on the ball. This coupled with his 85 agility enables him to get away from the opposition and find himself some space.
  •  With 86 rated reactions and 82 attacking positionings, Firmino is a very instinctive finisher and is a very good choice to finish off moves in the box.

One con is that he is not the fastest player and may have trouble making runs in behind. However, there is no doubt that Firmino can do a very effective job for you for a good three to four seasons at least.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/201942/roberto-firmino


10. Memphis Depay

Overall: 85

Age: 27

Team: Barcelona

Value: 58.5 million Euros

Playing in La Liga, this Dutchman has played in many of the top clubs of Europe over the years. From Manchester United to Barcelona, Depay has played for many giants of football. While he has a natural quality that is undeniable, he has never quite reached the level of being one of the best. In FIFA however, he has many good qualities and a price that makes him value for money. 

  • With 82 acceleration and 85 positioning, Depay knows the correct spaces to attack and has enough legs to get there in time. He also is terrific at finishing, rated at 84. 
  • With a vision of 85, Depay is intelligent in choosing to play the correct passes and has enough ability to actualize his plans. His 84-crossing also makes him good at corners.
  • His biggest strength though is his technical ability. Rated 87 for dribbling and ball control, Depay takes good care of the ball and very rarely gives it away.

Depay is a very good option as he has plenty of ability and is young enough to establish himself in a few seasons. One thing to note, however, is that Depay has developed already so you should not expect him to greatly improve.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/202556/memphis-depay


9. Leroy Sane

Overall: 86

Age: 25

Team: Bayern Munich

Value: 81 million Euros

Leroy Sane is a player with many wonderful attributes including his pace, passing, and finishing. These are all qualities essential for a winger which is Sane’s primary position. However, in FIFA you can play him as a center forward and there really is no reason why you should not. 

  • With 91 acceleration and 89 sprint speed, Leroy is one pacy player who is more than capable of making runs behind the defenders and causing serious damage. 
  • He also has 86 positioning and 83 finishing making him a major goal threat. That coupled with his 83 long shots means Sane is a danger to the opposition from close and afar. 
  • With 77 passing and 83 vision, Sane also is a playmaker who can create chances for his teammates. He can use his pace to get away from the opposition and then play in a precise ball which causes menace. 

Sane is a relatively young player who has a lot of years yet in his tank. If you buy him in career mode, rest assured that he will sell for a profit whenever you do sell him and provide you with effective quality in the meanwhile. 

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/222492/leroy-sane


8. Diogo Jota

Overall: 85

Age: 24

Team: Liverpool

Value: 78 million Euros

Diogo Jota is one of the most underrated center forwards in the Premier League. Playing alongside the likes of Salah and Mane, Jota’s contributions to Liverpool are often neglected. The Portuguese has plenty of attributes that make him a top player and his 89 potential in FIFA suggests that he can really grow in the game as well. 

  • Jota is an excellent player in the air. His 81 jumping and 84-heading accuracy make him an absolute threat from incoming crosses. His finishing is rated as 86 which is among the top players in the game.
  • 85 dribbling and 84 ball control also mean that Jota is very comfortable with the ball at his feet. He hardly gives the ball away to the opposition and has good vision to play balls for his teammates. 
  • While he isn’t the paciest player on this list, his 88 acceleration and 87 agility make Jota a very mobile and fast forward who is capable of making runs off the ball as well.

Overall, Jota is a fabulous choice for being your team’s center forward as he has all the right traits for the job and is young enough to develop and improve even more.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/224458/diogo-jota


7. Christopher Nkunku

Overall: 86

Age: 23

Team: RB Leipzig

Value: 93 million Euros

Nkunku’s best position is often the topic of discussion. While he is credited as a CAM in the game, he is a threat off the wing as well as centrally, which is often where he has played for his team. All in all, his qualities just make him an apt choice for CF.

  • Having sprint speed and agility rated 91 and 88, Nkunku is one of the most physically mobile players in the game. He is very pacy and loves to make runs in behind.
  • Having a first touch which is just class, Nkunku is rated at 87 for dribbling and ball control. If he is one-on-one with an opposing defender, you would fancy his chances.
  • Nkunku has a passing and vision of 82 and 84 respectively. Both these numbers will creep up to 90 within a few seasons. He also has 85 finishing and 80 long shots making him a goal threat.

With brilliant scoring and assisting abilities, Nkunku is a superb choice for playing a center forward. And once he actualizes his potential, there is no doubt that he would be higher on this list.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/232411/christopher-nkunku


6. Phil Foden 

Overall: 84

Age: 21

Team: Manchester City

Value: 94.5 million Euros

If a player gets to regularly play in a Pep Guardiola team at an age of just 21 years old, that kid is special. Phil Foden is one of the most talented young forwards in the country. His passing, vision, and dribbling are so good for his age that one can only wonder what he would be like in his prime.

  • In FIFA 22, his potential is a humongous 92 overall. And he is showing signs of his greatness already. Rated 82 for passing and 85 for vision shows you the brilliance of Foden. He can make passes that are hard to read and cause chaos for rivals. 
  • While he is credited as a left winger in FIFA, Foden can easily play as a center-forward due to his supreme intelligence and playmaking ability. Take note though, with him as your forward, you should rely on him more to assist rather than to score. 
  • However, even if you do rely on him to score, Foden is rated at 82 for attacking positioning and 80 for finishing. If the chances come to him, he can finish them off. Also, these stats will only improve as seasons go on. 

