[Top 15] Pokemon Legends: Arceus Best Pokemon That Are Powerful

Make your opponents run in fear

Considering how many millions of people play Pokemon, each and every Pokemon is likely to be somebody’s favorite (except maybe Quilladin, of course). Even knowing that, some Pokemon are certainly more powerful than others, no matter your feelings about them. Base stat total is a good indicator of a Pokemon’s strength, but it  isn’t everything.

More important than that are a Pokemon’s stat distribution, its moveset, and its ability. The most powerful ‘mons are ones whose stat distribution supports their moveset and whose ability has a useful effect. Pokemon like that are in no short supply in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, so let’s get into some of the strongest of the strong. Even though Legends: Arceus has no competitive function, these Pokemon will be ranked based on their competitive viability using moves and abilities from the main metagame.


15. Porygon-Z (Strong)

Watch out for various beams

Porygon-Z is a normal type Pokemon that evolves from Porygon2 in Hisui using the Dubious Disc.

Porygon-Z is a crazy-looking, cyber duck that is known mainly for its incredible 135 base Special Attack. Its signature move, Tri-Attack, is an 80 BP Normal type move that has a 20% chance to paralyze, freeze, or burn the target. It also has access to many special coverage moves and Hyper Beam, a devastating STAB move with 150 BP.

Choice Specs are a no-brainer on Porygon-Z, sending its already high SpA through the roof. That paired with its decent base speed of 90 makes for a glass cannon with only one weakness, fighting. The Porygon line’s signature ability is Download, which raises either attack or special attack based on the opponent’s lowest defense stat, which can be exploited to raise SpA even further. Porygon-Z cannot hit with STAB moves super effectively, however, which holds it back from being truly great.

What Makes Porygon-Z Strong:

  • Phenomenal base special attack stat of 135 furthered by Download ability
  • Decent speed 
  • Wide special moveset with great coverage


14. Infernape (Strong)

Fire/Fighting you say?

Infernape is a Fire/Fighting type Pokemon that evolves from Monferno starting at level 36.

Infernape has hovered just below OU for some time mainly due to its speed and sheer versatility. Infernape has great mixed attack stats and has the distinction of learning both Nasty Plot and Swords Dance. Opponents will be stuck guessing whether your Infernape will take them out with a Scorching Fire Blast or a devastating Flare Blitz.

Special Infernapes can make use of Vacuum Wave for a priority STAB move while physical ones can opt for Mach Punch. Infernape is slightly held back by its abilities being lackluster. Blaze is common and not so useful considering Infernape can’t survive much more than one hit, and Iron Fist would be useful if punching moves were more viable.  

What Makes Infernape Strong:

  • High special and physical attack give endless versatility
  • Great speed sets it apart from most starters
  • Choice items or setup moves can make it a devastating sweeper


13. Weavile (Strong)

Glass cannons for the win

Weavile is an Ice/Dark type Pokemon that evolves from Sneasel (not Hisuian Sneasel) when leveled up holding a Razor Claw at night.

Weavile is the prime example of a glass cannon. An incredible base attack stat combined with top-tier speed means that Weavile hits opponents like a truck before they even know what hit them. Unfortunately, if you read the first turn wrong and Weavile ends up taking a hit itself, it’s unlikely to survive much longer. 

Weavile has access to Swords Dance which could set it up for devastating STAB attacks like Triple Axel and Knock Off. Add a coverage move such as Low Kick or Poison Jab to add the element of surprise and you have yourself a quality sweeper. Weavile’s hidden ability pickpocket is nothing special considering you will likely give it an item yourself, which slightly holds Weavile back from being higher on the list.

What Makes Weavile Strong:

  • No wasted stats, most of stat total is spent on speed and attack
  • Access to hard hitting moves and Swords Dance
  • Great offensive typing in Ice and Dark


12. Scizor (Strong)

You won't see the Bullet Punch coming

Scizor is a Bug/Steel type Pokemon that evolves from Scyther when given a Metal Coat.

