[Top 15] Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Water Types (Ranked)

Best Scarlet and Violet Water Pokemon
Wow! Look at all the water types! A lot of fish, huh?

[Top 15] Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Water Types (Ranked)

What Pokemon Are Good?

With Scarlet and Violet being sprawling, open-world Pokemon games it can be hard to figure out what Pokemon to invest into. Which Pokemon are good? Well, don’t worry! I’m here to be your guide on your journey across Paldea to figure that out. This time we’ll be looking at the Water-types you can find across the region. 

Note: I’ll only cover fully evolved Pokemon. No pre-evolutions here. I’ll also only cover them in a broad sense to get through the gameplay, not really delving too deep into their competitive aspects.


15. Veluza (BST 478)

Watch out! This fish can slice you up!

HP: 90

Attack: 102 

Defense: 73

Special Attack: 78 

Special Defense: 65

Speed: 70

The first Water-type on our list is Veluza. It can be found at Casseroya Lake or the West Paldean Sea. It’s a common sight in the water so spotting one should be no problem. 

This Pokemon is first on our list because it’s nothing impressive. It’s very middle-of-the-road in terms of stats. Even its appearance is pretty bland. You’d think that with it looking so angular and sharp it’d have a higher Speed stat, but nope. It’s stuck at a mediocre 70. The highest stat it has is its Attack at 102. Not much to work with here, but we can try. 

Veluza’s hidden ability Sharpness deals 50% more damage for slicing moves, so let’s take advantage of that. Veluza has a good amount of slicing moves. They also have the added bonus of having higher critical hit ratios. Moves like Aqua Cutter, Drill Run, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, and Slash are all Physical moves Veluza can use effectively. Pick one and you should be set. If you want STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) then take Aqua Cutter or Psycho Cut for bonus damage. If you want coverage against Veluza’s weaknesses take Drill Run or Night Slash. And if you want a neutral move then take Slash.

As for other moves, since Veluza isn’t the bulkiest out of the bunch, you could use a hit-and-run strategy that’s always fun to pull off. Flip Turn is a fun STAB move that switches Veluza out after attacking. If you have Speed boosts on you already, this move will definitely go first if you’re in an unfavorable matchup. 

  • Sharpness is a cool ability that goes well with Veluza’s aesthetic 
  • Along with that, Veluza has a handful of slicing moves to choose from to get that added damage boost
  • Workable Speed means that it can get Speed boosts to be faster and use its decently high Attack stat to slice the opponent's Pokemon


14. Wugtrio (BST 425)

Wiggly worms under the sea

HP: 35

Attack: 100

Defense: 50

Special Attack: 50

Special Defense: 70

Speed: 120

Next, we have Wugtrio. These wiggle worms evolve from Wiglett at level 26. It can be found in many parts of Paldea including East Province (Area Two), Glaseado Mountain, North Province (Area One), North Province (Area Three), and West Province (Area Two). Simply, pretty much any beach will most likely have these little wiggly dudes. 

Its main ability Gooey is perfect for what it wants to do. Gooey lowers your opponent Pokemon’s Speed stat by 1 stage if Wugtrio is hit by a Physical attack. Remember, it’s not very bulky so something like a Focus Sash would help it not get one-shot. Then you can overwhelm them with a move like Triple Dive, which as the name implies, attacks 3 times. This is pretty much Wugtrio’s main STAB move that deals a good 30 damage. Another move to consider would be something like Bulldoze to cover Wugtrio’s Electric weakness. Not to mention it’s another move that lowers the opponent’s Speed.

  • Good offensive, speedy attacker with piss-poor defenses so watch out!
  • Good access to Water STAB moves for good damage
  • Helpful ability in Gooey to help keep Wugtrio faster than its opponent


13. Tatsugiri (BST 475)

Fish buddies!

HP: 68

Attack: 50

Defense: 60

Special Attack: 120

Special Defense: 95

Speed: 82

Next up is Tatsugiri. This is a Basic Pokemon and it's found at Casseroya Lake. These little sushi fish can come in three different forms and can be pink, orange, or yellow. Each form has a unique effect on Dondozo's stats when they are used together. 

