Top 10 New Pokemon Games

New Pokemon Games
The 10 newest Pokemon games are here from 2017 to (hopefully) 2020!

The Pokemon Company is always working on (and releasing) new games, but what are the newest ones out and which ones are in the works?

Fans know that Pokemon games are released often and usually on multiple platforms in a given year.

Out of all the games that have been released by the Pokemon Company, we will be going over the top ten newest games that have caught fans’ attention most as well as the games that are still in development.

There is still much we don’t know about the games set to release in 2020, but they are bound to be favorites of fans everywhere.

10. Pokken Tournament DX (2017, Nintendo Switch)

Pokken Tournament DX Official Accolades Trailer

A sequel to the Pokken Tournament game for the Wii U, Pokken Tournament DX adds new contenders to its roster along with new stages, support Pokemon, and an additional storyline for a newly added Pokemon—Shadow Mewtwo! Retaining many of its best features, Pokken Tournament DX promises a more balanced and competitive gaming experience.

  • With the addition of Decidueye, Litten, and Popplio, the main set of playable characters creates more variety for players to choose from. 
  • Daily challenges will award you skill points for successful completion, which in turn make your Pokémon better fighters. The challenge changes every day, so get in as many as you can!
  • The new Team Battle mode allows players to challenge each other with teams of up to three Pokemon. Select your Pokemon carefully and you’ll be gaining even more skill points to level them up!

Strike your foes at a lightning pace!

Unleash devastating attacks from powerups like mega-evolution!

9. Magikarp Jump (2017, Mobile app)

Jump into Action! Magikarp Jump Trailer

Training Magikarp to succeed in a league of its own? Challenge accepted! Pokemon: Magikarp Jump requires players to fish for, train, and help many different kinds of Magikarp grow so that they can jump higher than the rest—and through enough training, evolve!

  • Obtaining different fishing rods increases your chances of finding different types of Magikarp that need to be raised and trained to proceed through several jumping leagues. These Magikarp may vary solely by color, or they may bear striking patterns!
  • The higher your Magikarp jumps in each challenge, the better it grows and the stronger its jumping power will become.
  • Feed and reach out to support Pokemon to make your training easier.

Gain experience for your Magikarp and challenge other players to jump competitions!

Fish up rare Magikarp of various colors and patterns. Evolve them into the powerful Gyarados!

8. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon (2017, Nintendo 3DS and 2DS)

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon Story Trailer

Alola, a region once bathed in light and warmth is now in danger of being engulfed in darkness as a new threat looms between dimensions. Ultra Space and the Pokemon world collide along the journey through the island trials and eventually, the Pokemon League. Join forces with the Ultra Recon Squad, secure the stray Ultra Beasts threatening the islands, and overcome new and returning forces of nature with your best Pokemon in this entirely fresh take on the Alolan island challenge. 

  • Collect Totem stickers throughout the game in hidden areas and trade them for Totem-sized Pokemon for keeps! Some of these Pokemon come with their hidden abilities and have better stats than their normal-sized counterparts.
  • Pikachu Valley is a new location added to the Alola Region, where Pikachu are endlessly abundant! Here you can receive a special Pikachu-themed outfit for your character and a unique z-crystal that only Pikachu can use!
  • Certain Pokémon now have access to a total of six new Z-moves with devastating effects! Among these are Clangorous Soulblaze—exclusive to the dragon and fighting type, Kommo-o—and Light That Burns the Sky—exclusive to the dragon and psychic type, Ultra Necrozma.

Combine legendary Pokemon with impressive never-before-seen powers!

Take custom photos with your Pokemon and capture every memorable moment on your journey together!

7. Detective Pikachu (2018, Nintendo 3DS and 2DS)

Detective Pikachu Official Trailer

Ryme City is a one-of-a-kind place where people and Pokemon live in harmony, without the need for battling. Tim Goodman’s father is missing and it’s up to him and a talking Pikachu detective to find clues leading to him and solve the case. It’s not the only mystery that needs to be solved, however...

  • Uncover several mysteries and stop suspicious activity throughout the city. Each solved case provides information that may aid the player in Tim’s and Pikachu’s search for Mr. Goodman.
  • Turn up your volume! Detective Pikachu himself is fully-voiced throughout the story providing comic relief, practical tips, and unforgettable moments in the story and gameplay.
  • Compatible with the Detective Pikachu amiibo figure, the game offers access to cut scenes with the touch feature programmed in the character’s figure. Reviewing scenes from earlier in the story may shed some light on clues to mysteries that have been overlooked! Leave no stone unturned!

Navigate the three-dimensional space of Ryme City to track down crime, cases, and leads on important mysteries!

Complete tricky experiments to unlock new information and test theories for every case.

6. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! And Let’s Go Eevee! (2018, Nintendo Switch)

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Connectivity with Pokemon Go

The Kanto region is back with a colorful twist in Pokemon Let’s Go! Depending on the version, your starting partner will be either Pikachu or Eevee, each both fully customizable to match your in-game avatar. Relive the classic Pokemon adventure of catching 151 Pokemon and putting a stop to the heinous actions of Team Rocket with all-new features and compatibility with Pokemon Go!

  • Pokemon that don’t appear normally in the wild may be found in rare instances through the use of special luring techniques and items. Luck is a bonus, too! Some of these Pokemon can be legendary!
  • Special in-game trades will offer you the chance to trade for Alola forms of Pokemon that are otherwise not obtainable through regular gameplay! These Pokemon include but are not limited to Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Meowth, and Alolan Rattata.
  • In the Pokemon Go Park, players can store up to 1000 Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Go and play games with them to earn candy that can be used to increase their stats. These parks are located throughout different spots in the game, so players can create themes to fit each park and customize each area to their heart’s desire!