Scizor has been a staple in competitive since its introduction way back in generation 2 due to its high attack and defense stats with a decent special attack. Physical and special threats alike will have a hard time penetrating Scizor’s tough armor because Scizor’s only weakness (a 4x weakness, admittedly) is fire. It is resistant to a whopping 8 types and is even immune to poison.

Scizor can run many sets including Choice Band, Swords Dance or bulky pivot. Choice band Scizor hits like a truck with STAB U-Turn for easy pivots and the Technician ability means its Bullet Punch attacks do 50% more damage on top of having priority. Swords Dance is more risky although a +2 or +4 attack Scizor is hard to stop without a strong fire type.

What Makes Scizor Strong:

  • Amazing typing gives many resistances and leaves only one weakness to fire
  • Moveset that utilizes the technician ability to hit with 1.5x power
  • Variety of possible sets such as Choice Band or setup sweeper 


11. Lucario (Strong)

It's only 3'11"?

Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type Pokemon that evolves from Riolu when leveled up at high friendship during the day.

Lucario’s strengths lie in its mixed attacking stats. 110 attack and 115 special attack leaves players the choice to EV train Lucario to be either a physical or special threat with the moveset to support either choice. Physical attackers can make use of Close Combat and Metal Claw while special users can opt for Aura Sphere and Flash Cannon to deal STAB damage. Dragon Pulse or Poison Jab are just a couple examples of the many coverage moves Lucario learns to surprise opponents who think they have the edge.

Common held items for Lucario include Life Orb to pack a little extra punch, or a Choice Scarf to ensure it hits first. Lucario’s ability Inner Focus can prevent flinching while its hidden ability Justified raises attack when hit by Dark type moves. 

What Makes Lucario Strong:

  • Versatility as either physical or special attacker
  • Decent speed and access to Extreme Speed
  • Incredibly wide moveset so opponents will never know what coverage you are running


10. Hisuian Samurott (Powerful)

Samurott, but edgier

Hisuian Samurott is a Water/Dark type Pokemon that evolves from Dewott in the Hisui region at level 36.

Samurott is so useful thanks to its unique new signature move, Ceaseless Edge. It is a 65 BP move that lays down spikes with each successful hit. These spikes bypass Hatterene’s Magic Bounce ability, as well as being immune to taunt due to its attacking nature. The hidden ability Sharpness makes Ceaseless Edge 1.5x stronger, meaning it is the best of both worlds with power and setup.

Hisuian Samurott now has greater speed and 108 attack, giving it the edge over others in OU. It usually runs Liquidation, and can even learn Sucker Punch to dispatch speedy Ghost types like Dragapult. Items like leftovers can help Samurott hold on a bit longer to dish out more spikes with Ceaseless Edge, while a Choice Scarf or Heavy-Duty Boots are solid options as well.

What Makes Hisuian Samurott Strong:

  • Ideal signature move for competitive play
  • Improved attack and speed stats from previous form
  • Hidden ability maximizes its best moves, boosting their power


9. Blissey (Powerful)

Good luck KOing this thing

Blissey is a Normal type Pokemon that evolves from Chansey when leveled up with high friendship. 

Almost nothing enrages gamers more than seeing a Blissey on the other team, and that should indicate its prowess in competitive Pokemon. Blissey is just hard to remove, plain and simple. It has the maximum possible base HP stat of 255 along with a ridiculous 135 special defense. Sure, its defense is only 10, but just make sure to keep Blissey away from physical attackers and you will be just fine.

Blissey’s talent is not dispatching enemies, but staying on the battlefield long enough to inflict status and allow hazards to chip away at enemy health bars. The move Soft-Boiled recovers Blissey’s health when an opponent does do a bit of damage, and the ability Natural Cure removes negative status effects when Blissey is switched out. Heavy-Duty Boots Blissey has been an OU staple forever, and it's easy to see why with its ridiculous bulk and useful moveset.