There’s always some kind of gimmick Pokemon in every main game and Tatsugiri is one of them for Paldea. It has a unique ability called Commander that only works when paired with another Pokemon, Dondozo. When it’s paired together with Dondozo, it hops into Dondozo's mouth and powers the giant fish up depending on what form Tatsugiri is. The droopy form (pink) can power up Dondozo's Defense. The curly form (orange) raises Dondozo's Attack. And the stretchy form (yellow) raises Dondozo's Speed. This ability only works in double battles though, so be mindful of that. If you’re going to use Tatsugiri solo, its other ability Storm Drain is more useful.

  • Fun gimmick Pokemon that powers up its partner Dondozo
  • 3 different forms that can raise Dondozo's stats depending on the form
  • High Special Attack to deal good Water-based damage to opponents
  • Better suited for double battles 


12. Floatzel (BST 495)

A momma Floatzel and her 2 babies enjoying a nice swim

HP: 85

Attack: 105

Defense: 55

Special Attack: 85

Special Defense: 50

Speed: 115

Floatzel is one of my personal favorites from Gen 4 days so it hurts a little to see it so high on the list, but I have to be objective here for the sake of rankings, even if I want to put it higher. Floatzel evolves from Buizel at level 26. It can be found all over Paldea where there is water. Places like West Paldean Sea, West Province (Area One), West Province (Area Three), and West Province (Area Two) are just a few areas where Floatzel can be found.

Floatzel is another speedy offensive attacker with high Speed, high Attack, and decent Special Attack. Its defenses aren’t anything to write home about though, so it's best to keep it doing what it does best: striking fast and hard. Just like with Wugtrio, you could give it a Focus Sash to ensure it stays alive to deal good damage to your opponent’s Pokemon. It has many options in terms of moves it can learn which is always a plus, but what mostly holds it back are its stats. They’re just too low to do anything impactful, unlike other Water types on this list.

  • High Attack and Speed to be a decent sweeper
  • Good access to many Physical and Special moves to invest in either Attack or Special Attack
  • Pure Water type which means it’s only weak to Grass and Electric
  • Awesome ability in Swift Swim that works really well in rain dance teams


11. Paldean Tauros (Water form) (BST 490)

I love how cool its horns look while attacking 

HP: 75

Attack: 110 

Defense: 105

Special Attack: 30 

Special Defense: 70

Speed: 100

We’ll just call this Tauros form Water Tauros for easy separation from its other Tauroscounterparts. With that said, Water Tauros can be found in the second areas of the East and West Province, or north of Levincia. It’s a rare find, so keep an eye out for it when you spot it. It’s especially tricky to differentiate them from normal Paldean Tauros with the only substantial differences being its horn shape and some blue markings on its mane.

Water Tauros is a bulky attaker with poor Special Attack and decent Special Defense. It’s meant to be more physically tanky. That Speed stat is pretty good too, so if you wanted to invest in its Speed I’d say go for it. With it being a dual Fighting type, it can use some good Fighting-type moves for good STAB. Close Combat comes to mind because it’s overall a good STAB move that deals a massive 120 damage. And with a good Attack stat, Water Tauros will be hitting hard. Another move you could use is Wave Crash, another STAB move. This move does 120 damage as well, but instead of lowering stats it does recoil damage. This could work in your favor and you could pair it with Reversal, a STAB Fighting move that increases in power the less HP the user has. 

  • Good bulky Pokemon with good physical-focused secondary typing
  • Decently fast with 100 Speed so you could use it as a sweeper (just watch out for Special damaging attacks)
  • Access to good Physical moves that can devastate foes who are weak to Physical damage or who have lower Defense stats


10. Vaporeon (BST 525)

My personal favorite Eevee-lution

HP: 130

Attack: 65

Defense: 60

Special Attack: 110 

Special Defense: 95

Speed: 65

Vaporeon is a classic Water-type Pokemon from the 1st generation. Vaporeon can be found around Casseroya Lake. I wouldn’t try to catch it here though because it's so rare. Instead, catch an Eevee and evolve it using a Water Stone.

Vaporeon’s stats are nothing to scoff at. That said, it falls slightly compared to the Pokemon introduced in Gen 9. Still, Vaporeon ‘s good Special Defense allows it to be a good tank against Special threats.

