[Top 10] Pokemon Scarlet Best Places To Level Up

Paldea has many Pokemon for you find. Which means plenty for you to grind some EXP for.

Before taking on any challenge in a Pokemon game, making sure your team is at a high enough level is important. But are you looking or a way to grind for experience points, but not sure where to start? No problem, because below is a list of the 10 best places to level up your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet!


1. Casseroya Lake (Best for late game)

You'll find plenty of strong Pokemon when visiting this beautilful lake.

Casseroya Lake is home to Pokemon up to level 50. You can grab lots of EXP from Pokemon like Tropius, Dragonair, and Dodonzo. Makes sense that the place with the highest level Titan would have lots of high-level Pokemon!

  • Wild Pokemon up to Level 50
  • Can level grind off strong Pokemon like Dragonair and Dodonzo
  • Dodonzo and Dragonair are a fairly common spawn

Casseroya Lake Location

This lake is pretty easy to spot given how big it is.

  • Above Asado Desert
  • Next to Glaseado Mountain
  • Around West Province (Area One)


2. Area Zero (Best for alternative to EXP Candies)

Withing the depths of this area lives a variety of Pokemon, but are all strong nevertheless.

Area Zero has lots of wild Pokemon between levels 50 and 60, making it a good spot to net experience points in the main game if you don’t feel like grinding for a lot of EXP Candies. You can net even more experience points if you combine the exp gains with a Lucky Egg and a Sandwich that increases exp gains.

  • Has Pokemon between levels 50 and 60
  • Most of the Pokemon are evolved, which will give you even more EXP
  • Paradox Pokemon will grant lot of experience points

Area Zero Location

It takes some time to get to Area Zero, but there's a lot that makes it worthwhile!

  • Have to finish all three main stories
  • Through the Zero Gate next to Medali
  • Around West Province (Area Three)


3. Academy Aces Tournament (Best for post game)

Turns out your own school has a useful facility for gaining some level ups!

Once you beat the main game, you’ll be able to enter the Academy Aces Tournament. Trainer battles usually net you more experience points than  wild Pokemon, making it good for leveling up after beating the main game. And the best part is that it’s against three trainers in a row and you can enter the tournament as many times as you want!

  • Trainer battles give out more EXP than wild Pokemon
  • Academy Aces Tournament can be entered many times.
  • Bringing a Lucky Egg will boost EXP gains even more

Academy Aces Tournament Location

You can access the Academy Aces Tournament from the school, but there are some things you have to do first.

  • Must finish main game first
  • Finish rematches will all Gym Leaders
  • Talk to man behind the school counter


4. Tera Raids (Best for early, middle, late, and post game)

Deep inside of these Tera Raid dens are your answer to grinding levels outside of battling.

One of the many rewards you can get in Tera Raids is EXP Candies. As the name says, these items will give your Pokemon experience points without having to do battles. 

How much EXP you get depends on the size ranging from XS to XL. If you prefer to gain EXP without battling a bunch of wild Pokemon or Trainers, EXP Candies will help with that!

  • Tera Raids will give you EXP Candies for free experience points
  • EXP Candies are good to use from early game to late game
  • Can get EXP outside of battling wild Pokemon or Trainers

Tera Raid Location

These Tera Raid densa are basically all over the place.

  • Tera Raids can be found anywhere on the field. They reset once a day
  • You can also find Tera Raids on the Poke Portal section of the menu
  • What types of EXP candie you get will depend on the star rating of the Tera Raid boss. More stars means better EXP candies.


5. Team Star Boss Rematches (Best for post game and alternative to Academy Aces Tournament)

Even the Team Star Bosses have their fair share of tough post-game teams!

After you beat the game, you’ll be able to rematch all five of Team Star’s bosses once a day. All of their teams are around level 65, making them a helpful way of gaining EXP.

You have to rematch the Gym Leaders to unlock the Academy Aces Tournament, so this is a good way to net some EXP without doing any extra work. All the bases will look like the above image, but with a different flag color similar to the type they specialize in

  • Available as soon an you beat the game
  • Can learn lots of EXP without unlocking the Academy Aces Tournament
  • Will give lots of EXP thanks to being Trainer battles


Dark Crew’s Base Location

Giacomo will be at the base where you fought him.

  • The Dark Crew’s Base is in West Province Area One
  • Below Cascarrara
  • Within West Province (Area One)


Fire Crew’s Base Location

Mela's team will be strogner this time, so don't get burned taking her on again!

  • In East Province (Area One)
  • Above Artazon
  • Next to South Province (Area Three)
  • Star Symbol on the map


Poison Crew’s Base Location

Atticus will be where you originally fought him.