What Makes Blissey Strong:

  • Highest HP stat possible, making Blissey hard for even the strongest attackers to KO
  • High special defense, meaning special attackers are all but forced to switch out if Blissey is on the field
  • Moveset designed to keep Blissey alive while inflicting chip damage


8. Ursaluna (Powerful)

It's all a facade

Ursaluna is a Normal/Ground type Pokemon that evolves from Ursaring in the Hisui region when a Peat Block is used on it during a full moon.

Ursaluna is a slow, physically tanky behemoth that hits hard with its 140 base attack. Its 130 HP and 105 defense mean it is there to stay, and a not terrible special defense stat helps tremendously. 

The most common set on Ursaluna makes use of the Guts ability and a Flame Orb to one shot enemies with boosted Facade attacks. Pair that with STAB Earthquake and coverage moves like Ice Punch and Ursaluna can wreak havoc on opposing teams. Trailblaze can also be used to gain speed, making Ursaluna almost unstoppable.

What Makes Ursaluna Strong:

  • High attack, HP, and defense stats 
  • Guts ability which makes Facade do unthinkable damage
  • STAB earthquake which is easy to click at almost any point in a battle


7. Landorus Therian (Powerful)

Look familiar?

Landorus is a Legendary Ground/Flying type Pokemon that can be caught in Hisui in Ramanas Island after beating the main story.

Landorus, particularly the Therian forme, has almost reached meme status in the competitive Pokemon scene due to its constant use in the highest tiers of the Pokemon metagame. Lando T, as it is known, is always present due to its amazing ability, intimidate and the many different useful sets it can run. Lando T is a good lead because it can be relied upon to survive at least a couple turns to get out hazards and dish out some damage.

The current popular set for Landorus Therian is defensive focused using the item Rocky Helmet with Stealth Rock, Taunt, and two attacking moves. Taunt stops hazard setters or setup users in their tracks while Stealth Rock is one of the best hazards to use. Lando T’s power is undeniable considering just how many generations it has been in the upper echelon of competitive.

  • Arguably the best ability in competitive, Intimidate
  • Many viable sets to run to keep opponents guessing
  • Balance of offense defense


6. Heatran (Powerful)

Get me off the ground now

Heatran is a Fire/Steel legendary that can be found in the Lava Dome Sanctum in the Hisui region.

Heatran is a defensive stalwart with a high base special attack stat of 130. Its defensive stats are so solid that EVs can be placed elsewhere to buff its already great special attack or increase its speed. Both of its abilities are useful with Flame Body burning any physical attackers brave enough to make contact and Flash Fire punishing Fire type users by switching in Heatran to gain a boost. 

An Air Balloon eliminates Heatran’s 4x weakness to Ground and is the most common item ran on Heatran aside from Leftovers. Heatran’s signature move, Magma Storm, is a 100 BP Fire type move that also traps targets in a fiery vortex, dealing extra damage each turn. It is only 75% accurate however, so Heatran users may opt for the 100% accurate but less powerful Lava Plume.

What Makes Heatran Strong:

  • Top-tier special attack 
  • Great defenses that don’t need EV trained
  • Balloon can negate 4x weakness to ground


5. Garchomp (Very Powerful)

Beware the land shark

Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground type Pseudo Legendary Pokemon that evolves from Gabite starting at level 48. 

Garchomp is the best example of an all-around solid Pokemon that almost any team could find use for. The main standouts are its base 130 attack and 102 speed, and a 108 HP to boot. Decent defenses that can be EV trained up a bit make Garchomp hard to KO.

Swords Dance Garchomp has always been popular. Give Garchomp Leftovers, max out the Speed and Attack Evs and you have yourself a sweeper who will not go away quietly. Earthquake is the one move Garchomp can never go without, and Scale Shot is the usual choice for a Dragon move. The Rough Skin ability punishes opponents for making contact as well, providing vital chip damage.

What Makes Garchomp Strong:

  • High attack and speed stats
  • Well-balanced stat distribution
  • Rough Skin ability gives much needed chip damage


4. Giratina (Very Powerful)

Distort your opponents

Giratina is a legendary Dragon/Ghost type Pokemon that can be caught in the Hisui region in Turnback Cave.