As a Special tank, it’s going to want Water Absorb to, well, absorb Water attacks and heal. Vaporeon could run a move like Protect to keep hits away. It could also use Calm Mind to boost its relevant stats to better tank. To help keep it alive Vaporeon could use Aqua Ring to gain passive healing every turn. Then, as an offensive move, Vaporeon could have Scald or Surf for good Water STAB moves.

  • Bulky Pokemon with a high HP stat and good Special Defense
  • Access to good tanking status moves to help keep it alive to eat attacks for the team 
  • Good typing being pure Water type, only weak to Grass and Electric


9. Gyarados (BST 540)

Ah the elusive and magnificent shiny red Gyarados

HP: 95 

Attack: 125

Defense: 79

Special Attack: 60 

Special Defense: 100

Speed: 81

Gyarados is coming in the 9th spot. It can be found all over Paldea around lakes and oceans, so it’s a common sight to see when you’re surfing around large bodies of water. It has high Attack and good Special Defense. Its other stats are average and nothing crazy. So, this giant fish wants to hit hard and if it needs to, take a hit. 

The game plan is to make Gyarados do as much damage as possible. To do that we need Dragon Dance to raise its Attack and Speed stats. Then, have a hard-hitting move like Aqua Tail come in and deal base 90 damage. Or do something like Waterfall to have a chance to flinch the target. Another move to consider would be Earthquake. It has base 100 damage and deals damage to all Pokemon on the field. It also covers Gyarados’ weakness to Electric types. Gyarados can use Crunch to deal good damage and have a chance to lower the foe’s Defense. If they survive, your opponent won’t the next time you attack.

  • High offenses to maximize damage output
  • Good Physical moves that work well with what Gyarados wants to do
  • A respectable Speed stat can make Gyarados perform as a good Sweeper if boosted somehow


8. Greninja (BST 530)

Why does Grneinja look so cool? Oh yeah, it’s a ninja!

HP: 72

Attack: 95 

Defense: 67

Special Attack: 103 

Special Defense: 71

Speed: 122

Greninja evolves from the Water starter Froakie at level 36. It can be found in the Coastal Biome in the Indigo Disk DLC. It has high Special Attack and very high Speed that make it a hyper-offensive threat. 

Greninja boasts a nice offensive spread that can help it eliminate a vast array of opponents. Its hidden ability Protean makes its type the same as the move it will use. This means that Greninja will always have STAB moves. This is awesome for dealing more damage than without the ability. It can utilize Scald to do a nice 80 base damage to the opponent. That, or you could go with its signature move Water Shuriken. This move deals 15 base damage but hits 2-5 times. It also has an added priority in that it usually goes first. To go with the ninja theme, we have Spikes to throw that do damage to the opponent’s Pokemon after switching out. This will help deal chip damage to the foe and make it that much easier to KO. You could equip it with Ice Beam to handle Grass types with a chance to freeze the foe. And lastly, Greninja could have Extrasensory to deal with Fighting types. This move also has a chance to make the opponent Pokemon flinch.

  • Hyper-aggressive playstyle 
  • Good Special and Speed stats to outspeed and decimate foes
  • Good typing allows Greninja to have good coverage and access to a good movepool


7. Dondozo (BST 530)

Who will win? Giant fish? Or tiny rodent?

HP: 150

Attack: 100

Defense: 115

Special Attack: 65 

Special Defense: 65

Speed: 35

Dondozo is number 7 on the list. It can be found at Casseroya Lake. Its stats are centered around being a Physical wall that can dish out some damage.

With a high HP stat of 150 and a high Defense stat of 115, it’s a no-brainer that Dondozo was made to eat attacks. This pairs nicely with its ability Unaware. This ability ignores the opponent's stat changes when attacking, making its good Attack not go to waste. 

