[Top 5] Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Teams That Wreck Hard (Latest Patch)

The know-how to make a great competitive team.

5. Zacian + Landorus (Therian Forme) + Zapdos + Kyogre + Gastrodon + Porygon2

This pokemon team can be used in multiple combinations to KO your opponents. As well as featuring a lot of the fan favourites, this team packs some serious power when used expertly. Zacian is one of the fastest pokemon in competitive and can sweep teams before your opponent can build up their team with Iron Defense or Swords Dance.

Zacian teamed up with Kyogre and Gastrodon may be overall weak to grass types, but if your rival has no coverage for that type, consider yourself in the clear. Just make sure to watch out for those Max Hailstorms. 

If the big doggo with a sword isn’t your speed, Kyogre, Zapdos and Landorus are just as deadly. The water type can be switched in to eat up ice type moves that would otherwise wipe out your other members. The best option for Dynamax in this scenario would be Landorus who can chip damage with Max Rockfall, buff it's Sp. Def with Max Quake or become the fastest thing on the field with Max Airstream.

And a Porygon2 with an eviolite spamming recover is the ultimate troll.

To recap:

Covering type weaknesses

High speed stat ‘mons

Multiple strategies for same ‘mons


4. Orbeetle + Dusclops + Copperajah + Scizor + Hatterene + Chandelure

Trick Room teams are where it’s at. With Orbeetle as the frontman to set up Trick Room, you will lose the iron chains slowing your team down and render all speedsters on your rival’s team moot. 

An eviolite holding Dusclops can be a solid backup for setting up your Trick Room if Orbeetle faints, as well as packing some real fire power with the eviolite.

Copperrajah may have the gentle giant vibe, and his low speed is normally a weakness, but on this team he becomes a bulky fast sweeper. Scizor falls into the same category, and with the Technician ability and flying move Acrobatics, these two pokemon will sweep anything with a low defence. If you can fit in a Swords Dance or two, it wouldn’t hurt either.

Hatterene and Chandelure cover the special attack side of the team, giving you coverage for any stats a pokemon may have. With Chandelure’s Infiltrator ability, you can stop your opponent from hiding behind Reflects or Substitutes.

To recap:

Coverage for both physical and special attackers

Multiple ways to use Trick Room

Be cautious about rain teams, or water type moves in general


3. Kyogre + Ferrothorn + Seismitoad + Kingdra + Volcarona + Blastoise

Speaking of the rain teams, Kyogre is a sure bet on being your rain set up ‘mon with its Drizzle ability. It can also hold its own in addition to being your set up with Thunder and other rain boosted moves. 

Ferrothorn can be your hazard pokemon who’s main weakness of fire types is weakened from the rain. Pick a hazard such as Spikes as well as Leech Seed and Ferrothorn is one of the best in this area for rain teams.

Never let your opponent get a hit in with Seismitoad and the Swift Swim ability. The rain will increase its speed and with a Life Orb, Seismitoad has the opportunity to sweep. While electric types are no longer a concern, just be wary of grass types.

A Kingdra with Hurricane is a beast that definitely deserves a spot on this team. Powered up STAB Hydro Pump is always a sure way to go as well. 

Ignore Volcarona’s fire type and focus on its bug half with bug Buzz and Quiver Dance. You can also Roost to keep your HP up. It removes the threat of grass types like Rillaboom, and it never hurts to have Flamethrower, a great move on its own.

Blastoise is your go to Gigantamax with the Rain Dish ability. Shell Smash to boost its stats and prepare to sweep.

To recap:

Rain teams are very fun to use

Can cover grass weaknesses easily

Makes all pokemon fast sweepers


2. Dragapult + Excadrill + Grimmsnarl + Togekiss + Snorlax + Cloyster


With STAB Phantom Force and Dragon Darts, Dragapult can be a nasty physical sweeper when you want it to be. It can also learn Steel Wing to protect itself from any fairy types your rival may try to switch in.

A Jolly nature makes Excadrill a speed demon that can KO with Earthquake and can hold on with even hard hitting moves like Hydro Pump being thrown its way. With Wash Rotom being a popular ‘mon in competitive, Excadrill is a safe way to toss that pesky Rotom aside. Calgon can’t do anything to save this washing machine.

Grimmsnarl can bulk up your whole team with Reflect and Light Screen. You may find your rival also has an Excadrill to take down your dark/fairy type, so make sure to have a move like Foul Play to stop that from happening.

Your go to Dynamax ‘mon is Togekiss who can raise its special attack by using Nasty Plot and then sweep your rival once you know their move set more.

The OG Big Boi Snorlax can Curse to increase its attack and defence to make it a force to be reckoned with. Thick Fat as your ability will decrease the damage you take while piling up on Curse.

Shell Smash on Cloyster before running moves like Icicle Spear and Rock Blast. With the Skill Link ability you will always hit five times, leaving your opponent in a panic as the HP drops to zero. To top it all off, the King’s Rock item will increase the chances of flinching which is always a good thing.

To recap:

Great coverage

Sure ways to get maximum damage on your opponent


1. Arcanine + Hydreigon + Tyranitar + Corviknight + Rotom (Mow) + Mimikyu


It’s safe to say the team that climbed its way to number one in the master ball tier deserves to be at the top of the list. Plus, it includes best boi! The original legendary pokemon Arcanine.

Having Arcanine as the team captain is the key to success with this team. Equipped with an assault vest and boosted attacks from Max Knuckles leaves it a machine! Add Extreme Speed to this and you will KO any pokemon that dares stand in your way.

Mimikyu is always a guaranteed free turn to set up due to its disguise ability. The best way to waste your opponent’s Dynamax. If you want to annoy your rival even more, add the ghost type move Phantom Force and stall once more. This creepy ‘mon can stall or sweep, how you play is up to you.

Corviknight with leftovers and Roost will stall out the battle for many turns, allowing you to lower your rival’s PP. Giving it the Pressure ability instead of Mirror Armour will only make your stalling all the more devastating. Use Substitute to Bulk Up before going in for the kill with Iron Head.

Tyranitar with Weakness Policy and Flamethrower will throw your opponent off and let you take out a good chunk of their team. Allow this beast to Dynamax and the Weakness Policy will really come into play and do some damage.

Hydreigon can maximise it’s speed with Nasty Plot and Substitutes to outspeed anything on the field that isn’t holding a Choice Scarf. A good way to eliminate ‘mons like Mimikyu and Galarian Darmanitan.

To recap: 

Stall Dynamax

Boost Arcanine with Max Knuckle

Waste your opponent’s move PP


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