[Top 10] FIFA 22 Best Celebrations That Are Awesome

A celebration for every occasion

10. Tea for Two


PlayStation: Hold R1 + R ↓↓

Xbox: Hold RB + R ↓↓

This is one of those celebrations which will surely cause your opposition to fume. It involves the goal scorer locking legs with a teammate and then both sip on an imaginary teacup. Quite funny, but possibly very annoying if it’s done against you.


9. The GOAT Celebration


PlayStation: Hold L2 + R

Xbox: Hold LT + R

The GOAT is often used as an abbreviation for the greatest of all time. Well, if you are feeling like a GOAT, you can choose to do this celebration and your player will move his hand below his chin to signify a goat’s beard. The message will be sent, and your opposition will be quite annoyed. Trust me, I checked.


8. Time Check


PlayStation: Hold R2 + →←

Xbox: Hold RT + →←

This celebration involves your goal scorer running to the corner flag and hitting his wrist repeatedly as if he is wearing a watch. This symbolizes time and is quite annoying for the opponent. Especially if you have scored in the last few minutes, this is the way to celebrate. Let me warn you though, I take no responsibility if this leads to broken controllers.


7. Picture That


PlayStation: Hold R2 + Square

Xbox: Hold RT + X

Son Heung-Min, the superstar left-winger playing for Tottenham Hotspurs has inspired this celebration. This will cause your goal scorer to run towards the corner flag and cross his fingers in a manner which symbolizes taking a photograph. Surely a wonderful celebration after you score a picture-perfect goal. 


6. Sipping on Tea


PlayStation: Hold L2 + R→←

Xbox: Hold LT + R→←

This celebration will surely convey to your opposition that this is too easy for you. By doing this, your player will approach the corner flag, take a sip from an imaginary cup, and then go back to celebrating with his opponents. If you feel that your opponent is just not on your level, this celebration should send the message. 


5. Group Dance


PlayStation: Hold R2 + R→→

Xbox: Hold RT + R→→

What is more annoying then conceding a goal? Seeing the opponent celebrate the goal by doing a group dance with his teammates. Being one of the longest duration celebrations in the game, this is sure to get your rival irritated and angry. In this, your goal scorer runs in front of the fans and then carries out a dance with his teammates. 


4. Mbappe Hand Cross


PlayStation: Hold L2 + OO

Xbox: Hold LT + BB

Considering he is on the cover of FIFA 22, EA just had to add an Mbappe celebration. This is the star’s signature celebration and can be used when controlling any player. The celebration will involve your goal scorer to approach the corner flag and cross his hands in true Mbappe fashion. 


3. Call Me


PlayStation: Hold L1 + R↑

Xbox: Hold LB + R↑

Popularized by Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus, this celebration is now being used more commonly throughout football. In this celebration, your player raises his hand to his ear, symbolizing a phone call. If you are angry at your opponent or just want to vent through a celebration, this is quite an apt choice. 


2. Humble Celebration


PlayStation: Hold L1 + OO

Xbox: Hold LB + BB

One of the most iconic celebrations in FIFA 22 has to be this one. Running to the corner flag and doing a knee slide or dancing with your teammates are some very common celebrations. However, if you want to stand out, or just be a little classy, then you need to do this celebration. By doing this, your goal scorer will refuse to celebrate in an exaggerated manner and will just raise his hands at the crowd in a humble way. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really must, and your opponent may not get angry at this one.


1. Cooking


PlayStation: Hold L2 + ▲▲

Xbox: Hold LT + YY

A celebration initially inspired by James Harden from the NBA, it was popularized in football by Bayern Munich's Serge Gnabry. This celebration is one which exudes confidence and style. If a player in your team is really cooking some good passes and shots, then this celebration is surely the most apt one to convey his style and charisma. 

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