To make Dondozo an unkillable force to be reckoned with, we’ll start by giving it Rest. This allows Dondozo to heal any damage it sustained throughout the battle. It’ll also have Sleep Talk to have it do more than just sit there and sleep. Even if it has a massive HP stat and high Defense, the enemy could easily take advantage of Dondozo if it was asleep for several turns. Another move you could use is an offensive move like Liquidation to get some use out of Dondozo’s high Attack stat. It also has a chance to lower the foe’s Defense by 1 stage. Dondozo could use Waterfall instead to have a chance to flinch the opponent. Pick whichever you like as a STAB Water move. Last, you could choose a supporting move like Rain Dance if you have a lot of Water types on your team. This move raises the power of Water moves for 5 turns. Or you could use a self-buffing move like Curse to make Dondozo even tankier. Curse raises Attack and Defense by 1 stage, but lowers Speed by 1 stage. Dondozo’s Speed stat is a dump stat so it doesn’t matter if it’s lowered. What matters is those juicy stat boosts Curse offers to make Dondozo a wall.

  • Good stat line to be a good damage sponge
  • Access to good moves to make it a good tank
  • Helpful ability to make Dondozo’s Attacks as effective as possible


6. Quaquaval (BST 530)

Look how majestic Quaquaval looks!

HP: 85

Attack: 120 

Defense: 80

Special Attack: 85 

Special Defense: 75

Speed: 85

Quaquaval is next on our Water type list. It’s the Water-type starter for Scarlet and Violet. It evolves at level 36 and being a starter, it can’t be found naturally in the wild.

Quaquaval’s stats imply that it’s supposed to be a good attacker with decent Speed. To put its Attack to good use, we’ll start by using Quaquaval’s hidden ability Moxie. This ability raises the user’s Attack by 1 stage when it KOs a Pokemon. 

For its moves, Quaquaval can use Swords Dance to raise its Attack stat by 2 stages. All the Attack! Next, let’s use Quaquaval’s signature move Aqua Step. This 80 base damage STAB move also has the effect of raising Quaquaval’s Speed by 1 stage. Another hard-hitting move to use is Close Combat. Given that Quaquaval is a Fighting type, this move will get the STAB bonus, which is nice coupled with that base 120 damage. It also lowers Quaquaval’s Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage, but that doesn’t matter since Quaquaval is going to be a glass cannon anyway. The last move could be something like U-Turn to allow Quaquaval to safely escape from a move that would otherwise KO it.

  • High Attack stat to make it a hard hitter
  • Access to a very useful ability that raises its Attack even further
  • Good set of moves to further enhance its stats for killing potential


5. Urshifu (Rapid-Strike Style) (BST 550)

This Pokemon is in its fighting stance. I wouldn’t want to challenge it…

HP: 100

Attack: 130

Defense: 100

Special Attack: 63

Special Defense: 60

Speed: 97

Now we’re hitting the top 5, and coming after Quaquaval is Urshifu. It evolves from Kubfu by using the Scroll of Waters item. You can get a Kubfu from The Indigo Disk DLC post-game by completing quests with an NPC named Snacksworth. 

Its stats are similar to Quaquaval with slight differences. It has more Attack and Defense in exchange for less Special Attack and Special Defense. Urshifu’s Speed is also higher than Quaquaval’s giving it a slight edge in outspeeding opponents. I wish there was more of a glass cannon stat line, going all in on Attack and Speed and completely dumping its defenses. I think this would be more thematic considering Urshifu’s Rapid-Strike style.

Its ability Unseen Fist allows Urshifu’s contact moves to ignore the foe’s protection effects (Protect, Detect, Spiky Shield, etc.). Pair this with its signature move Surging Strikes and the result is utter destruction. Surging Strikes always hits 3 times and always lands a critical hit. And this is why Urshifu is in the top 5 of this list. Its offensive prowess is scary!

Give it some other move like Close Combat for that STAB Fighting coverage.  You could use stat boosters like Bulk Up to raise its Attack and Defense, or Swords Dance to raise its Attack. Then, devastate your enemies! 

If you want coverage, you could run Ice Punch to deal with pesky Grass or Flying types trying to KO Urshifu. Being a contact move, it activates Urshifu’s ability, which is also handy since a handful of Flying types like to use Detect. You could take the defensive route and use a move like U-Turn to do some quick damage and retreat into a stronger matchup.

