Top 10 Best PokeClicker Berries to Farm

This is how the Farm looks while Berries are growing

10. Lum

The Lum Berry is the Twentieth Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex and one of the first Berries the player can obtain that has an Aura Effect on the surrounding Berries. In this case, the Lum is capable of multiplying the effects of other berries around it.

As mentioned before, the Lum Berry has the special ability to multiply the effect of all Berries surrounding it. This makes it extremely useful in cases where the player is trying to Farm other Berries (via increasing other Berries’ abilities) or catching specific Pokemon. They take an hour to grow from seed to adult plant, but they last for eleven hours total without anything to keep it from wilting. So, if it takes a while for the player to complete their current task, the Lum is one of the best Berries to have since it takes them a while to wither away completely. Once it does, the Berry will be lost forever as the replant rate is a firm 0%.

What Makes Lum Great?

  • Last a long time before it dies
  • Increases the effects of other Berries around it
  • Can be used to catch specific Bug-Type Pokemon

How to Get Lum?

It’s a berry that can be obtained in three ways: mutating, finding it in a Dungeon, or being dropped by a specific Pokemon. It can only be obtained once the player has obtained all Berries from One to Eight, in which the Cerulean City Berry Master (Kanto) will give the Player a hint to have them grow the Berry. The hint is, “I’ve heard that there’s a legendary Berry that only appears when fully surrounded by unique ripe Berries.” The player will have to experiment with how they arrange the Berries before getting a Lum through mutation and have luck on their side, as the chances of getting a Lum through Farming Mutation is 0.1%. Obtaining the Berry through a Dungeon or a Roamer Pokemon drop is arguably easier, however, feel free to try and Farm the Berry on your own! The PokeClicker Wiki has a page specifically about Berries and how to obtain them.


9. Kebia

The Kebia Berry is the Forty-Third Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex and one of the easiest Berries to harvest more of despite its low Harvest Amount. This is because of its Aura Effect to Mutate other Berries into itself.

The Kebia Berry is similar to the Lum Berry in some aspects: The Harvest Amounts are the same (1 per harvest), the chances of obtaining it through Mutation are low, they both have Auras that affect surrounding Berries, and it’s required to have a certain Berry before attempting to obtain one. However, unlike the Lum, the Aura it produces is not only stronger, it’s also called “Mutation.” This means that the Kebia can take over any occupied Farming Slot and turn the Berry into a Kebia. They also last far longer than Lums, standing at a whopping 23 hours and 50 minutes! Its replant rate is also 100%, so even if the player misses a harvest, they won’t lose any Berries since the Kebia replants themselves! The Berry is also useful for attracting specific Pokemon to it.

What Makes Kebia Great?

  • 100% replant rate
  • Can grow more of itself when planted next to occupied Farming Slots
  • Can be used to get the Petaya Berry

How to Get Kebia?

The typical way of obtaining Kebia is by Farming the Pamtre Berry and having the Rocky Helmet Oak Item equipped during at least the Taller stage of the Pamtre’s lifespan or later on in the Farm.

If the player has the “No Oak Items” Challenge on, however, they can get it through the Johto Berry Master for 10,000 Farm Points.


8. Kasib

The Kasib Berry is the Forty-Ninth Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex and one of the easier Berries to obtain through Farming. This Berry’s Aura Effect is titled the same thing as how it’s typically obtained: Death.

The Kasib Berry is easy to grow, taking a total of five minutes to fully develop, and it lasts five minutes longer than the Kebia Berry (23 hours and 55 minutes)! Like with all the Berries so far, it’s capable of being used to attract certain Pokemon to the Farm and it can be used as part of a formula to Mutate Berries and add them to the Berrydex. Its harvest amount is small, just like with the previous Berries, but unlike Kebia, its Aura promotes Berry death instead of Mutation. Its Aura causes Berries to have a shorter lifespan than what I would’ve had without the Kasib’s effects. This is bad for players wanting to harvest more Berries and don’t have the time to immediately harvest them. However, this does mean the likelihood of obtaining a Kasib Berry goes up by a little.

What Makes Kasib Great?

  • 100% replant rate
  • Long lifespan
  • Can spark debate with friends on what color it is (It looks pinkish but the official Berry Color says “Purple”)

How to Get Kasib?

The Kasib Berry is obtainable by planting the entirety of the Farming Slots with Cheri Berries (The very first Berry the player can obtain) and letting them die; any Berries will do, but it’s important to let the Berries die, otherwise, the player won’t be able to obtain Kasib Berries. There’s about a small chance the Berry will appear, however, it’s worth the effort since Cheris are one of the most abundant Berries in the game.


