[Top 10] Smash Ultimate Ivysaur Combos

Smash Ultimate Ivysaur Combos
He's ready to whip into action!

Despite his more than noticeable absence in Smash 4, the fan-favorite Seed Pokemon is back with his trainer in Smash Ultimate. Fully armed with his old arsenal of ranged and powerful attacks, this Pokemon flourishes in battle! If you want to learn how to use him individually, or if you’re here to strengthen your Pokemon Trainer overall, read on!

The Best Combos

10. Up Throw > Neutral B

Bullet seed is a nice follow up. (Starts at 0:30)

There’s nothing quite like putting your opponent in an uncomfortable position, and that’s what this combo does. Aside from the combo aspect, you can catch opponents in the air with Neutral B and pile on the damage.

9. U-Air > U-Air

Double the power! (Starts at 0:21)

You know what’s great about Ivysaur’s Up Air? It’s super powerful and an excellent kill option. You know what’s better? It combo’s into itself pretty quickly. Use that as you will.

8. Side Special > U-Tilt

Razor Leaf isn't half bad. (Starts at 0:44)

It’s sad that Razor Leaf doesn’t get a lot of love, at least from what I’ve seen. What’s interesting is it can set up some minor combos. One example is Ivysaur’s Razor Leaf into Up Tilt. It’s a good way to trip up aggressive opponents.

7. Up Throw > Neutral Air > Up Air

Light as a feather (Starts at 0:50)

Heavy opponents are nothing to Ivysaur with this combo. Since they don’t fly very far, It put them in the perfect position for Neutral Air. Follow with Up Air for explosive results.

6. Bair > F-Tilt

Reversals are important. (Starts at 1:19)

Sometimes you might want to do something a bit fancy. That’s where this combo comes in. If you can reverse the Bair, you’ll end up with a fantastic multi-hit combo that’ll put lots of damage on your opponent.

5. Bair > Dash Attack

Variation of the last one. (Starts at 2:03)

Another thing you can do with Bair is follow up with a dash attack. This works better with mid to heavyweight characters. It’s a pretty decent way to get an opponent away from you so you can set up for better attacks ar defense.

4. D-Throw > Neutral Air > Up Special

This power is vicious! (Starts at 2:06)

Ah, the notorious Vine Whip. Best known for being a shaky recovery at best and downright laughable at worst. However, it does have one redeeming quality: its sheer power. Use it in the combo above near ledge to potentially KO the opponent.

3. Bair > Grab

Don't forget grab setups! (Starts at 1:38)

While this isn’t exactly a combo in its own right, it’s a phenomenal grab setup. With how many of Ivysaur’s best combos need a grab, it’s not a bad idea to know how to do this.

2. Bair > F-Smash

Bair to dream! (Starts at 2:55)

Do you see another theme yet? Ivysaur’s Bair is so safe to use, it makes sense that it’s in a bunch of combos. In particular, this one can KO an opponent just like that at high percent, so get to practicing!

1. D-Throw > Up Special

Beware of DI. (Starts at 3:15)

There’s a thing called DI, which means that the opponent can slightly influence where they go when they’re flying. If an opponent tries to run away from you after a Down Throw, this is an excellent way to punish them!

And That's That!

If you’re like me, you’ll use these tips and tricks with no regard for the other two Pokemon. However, if you want to use these in conjunction with Squirtle and Charizard, feel free. However you play, these will no doubt make your Ivysaur game stronger. Give him a run by himself to practice!


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