Mega-evolution returns with a vengeance to intensify the Kanto region experience!

What could possibly be cuter and cooler than mega-evolution? High-powered attacks exclusive to your partner Eevee or Pikachu! 

5. Pokemon Rumble Rush (2019, Mobile app)

Pokemon Rumble Rush Trailer

In a world overrun by toy Pokemon, explore a chain of character-themed islands to take on hundreds of activities designed to increase your characters’ ranks and open new paths that reap greater rewards. Encounter Pokemon bosses that can be caught and used for greater strategies in future battles and take part in national events with other players!

  • Upgrade, capture, discover, and obtain items and Pokemon in your island-hopping endeavors to earn special rewards!
  • Earn coins for your Nintendo account by completing specific tasks that can be traded in for gems, tickets, and gears needed to succeed in Pokemon Rumble Rush!
  • Ongoing events present exciting challenges with a chance to capture Pokemon that are new to the game! Some events award legendary Pokemon for your trouble.

Create your Mii character and explore unique islands with your Pokemon pals!

Increase a specific Pokemon's rank by battling and catching more of their kind!

4. Pokémon Masters (2019, Mobile app)

Pokemon Masters Gameplay and Features Trailer

Calling all trainers, especially the veterans! Pokemon masters from every region have gathered in one place to out-class each other in epic battles, and are thrilled to be your comrades on the way to the championship! Don’t let Team Break stop you in your tracks! Keep them and their evil deeds at bay as you proceed and become stronger.

  • Recruit formidable trainers from past games such as Misty, Steven, and Cynthia for your team! Each trainer offers an especially tough Pokemon and special support options in battle! Players will need to figure out which trainers to team up with and test out countless strategy combos to be the very best!
  • Unlock EX Challenge courses and train with the strongest trainers and Pokemon in the game to win Gear—specific items that your Pokemon hold to give them a significant boost in battle!
  • Anime-like cutscenes move the story forward as each battle, companionship, and choice affect what happens next! Multiple storylines and new events expand the world of Pokemon Masters and deepen the player’s experience in the Pasio region.

Fully animated cutscenes featuring your character break up the battling elements of gameplay!

Defeat Lear, the leader of the evil Team Break with the help of your Pokemon Master comrades and their Pokemon!

3. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield (2019, Nintendo Switch)

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Dynamax Gameplay Trailer

Your journey to become a Pokemon Champion takes place in the British-inspired Galar region. Available now on the Nintendo Switch is an era of Pokemon like no other. Pokemon become larger-than-life in this region’s battles with the all-new Dynamax and Gigantamax features! Dozens of new Pokemon await you in the wild areas between beautiful and impressive city structures and classy countryside across the industrial Galar region where Pokémon battles are like an Olympic sport!

  • Defeat all eight gym leaders in the region and their Dynamaxed Pokemon to enter the Champion Cup competition! Each gym is designed to look like a massive sports stadium with thousands of NPCs cheering you on!
  • Set up camp with your Pokemon and bond with them by playing games, mixing up curry recipes, and giving them loving care. Who knows how their affection towards you may affect a battle’s outcome?
  • Prepare your team and stock of pokeballs for your encounter with the legendary wolf-Pokemon Zacian (Sword version) and Zamazenta (Shield version). Adding these bad-boys to your team will surely secure more victories as villains and formidable challengers grow stronger as you progress.

Dynamax your Pokemon for battles of epic proportions!

Meet dozens of brand-new Pokemon on your journey through the Galar region!

2. Pokemon Sleep (2020, Mobile app)

Pokemon Sleep Announcement Trailer

Coming to iOS and Android devices in 2020 is a new take on Pokemon gaming that not so much requires action to play. For the first time ever, you need to advance in the game by getting enough sleep. Easy enough, right? The details for the game are still very limited at the moment, but here’s what fans may expect:

  • The Pokemon GO Plus+ device required to play the game accurately tracks your sleep cycle and rewards you based on quality and hours of sleep. How this works yet is unknown.
  • The game is meant to improve players’ sleeping and bedtime habits by discouraging us from looking at screens too long before bed. Pokemon Sleep only progresses in rewards when the player gets more rest.
  • Pokemon Go encourages players to become more active and involved in the community while Pokemon Sleep encourages proper rest. It is the developer’s hope that both games will encourage players to pursue a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Pokemon Sleep aims to provide a soothing alternative to regular Pokemon gameplay.

The Pokemon GO Plus+ keeps track of players’ sleep status which affects gameplay.

1. Detective Pikachu 2 (Release date unknown, Nintendo Switch)

Detective Pikachu 2 Switch Reveal 

Detective Pikachu 2 picks up where its predecessor left off in a new adventure—likely through Ryme City, although a change of environment is possible to keep things fresh. A new mystery will be woven into the story, however details about the game’s plot and improved mechanics for the Nintendo Switch are unknown at this point.

  • While following closely to the Detective Pikachu movie, the Detective Pikachu 2 videogame is meant to feature an alternate ending.
  • Announced at the 2019 Pokemon Press Conference, further information and pre-release/teaser images have yet to be revealed.

Detective Pikachu 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Fans can currently only speculate on the game’s plot and features.

Will the Detective Pikachu amiibo be a thing of the past for the upcoming game, or will a new figure be released?

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