  • In Tagtree Thicket
  • Between Glaseado Mountain and East Province (Area Three)
  • Will have a star symbol on map


Fairy Crew’s Base Location

You'll find Ortega easily if you remember where you fought him before.

  • Next to Glaseado Mountain
  • In North Province (Area Three)
  • Will have a star symbol on map showing its location


Fighting Crew’s Base Location

Eri will be where you Team Base usually is.

  • Within North Province (Area Two)
  • Near Firescourge Shrine
  • Next to North Province (Area One)


6. Fellhorn Gorge (Best for alternative to EXP Candies)

 Fellhorn Gorge's tall rock structures and calming lakes have lots of strong Pokemon!

Fellhorn Gorge gives you Pokemon above level 64! Plus this area gives you plenty of evolved Pokemon to fight like Drednaw, Quagsire, Gyarados. Bring a Lucky Egg with you here and you’ll be racking up EXP in no time!

  • Lots of evolved Pokemon to net more EXP
  • Wild Pokemon levels are above 60
  • Drednaw and Quagsire are easy to beat with Grass moves for easy EXP, including Gyarados with Electric type moves


Fellhorn Gorge Location

Fellhorn Gorge is located in Fallen Horn. They're kind of the same place.

  • To the right of the Kitakami Map
  • Next to Kitakami Hall
  • To the far right of Oni Mountain


7. Infernal Pass (Oni Mountain) (Best for wild Pokemon battles and daily visits)

Infernal Pass has lots of high-level Pokemon, and one that's way higher-leveled than the other wild Pokemon lviing here.

While Infernal Pass has Pokemon above level 64, there’s another unique trait it has going for. Infernal Pass is home to a level 85 Terastallized Lampent! This Lampent respawns once a day, so along with the other wild pokemon, your own team will blaze through their levels by fighting this Lampent.

  • Wild Pokemon levels are above 60
  • Wild Lampent with a level of 85, giving more EXP
  • Lampents EXP will boost a ton with Lucky Egg and EXP boosting Sandwiches


Infernal Pass (Oni Mountain) Location

It's a long climb up Oni Mountain, but the level's are worth checking out!

  • On Oni Mountain 
  • Below path that leads to Crystal Pool
  • Lampent is to the right side of the path below Crystal Pool


8. Timeless Woods (Kitakami Wilds) (Best for alternative to main game spots)

 Deep in these woods lives several Pokemon that'll grant you lots of EXP!

Most of the wild Pokemon in Timeless Woods are a bit above level 70. What’s more, evolved Pokemon like Bisharp, Lurantis, and Ariados live here! If you need to level grind but prefer a place with more exp gains from stronger Pokemon, this is a good place to consider!

  • Pokemon levels are above 70
  • An find evolved Pokemon like Bisharp, Lurantis, and Ariados
  • Has two more evolved Pokemon that are also Terastallized, Quagsire and Trevanant

Timeless Woods (Kitakami Wilds) Location

Use this dangerous forest to gain some dangerous levels!

  • Above Fellhorn Gorge
  • Next to Kitakami Wilds
  • Upper right from Oni Mountain


9. West Province Area One (Best for early game)

 If you're jsut starting out on your jourey, this place can work for raising some levels early on!

Pokemon between around levels 15 to 30 live in the West Province. You might have to unlock a few ride abilities before you can reach the Pokemon around level 30 though. Once you can reach those spots, this place can help level up your team early game, including any new teammates you might find and want to use!

  • Levels range from 15 to 30, making it good for early game
  • Most of the Pokemon are pre-evolution, making theme doable to fight
  • Higher levels can be used to give EXP to any new teammates


West Province (Area One) Location

West Province (Area One) is a big area, so there's plenty of low-level Pokemon to find!

  • Next Area after South Province (Area Two)
  • Below Asado Desert


10. Glaseado Mountain (Best for mid game)

 Glaseado Mountain is helpful once you've progressed a bit further after early game.

Pokemon on Glaseado Mountain are between levels around 35 to 50. Although, some of the level 50 Pokemon are across a body of water. If you can find a way to reach that side though, you can use these high leveled Pokemon to strengthen your team midway in the game, where the trainers start to get a bit higher leveled.

  • Levels around 35 to 50, making it good for mid game teams
  • Can be used to get any new teammates caught up in levels.
  • Useful if you want to grind before any higher leveled challenges midway into the game

Glaseado Mountain Location

The Pokemon in this area are too higher leveled compared to the othe rplaces on this list, so it's pretty helpful if you want to prepare for any of the main stories' challenges!

  • Above Naranja Academy
  • Between North Province (Area One) and Casseroya Lake

All of these areas will help bring out the strength of your team. Whether you’re looking for a place to grind, early, mid, late, or post game, these places are worth considering if you want to boost your team’s levels more. So get out there, assemble your team, and have fun getting stronger!


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