FIFA 23 Best Ways To Score (Top 5 Tactics)

Best ways to score in FIFA 23.
Score many goals like Erling Haaland!

FIFA 23 gameplay has been slowest in years, making finding ways to score goals more complicated. There are advantages of the gameplay being slower; there are more effective ways to score goals. Many FIFA gamers enjoy the gameplay because you can see different goals. Hardcore gamers have found the most effective tactics to score opponents. 

5. Trivela Shots

Score with an effective skill shot in FIFA 23!

Two new shots introduced in this year's FIFA are the power shots and the trivela shots. Power shots controls have replaced the previous low-driven shots.

The power shot requires gamers to be accurate and time it right since the shot animation takes a while to perform. EA highly focused on this feature, but gamers eventually found Trivela shots as the new OP way to score goals.

Trivela shots are effective from long distances to one-on-ones with the goalkeeper. These Trivela shots are performed when holding the flair shot controls. 

  • Make sure before shooting to aim with a player's strongest foot. (Example: Haaland is a left-foot player. Perform the Trivela shot with his left foot, not his right) 
  • For a long distance, make sure to aim across the goal with lots of power. (Around 3- 4 bars of power but not the whole bar)
  • For 1v1, aim across from the goal when performing a Trivela shot.

Finesse shots aren't as effective as before, but shooting with decent power across from the goal can also be effective. Shooting across the goal is vital, and the Trivela shot is best for it.

4. Creative Runs

Direct runs to get an edge against the opponent. 

Shooting Trivela shots from far or on a 1v1 can be more effective if you can get into good positions. Many FIFA gamers need to be aware of creative runs that can give them options to attack an opponent.

If you struggle to perform the trivela shot, 1v1 are the positions you should try to aim for. You can break defensive lines with creative runs as gamers try to block passing lines. When you have control of another player running towards the goal, the opponent will think of stopping your player on and off the ball.

  • Make sure to use directional runs for other players; it will trigger runs
  • Creative run controls allow you to choose which way you want the extra player to move into
  • Movement = more free spaces to attack

3. Driven Lobbed/ Threaded Through passes

Perform these passes to get better scoring chances. 

Another way to get into good positions is two overpowered through passes, the driven lobbed through pass, and the threaded through pass. 

Many professional FIFA gamers use both passes and work against many defenses. The AI usually stands still, and one gamer can't control all defenders simultaneously. 

To perform the driven lobbed through pass:

  • Look for this pass while using the creative runs for more success. 
  • Also, when a player runs in behind a defender on his own.
  • Successful pass over the defender's head.   

To perform the threaded-through pass:

  • Like the last pass, look for a player running or when a player is running in behind to play him in a good chance to score successfully.
  • Successful pass around the player on the ground.

2.  4-2-2-2 Formation (Tactics) 

An effective formation when attacking in FIFA 23!

All of the previous effective tips can work much more when using this overpowered formation. This formation includes two strikers, two CDMs, and two CAMs, which will be very fundamental in this team.

  • Your CAMs will be on the flanks most of the time, which will trouble any opponent. 
  • Because your team will play wider, the opponent needs to defend wide, which exposes spaces in the middle.
  • To attack those spaces, whether inside or out wide, use those through passes to your advantage with creative runs. 
  • Flair shots like the long trivela shots can also be effective if the opponent drops back a lot. 
  • On the Tactics hub in squads, Choose a build-up play that works for your playing style (Balanced, Long Ball, Fast Build Up, and Slow Build Up) 
  • Choose Balanced to maintain the formation. 
  • Direct Passing is a recommended chance creation choice because midfielders pick runs and give passes toward spaces.

1. Composure & Extra Passes 

Take your time when attacking and defending in FIFA 23!

It may sound very broad and simple, but this tip is vital when attacking in FIFA 23. As mentioned before, this game has been its slowest in years. Previous FIFA's felt very arcade-like in that playing fast equaled a better chance of scoring or winning.

FIFA 23 has been more manual than ever, with passing having to be more accurate. Because of this, rushing and passing fast can lead to mistakes like giving the ball away in dangerous areas and/or getting counter-attacked. 

  • Always think before passing. (Can my opponent reach or intercept the ball
  • Play a standard pass to build up from the back.
  • Never play through passes in the middle of the pitch unless you want to attack or run toward the goal.
  • Extra passes, like two-three passes in the box, can give you a better goal-scoring option (Yes, sweat goals if needed).

It can be frustrating to play this FIFA, but you can't deny it takes more from the gamer to pay attention when attacking to be a goal-scoring machine.



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