  • Strong typing that lends nicely to its offensive power
  • Good stat line to take advantage of Physical moves
  • Helpful ability that synergizes well with its movepool and Physical typing


4. Ogerpon (Wellspring form) (BST 550)

Isn’t it so adorable? But why is the mask so sad?

HP: 80

Attack: 120 

Defense: 84

Special Attack: 60 

Special Defense: 96

Speed: 110

Ogerpon Wellspring form is from the Teal Mask DLC. It’s found in the Dreaded Den after defeating Munkidori and Kieran. It will have 4 stages of battles, one for each mask type it wears. After the 4th battle, it’ll be obtainable.

With its dual typing of Water and Grass,  Wellspring Ogerpon is a great choice for a defensive Pokemon. Its ability Water Absorb doubles down on that by allowing it to heal when hit with Water attacks. It has a versatile stat spread, so if you wanted, Ogerpon could also be used as a Physical sweeper with its great offensive stats.

Wellspring Ogerpon’s role as a defensive attacker will have it use a combination of offensive and defensive tools against its opponents. It can use Ivy Cudgel which has a base 100 damage and changes type based on the user’s type. This means it will turn into a Water-type move and have the added STAB bonus. It also has a high critical hit rate. 

Another offensive move to choose could be Horn Leach, playing into that offensive but defensive role well. It’s a Grass-type move that deals a base 75 damage and heals Ogerpon for half the damage dealt. Perfect for keeping Ogerpon’s HP topped up.

If you want some passive healing, you could give Ogerpon Leech Seed. This move drains the foe’s HP and gives it to Ogerpon every turn until the opposing Pokemon faints. Or you could use Synthesis instead, which heals Ogerpon based on weather effects.

As the last move, Ogerpon could use U-Turn to switch to a more offensive Pokemon. Let Ogerpon tank hits and pass Leech Seed to Pokemon, then switch to your main attacker with U-Turn and keep the momentum going.

  • Good defensive typing that uses its defensive stats well
  • Versatile stats that can fit in any team
  • Nice pivot potential to switch into better matchups for your team


3. Iron Bundle (BST 570)

Even as a metallic robot Pokemon, Delibird still carries around a sack of gifts

HP: 56

Attack: 80 

Defense: 114

Special Attack: 124

Special Defense: 60

Speed: 136

Iron Bundle makes it to the 3rd spot on our list. It can be found all around Area Zero. This Pokemon is exclusive to Violet, so Scarlet players will have to trade to obtain Iron Bundle. 

Its stats can be allocated several ways and one way is to use it as an offensive sweeper. Its high Special Attack and Speed make this role a snap. Iron Bundle’s ability Quark Drive increases its highest stat by 30% when Electric Terrain is up or when holding a Booster Energy. If Iron Bundle's Speed stat is the highest, it's increased by 50% instead of 30%.

Taking its ability into account, Iron Bundle wants support Pokemon who can set up Electric Terrain. This also helps with team synergy and type matchups against Iron Bundle. Electric allies can switch into threatening Electric attacks that would take huge chunks out of Iron Bundle’s frail HP. Or if you don’t want to run an Electric type, simply equip Iron Bundle with an Energy Boost and it’ll activate its ability.

In terms of moves, Iron Bundle wants an Ice-type move to take advantage of STAB. Something like Freeze-Dry could be an excellent choice. It hits for 70 base damage, has a chance to freeze the enemy, and it’s super effective against Water types. Another great Ice move is Ice Beam. It does more damage than Freeze-Dry at 90 base damage while still having a chance to freeze.

Another move to take advantage of Iron Bundle’s great stats and typing is Hydro Pump. A massive 110 base damage Water move that has an 80% accuracy rate. This downside is a worthwhile trade-off because of its immense power and bonus STAB. That, or use Water Pulse for half the damage but full accuracy and a chance to confuse the foe.

You can also use Flip Turn to change into a more tanky Pokemon to deal with Iron Bundle’s weaknesses. It’s an easy chip damage option that has STAB bonus and then switches to another Pokemon. This will help pivot Iron Bundle’s offenses to another defensive Pokemon.