For the price you will pay to buy Foden, you could buy an older but better-quality player. However, Foden’s biggest asset is his age, and if you do purchase him, he will get so good with more play time that you won’t regret your decision.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/237692/phil-foden


5. Paulo Dybala

Overall: 87

Age: 27

Team: Piemonte Calcio

Value: 86.5 million Euros

One of the best signings you can make in your first season is undoubtedly Paulo Dybala playing in the Serie A. This is because he only has one year remaining on his contract which means you could even possibly fetch him for lower than his actual value. 

  • As a player, Dybala has a unique body type in the game which enables him to be an excellent dribbler. He has a low center of gravity which means that even without being the paciest of players, he can cause nightmares to opposing defenders.
  • He has terrific vision and passing ability making him one of the best playmakers in the game. Of course, he also has the usual center-forward capabilities which include his 84 acceleration and finishing. 
  • Due to his sheer natural ability, Dybala is the best choice for set pieces. He is excellent at finding teammates with corners and causes goalkeepers to sweat when he’s on free kicks.

Dybala is a wonderful player to play with due to his numerous qualities and considering his price, he is an absolute bargain even at a price of roughly 80 million Euros. But this is because he has a potential of 92, which means he could be sold for a profit in the future if you choose to do so. 

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/211110/paulo-dybala


4. Joao Felix

Overall: 83

Age: 22

Team: Atletico Madrid

Value: 82 million Euros

Joao Felix is one of the wonderkids in FIFA 22 due to his potential of a massive 92 overall. He is a player with natural ability and confidence on the ball. Considering how young he is, he could quite possibly become the cult hero of your club over the next many years. 

  • Even though initially priced at around 80 million Euros, Felix can easily double or even triple his value considering how well he does for you. 
  • Felix is physically very capable which is proven by his 84 acceleration and 84 agility. There is also no doubt that both these numbers will exceed 90 as he closes in on his potential. 
  • He has 88 dribbling and a staggering 87 ball control making him one of the most technically apt players in the game. His 84 vision and 80 passing also mean that he can have a bright future as a playmaker. 

Felix also has very good finishing which makes him a wonderful center-forward. If you prefer playing with a false 9, Felix is especially recommended due to his ability to drop off and feed the forwards.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/242444/joao-felix-sequeira


3. Harry Kane

Overall: 89

Age: 27

Team: Tottenham Hotspurs

Value: 112 million Euros

Having played in the Premier League for nearly a decade, Harry Kane has established himself as one of the top strikers in Europe. The English International is on course to become the top scorer in the history of the league and there can be no doubt that he is the greatest striker of England’s current generation.

  • With finishing rated at 94, Harry Kane is a phenomenal goal scorer. On top of that, he has a five-star weak foot making him equally deadly from both feet. 
  • Kane’s playmaking ability is often underrated due to his brilliance in front of goal. In FIFA 22, he has 85 passing and 87 vision making him an absolute dream when playing those through balls to wingers.
  • With 94 positioning and 85 heading accuracy, Harry Kane is one of the top headers of the ball in the game. If a cross is coming in the box, more often than not, Kane will get his head to it and direct it towards the goal.

Kane’s price is probably his biggest con. Being one of the most expensive players at an age of 27, he may not hold his value for much longer. However, if you aren’t interested in making a profit whenever you do sell him, he is a world-class player who could be the engine of your team for seasons to come. 

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/202126/harry-kane


2. Karim Benzema 

Overall: 91

Age: 33

Team: Real Madrid

Value: 84 million Euros

While center-forwards often tend to lose their best abilities by the time they reach their early 30s, Karim Benzema is a man who seems to have reached his prime at 33 years of age. He is currently in the form of his life and in FIFA 22, there is so much to love about him.

  • 92-rated finishing and 90-rated heading make Benzema quite possibly the most dangerous player to have in the opposition’s box. His finishing is purely instinctive, and his 92 positioning makes him always find the right spaces.
  • Rated 82 for strength and 90 for composure, Karim is a delight to have against any defender in the world. He has ample strength to hold off the opposition and then is calm enough to make the correct decision.
  • Having 89 short pass and 89 vision makes Karim Benzema one of the best passing players in the game. This proves that for all his physical attributes, he is also a very gifted playmaker. 

Benzema’s age is possibly his biggest con in career mode. He is one player you will not make a profit on as he is quite expensive and will start to devalue after two seasons. However, if you want a center forward to do the job for you in the here and now, you would be hard-pressed to find a better one than the French forward.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/player/165153/karim-benzema


1. Kylian Mbappe

Overall: 91

Age: 22

Team: Paris Saint-Germain

Value: 194 million Euros

Mbappe is an absolute baller of a player and in FIFA, the man is near super-human. He is the best in the game in so many departments that you really cannot question him being number one.

  • Being the fastest player in the game having 99 speed, he also has 90-rated shooting which is amongst the top 5 in the game.
  • He is physically very strong and despite his insane pace, never loses his balance. He is technically supreme having exquisite ball control and dribbling which is literally second to none.
  • For all his unique attributes, what makes Kylian a center-forward is also his passing ability. He is capable enough to take on defenders or hold up play according to the demands of the situation.

Mbappe is the most expensive player in the game and there’s a reason. He will win you games and there is no doubt about it. If you can manage, buying him in the first season would be a smart move as he only has a year left on his contract. This means this is probably the cheapest you can ever buy him.

Player Details: https://www.fifacm.com/22/player/231747/kylian-mbappé

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