Giratina is our first Ubers tier Pokemon on the list, and it is in the tier for good reason. It has two forms, each incredibly strong, the defensively focused Altered Forme and the more offensive Origin Forme. The Origin Forme is more widely used in competitive, simply because Giratina’s offensive stats are already not stellar. Both forms have a stellar HP stat of 150.

Giratina’s signature item, the Griseous Orb, multiplies all of its STAB moves’ power by 1.2x. Poltergeist is Giratina’s main move of choice, a 110 BP Ghost type move that only hits Pokemon who are holding an item (so most Pokemon). Dragon Tail can mess with opponents’ strategy by forcing them to switch, especially into hazards. The Origin Forme also has Levitate, meaning it is immune to Ground moves and most hazards.

What makes Giratina Strong:

  • Legendary base stats
  • Griseous Orb further boosts Dragon and Ghost moves 1.2x
  • Choice of either Altered or Origin Forme to best fit your team’s needs

3. Dialga

I'm adamant about this pick

Dialga is a Legendary Dragon/Steel type Pokemon that can be caught at the Temple of Sinnoh in Hisui.

Dialga also has two forms, both of which are viable, however the Origin Forme just unloads the not-so-useful attack stat and puts it into special defense, helping Dialga’s already amazing Defenses. Draco Meteor and Fire Blast are Dialga’s staples along with Flash Cannon. The last spot is usually dedicated to a status move like Thunder Wave or a hazard like Stealth Rocks.

Dialga’s ability, Telepathy, is not very useful in singles, however it can be used in doubles to avoid collateral damage from teammates. Dialga usually runs either a Choice Scarf to surprise opponents with speed or Specs to spam Draco Meteors left and right. Ground and Fighting types threaten Dialga, although it can easily switch in and out with little trouble thanks to its defense. If in Origin Forme, the Adamant Orb adds 1.2x to STAB moves but also sacrifices the item slot

What Makes Dialga Strong:

  • Elite special attack stat
  • High-powered STAB moves like Draco Meteor
  • Dragon/Steel typing has few weaknesses


2. Palkia

Give me some space

Palkia is a Dragon/Water type legendary Pokemon that can be caught at the Temple of Sinnoh in Hisui.

Palkia gets the edge over Dialga, mainly due to its superior speed stat and a Water/Dragon typing that is more suited to the Ubers metagame. Palkia’s Origin Forme is again the better choice, simply due to it dumping its useless excess attack stat into speed, widening the gap over Dialga. Palkia also has the hidden ability telepathy, which is useful only in doubles.

Palkia’s top-tier special attack and elite speed carries it, with the moveset to match. Moves like Spacial Rend and Hydro Pump benefit greatly from the Lustrous Orb, boosting STAB moves 1.2x. Even though it trades in some defense for its speed, it is still well-protected with only 2 weaknesses, Dragon and Fairy. 

What Makes Palkia Strong:

  • Unreal special attack and great speed
  • Amazing typing and powerful moves
  • Uses utility moves like Substitute and Dragon Tail well


1. Arceus

A godly pick

Arceus is a Normal type legendary Pokemon that can be caught at the Hall of Origin in the Hisui Region.

Arceus is simply overpowered in almost every aspect. A 120 in every Base Stat, the ability to change to any type based on the plate it is holding and scary moveset are only fitting for the God of Pokemon itself. Arceus can learn nearly every TM move so your opponents will never know what set you are running.

The best set on Arceus seems to be Silk Scarf with Swords Dance and Extreme Speed. As long as there are no Ghost types left on the field, a +2 or +4 attack Arceus with 1.2x Extreme Speed is a terrifying sight to see and all but guarantees victory. The only criticism of Arceus could be that whatever attack type you choose to specialize in, physical or special, the other one’s total of 120 seems like a waste and could be better spent elsewhere.

What Makes Arceus The Strongest:

  • Ridiculous 720 BST and 120 in every stat
  • Access to almost every move possible
  • Ability to become any type

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