  • Amazing sweeping potential with good offensive stats
  • Good typing allows it to be very offensive with good coverage 
  • Good ability that boosts Iron Bundle’s stats with easy conditions to meet


2. Walking Wake (BST 590)

This beast is fierce! It’s a complete change from its original!

HP: 99

Attack: 93

Defense: 91

Special Attack: 125

Special Defense: 83

Speed: 109

Walking Wake is our runner-up on our list. Unfortunately, it’s a limited Pokemon and can’t be found naturally in the game. It was available in Tera Raids earlier in 2023 in Scarlet games. If you want this rare Pokemon now, you’ll have to trade it with people who have Scarlet or wait for a rerun of the Tera Raid event.

The game plan is similar to Iron Bundle. Hit hard and fast and overwhelm the opponent with destructive attacks. You can choose to include it in weather-based teams or equip it with an Energy Booster to activate its ability Protosynthesis and enhance its stellar stats even further beyond.

A move that can’t be ignored is its signature move Hydro Steam. This move deals boosted damage during Harsh Sunlight weather effects (Sunny Day). Normally, Water moves’ damage would be halved in Harsh Sunlight, but Hydro Steam is unique because it gets boosted instead. 

Because of its dual Dragon typing, Walking Wake can use powerful Dragon-type moves to gain STAB bonus damage and flat-out destroy foes. Something like Draco Meteor deals massive damage with its 130 base damage. It also lowers the user’s Special Atack by 2 stages though. If you don’t like that penalty then you could opt for Dragon Breath at 60 base power, or Dragon Pulse at 85 base power.

Because you have the option to run it in a sun team with Sunny Day, I’d suggest a Fire-type move like Flamethrower. With 90 base damage and a chance to burn the target, this move will be extra scary when boosted with weather effects. Not to mention Walking Wake’s stats will be boosted anyway because of its ability, making this move hard to pass up.

Lastly, you could use a stat-boosting move like Agility to set up for Walking Wake to sweep. Agility raises Walking Wake’s Speed by a whopping 2 stages. This makes its already awesome Speed stat even stronger.

  • Hyper offensive role with good offensive stats
  • Cool ability that allows it to work in Sunny Day weather teams 
  • Good movepool and Dragon typing help it be an offensive powerhouse


1. Palafin (Hero form) (BST 650)

Just your friendly superhero Pokemon helping out its fellow fish folk

HP: 100

Attack: 160

Defense: 97

Special Attack: 106

Special Defense: 87

Speed: 100

Finally, the last Pokemon on our list. The strongest Water-type in Paldea is Palafin in its Hero form. Its base form is nothing notable but once it transforms into a Superman-esque hero, it starts to shine. It evolves from Finizen at level 38. The catch here is Finizen only evolves into Palafin while in Co-op multiplayer mode.

Palafin’s unique ability Zero to Hero allows Palafin to transform into its Hero form after switching out. This effect lasts the entire battle and Palafin reverts to its base form after the battle is over.

With Palafin’s Hero form locked away behind a switch-in, it’s best to equip Palafin with Flip Turn. This not only has STAB with 60 base damage but allows Palafin to switch out to another Pokemon, activating its ability immediately. You now have a Hero Palafin ready in your team for later.

Another good STAB move is Jet Punch. With 80 base damage, this move will hit hard. If you want Palafin to hit harder, you could have a support Pokemon with stat-boosting moves and Baton Pass to pass on those stat boosts to Palafin. 

Of course, with Palafin being a Fighting type, you can’t go wrong with Close Combat. It hits for a massive 120 damage to your foes. Its defenses don’t matter much so it’s a non-issue that they get lowered. 

Another move you could think about is Drain Punch. Not only does it get STAB-boosted damage, but it also heals Palafin for half the damage dealt. It’s a good way to keep Palafin healthy after switching in and having to potentially eat an attack.

  • Unique ability that transforms Palafin into a huge threat
  • Great offensive typing that gives Palafin access to many powerful moves
  • Good potential for massive damage from support Pokemon who can safely buff and switch Palafin in

And that’s our list of the strongest Water-types you can find in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. What do you think? We tried to pull as many Paldean Pokemon as possible to freshen up your teams for the latest region. Now it’s time to pick a Water-type from our list and make a splash in the Paldea region!

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