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What is a poke ball in Pokemon Go, how can I get Poke balls in Pokemon  go
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One of the most important and exciting things about playing Pokemon Go is catching Pokémon. Since catching them using only your hands and a toothbrush isn't allowed, there are other resources that make catching Pokémon a possible situation. In Pokemon Go there are three different types of balls that you can use to capture Pokémon. They are: Poké Ball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball. The difference between them is that Great Balls have a lower catch performance when compared to Ultra Balls, and Poké Balls have an inferior catch rate compared to both Great and Ultra Balls, but don't worry, although Poké balls are ranked in last place, they are pretty similar to the other options. 

How to get poké balls in Pokemon Go 

● Find a Pokéstop and get close enough to interact with it.

● Click on the Pokéstop, so a disc will be displayed. 

● Spin the disc 

● Tap the items that will appear to collect them.

● Another way to get Poké balls is by completing researches 

● Use PokéCoins to buy Poké balls 

● Collect the free daily box

● Buy the event box for 1 PokéCoin


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