7. Chople

The Chople Berry is the Forty-Second Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex and is another Berry obtainable by combining Farming with an Oak Item. This Berry’s Aura Effect (Egg) is capable of hatching Eggs faster, even when Hatchery Helpers are hatching Eggs.

The Chople Berry takes a long time to grow (10 hours), although the Aura takes into effect at the Taller Stage of its growth (which is 3 hours into its growth) and only gets stronger until it’s fully ripe. This Berry can be used to hatch Eggs faster, which not only increases the Pokemon’s Attack but also the chances of getting a Shiny from each full cycle. This also increases the Hatchery Helpers’ efficiency and stats, which make the Helpers far more effective the more Eggs they hatch.

What Makes Chople Great?

  • Makes Eggs hatch quicker, especially when combined with other Berries
  • Attracts specific Fighting-Type Pokemon
  • Increases Hatchery Helper efficiency

How to Get Chople?

The Chople Berry is obtainable through planting Spelon Berries in the entire farm and using the Magma Stone during at least the Taller Stage of the Berries’ growth. The Mutation rate is 0.01%, so it may take a few tries to get the Berry.

If the “No Oak Items” Challenge is in effect, then it’s possible to be bought for 10,000 Farm Points from the Johto Berry Master


6. Wacan

The Wacan Berry is the Thirty-Ninth Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex. This Berry’s Aura Effect is called “Growth,” which causes any Berries within direct proximity to itself (the Farming Slots right next to it) to grow faster. This Berry is particularly useful when doing Farming Quests.

It takes a short time to grow (30 minutes), and its Growth Aura shortens the time it takes for Berries to grow until they ripen into Berries. The Wacan also drops more than one Berry per harvest and can be used to promote Berry Growth until the Wacan is about to wither or the Berries growing around it are fully ripe. Wacans take 30 minutes to wither fully, so there’s time for the player to let the other Berries grow when they’re busy with other PokeClicker activities.

What Makes Wacan Great?

  • Promotes Berry Growth
  • Attracts specific Electric-Type Pokemon
  • Can be used to Mutate other Berries

How to Get Wacan?

The Wacan Berry can be obtained through Farming by arranging and planting the Grepa, Qualot, Lapapa, and Pinap in a certain way. The Mutation chance is 0.01%, but the hard work is well worth it.


5. Jaboca

The Jaboca Berry is the Fifty-Eighth Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex. This Berry’s Aura Effect is called “Roaming,” which increases the chances of the player encountering Roaming Pokemon specific to the Region they’re in currently. This Berry is especially useful when trying to complete the Pokedex.

This Berry is a hard one to obtain, what with its low Mutation rate and the prerequisite of the Durin Berry needed to attempt to get the Berry. The long wait time for the Berry to ripen is another factor that makes this Berry a hard one to get, though with the long growing period comes a long lifespan, making its effects last longer in return. Despite the trouble this Berry, its ability to attract Roaming Pokemon is well worth the headache!

What Makes Jaboca Great?

  • Increases the chances of Roaming Pokemon appearing
  • Attracts a variety of Pokemon Types
  • Is worth 2,800 Farm Points

How to Get Jaboca?

The Jaboca Berry can be obtained by filling all of the Farming Slots with Durin, except for five squares; the empty plots will be where the Jaboca can Mutate into, where the player will have to wait a maximum of 9 hours and 18 minutes for it to fully ripen if it’s just planted. The chances of the Jaboca Mutating are 0.03%, where only one Berry will be harvested.


4. Roseli

The Roseli Berry is the Fifty-Fourth Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex. This Berry’s Aura Effect is called “Attract,” which increases the chances of the player encountering Wild Pokemon on the farm. This is especially useful when trying to get Shiny variants of Pokemon.

The Roseli Berry is comparatively easy to get when the player has all the right Berries at their disposal. Once the player has obtained these Berries and has successfully harvested at least one Berry (resulting in 38 Berries total being harvested), the player can use these Berries however they want. The most common usage is by growing them and having them raise the chances of Wild Pokemon wandering onto the Farm and hoping a Shiny will arrive on their farm. Another usage, though far less entertaining, is by crafting new Berries out of them. Mutating the Berries does require some standards to be met, however.

What Makes Roseli Great?

  • Promotes Pokemon Attraction to the Farm
  • 38 Berries per singular harvest
  • Can be used to make the Petaya and Lansat Berries

How to Get Roseli?

