Pokemon Go How To Change Team

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There are three different teams in Pokemon Go, and you can decide which team best matches your goals when you reach level five. When this happens, you just have to interact with any Gym to be introduced to Candela, Blanche and Spark, and select a team to join. After becoming a team member, it will be possible to get Gyms from other teams by defeating them, and you'll also be able to defend your team's Gyms. Remember that you don't need to join any team to keep playing Pokemon Go, but it would make you lose many privileges, such as: Earning PokéCoins without paying real money, joining Gyms and Raids, completing some Research Tasks, etc.

How to Change Team in Pokemon Go

  • Purchase a Team Medallion in the Shop
  • Be sure about the change: The Medallion can only be used once, and you can only buy another one once every 365 days
  • Click on the Medallion to start the process


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