Goal!!!! The last thing I screamed as I finished my final game of FIFA 18 for the night. There is nothing like having a well put together team with chemistry, skill, and teamwork playing for you on the field. As I put my Xbox controller on the charger I began to think, who are the best players in the FIFA world? I picked each team apart and devised a list, here are the top 10:


This attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen, born in Middlefart Denmark places 10th on our top ten. This professional footballer plays for the Danish national team and the premier league club Tottenham Hotspur.

  • 75 PAC    
  • 84 DRI
  • 78 SHO   
  • 47 DEF
  • 88 PAS     
  • 63 PHY

Any great asset to a team is a player who can assist in amazing plays. Eriksen is that asset, with his 84 dribbling and 88 passing he helps lead his team to victory.


Marcelo Vieira da Silva is a professional footballer in at number 9 who plays for the Brazilian national team and the Spanish club Real Madrid.

  • 78 PAC    
  • 85 DRI
  • 69 SHO 
  • 82 DEF
  • 80 PAS    
  • 79 PHY

Vieira da Silva is the epitome of a team player. With an 82 defense and 80 passing he is a great addition to his team. His 85 dribbling aids in helping score a goal.


Dribbling into our hearts at number 8, is winger Arjen Robben born in Bedum, Netherlands. This professional footballer plays for the German club Bayern Munich.

  • 86 PAC    
  • 90 DRI
  • 86 SHO   
  • 32 DEF
  • 81 PAS   
  • 63 PHY

This 34-year-old Netherlands native has proven himself to be one of the fastest wingers in the league. 86 pace and 90 dribbling skill set added with his 86-shooting ability makes him undeniably talented.


Passing through to our 7th spot, Sanchez a Chilean native, plays both forward and winger. He plays for the Chile national team and English club Manchester United.

  • 86 PAC    
  • 89 DRI
  • 84 SHO   
  • 40 DEF
  • 80 PAS    
  • 78 PHY

Sanchez is known for his speed when on the field. An 86-pace coupled with 84 shooting aids him in approaching the net. With a 89 dribbling and 80 passing, Alexis is a quality team player.


Landing himself in position number 6 is Argentine native Sergio Aguero. Aguero plays as a striker for Premier league club Manchester City and the Argentine national team.

  • 87 PAC    
  • 89 DRI
  • 88 SHO   
  • 23 DEF
  • 75 PAS    
  • 72 PHY

As a striker with a pace of 87 Sergio is not to be reckoned with. His shooting of 88 matched with 89 dribbling makes for an excellent scorer.


Scoring our number 5th spot is none other than Antoine Griezmann born in Macon France. This professional French footballer plays for Atletico Madrid and the French national team.

  • 86 PAC    
  • 87 DRI
  • 85 SHO   
  • 30 DEF
  • 78 PAS    
  • 68 PHY

Griezmann shows himself approved with his 87 dribbling and 86 pace. His speed and precision show us why he excels in his position as forward.


Eden Hazard kicking it at our number 4 spot was born in La Louviere, Belgium. This footballer plays winger for the English club Chelsea and the Belgium national team.

  • 90 PAC    
  • 92 DRI
  • 82 SHO   
  • 32 DEF
  • 84 PAS    
  • 66 PHY

Hazard is a goalkeeper’s nightmare, with his 90 pace and 92 dribbling. His speed and ability to handle the ball makes him a valuable player.


Shooting for us in #3 is Neymar Jr a Brazilian professional footballer for the Brazil national team and the French club Paris Saint- German.

  • 92 PAC    
  • 94 DRI
  • 84 SHO   
  • 30 DEF
  • 79 PAS    
  • 60 PHY

At the mere age of 26 he is known for his skills and ability on the field. Considered one of the fastest players in the world, Neymar Jr. oozes talent. A 92-pace combined with 94 dribbling and 84 shooting keeps players on their toes.


Lionel Andres Messi born in Argentina, paces himself as a cool number two. At the age of 31 he plays the position of forward for the Argentine national team and the Spanish club Barcelona.

  • 89 PAC    
  • 95 DRI
  • 95 SHO   
  • 26 DEF
  • 86 PAS    
  • 61 PHY

Lionel Messi is not one to be taken lightly. His 95 dribbling makes it hard for any player to stop him in his tracks. With an 89 pace and 95 shooting to match, this Argentine native is unstoppable.


Defending his number 1 spot is 33-year-old Portugal native Cristian Ronaldo. This professional footballer plays for the Italian club Juventus and the Portuguese national team.

  • 90 PAC       
  • 90 DRI
  • 93 SHO      
  • 33 DEF
  • 82 PAS       
  • 80 PHY

Ronaldo is known as one of the fastest forwards in the world. With a 90 pace, 90 dribbling, and 93 shooting this Portugal heartthrob in top form rarely misses a goal.

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