The Roseli Berry can be obtained by following the Kanto Berry Master’s clue: “I’ve heard that growing Mago, Nanab, Magost, and Watmel Berries near each other will produce something interesting!” So, obtaining these Berries first is of utmost importance before attempting to Mutate a Roseli. Once the player has the Berries, they can either experiment with how the Berries are arranged or check the PokeClicker


3. Custap

The Custap Berry is the Fifty-Seventh Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex. This Berry’s Aura Effect is simply called “Xp,” which causes Pokemon to train harder and level up faster when planted. This is useful especially when grinding and maxing out your Pokemon stats.

The Custap is another relatively easy Berry to obtain, with two possible methods of obtaining it available to the player. Whichever method is chosen, it will result in at least one Custap Berry being produced. The Berry’s Harvest Amount is only one singular Berry, though it’s a very powerful Berry to obtain regardless. With only one Berry at the player’s disposal, once it’s planted (and reaches the Taller Stage), every Pokemon the player has caught will be battling and will fight harder to get their levels up and to the max as quickly as possible. For players with a knack for grinding stats, this cute little Berry will make it easier for them in the long run.

What Makes Custap Great?

  • Gives Pokemon the motivation to work harder for its levels
  • Attracts specific Pokemon
  • Lasts for a good 7 hours and 36 minutes once fully ripe.

How to Get Custap?

There are two ways to obtain the Custap Berry.

1. Plant almost the entire field, save for a few squares, with Watmel Berries. Warning: If the Sprinkletoad Oak Item is equipped, the Watmel Berries may mutate into Shuca Berries.

2. Plant the corners of the Farming Slots with three Pinkan Berries. Note: Adding 4 more Pinkan Berries allows for Custap mutations when all Pinkan Berries are in the Bloom stage.


2. Petaya

The Petaya Berry is the Sixty-Fifth Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex. This Berry doesn’t have an Aura Effect listed, but it is said to have the power to keep other Berries alive for longer.

The Petaya Berry is a hard Berry to obtain, with a whopping 13 Berries needed to attempt to get a Berry with a harvest amount of 0.5 (though the game rounds it up to one). Even then, the Mutation Rate for it is 0.001%! It takes a full day for Petaya to fully develop, which is bad if you’re relying on this one singular Berry to complete a Farm Points Collection Quest (NOT THE OFFICIAL TITLE) and you’ve filled the rest of the Farming Slots with Berries that take a long while to ripen. However, this Berry does extend the livelihoods of other Berries near it for a bit longer, making it not a complete loss.

What Makes Petaya Great?

  • Test your Farming Mettle and patience when attempting to obtain this Berry
  • Worth 15K Farm Points
  • Is capable of attracting Mew to the Farm

How to Get Petaya?

The Petaya Berry is possibly one of the hardest Berries to obtain in the game, using a multitude of Berries (some of which tend to overtake other plants and promote the growth of other Berries), so it’s with utmost importance to keep Berry organization in mind. Some Berries can negate the effects of other Berries, and using Oak Items and Mulch could help with attempting to get the Petaya Berry. The PokeClicker wiki’s Petaya page goes into more detail, so it’s best to check that out for more insight.


1. Starf

The Starf Berry is the Sixty-Seventh Berry in the PokeClicker Berrydex. This Berry’s Aura Effect is called “Shiny Chance,” which raises the likelihood of the player encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

The Starf Berry is another hard Berry to obtain, with a Mutation rate of 100% only when requisites are met, and it is arguably hard to obtain regularly: Have a Shiny Wanderer Pokemon on the Farm. While it’s not the most impossible thing to happen, the chances of encountering a Shiny Wanderer are slightly better than encountering one by exploring Routes, it’s still hard to meet that standard. Though, when it is met, it’s a beauty and a wonder to have in the game. This Berry allows the player to increase their chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon for a long while, up to a few days should they leave their ripe Berry in the Farm for a time. This helps players complete the Shiny Pokedex quicker and with greater odds in their favor.

What Makes Starf Great?

  • Raises the chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon
  • Worth 15K Farm Points
  • The Berry lasts 1-5 days on the Farm before withering, without the use of Freeze Mulch or an Oak Item

How to Get Starf?

Starf Berries can be obtained by filling your Farm with any Berries that attract Pokemon. This is one of the hardest Berries to get since it requires a Shiny Pokemon to Wander to the field, but there needs to be at least one open Farming Slot that’s free of any Berries so the Starf can plant.


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