Pokemon Go How To Get Pokecoins

What is a Poke coin in Pokemon Go, how to get poke coins in Pokemon Go
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Having extra space in your bag to carry more items, or extra space for your Pokémon can only be obtained by using PokéCoins, which are the currency used in Pokémon Go. These coins are necessary for certain purposes within the game, such as emergencies or when you're out of Poké balls and your bag is already full. In these situations, you won't be able to obtain the necessary artifacts by spinning a Gym's disc.


How to get PokéCoins in Pokemon Go 

● Find a Gym that belongs to your team and put your Pokémon there
● Find a gym that belongs to another team and defeat them to gain control of the gym.
● When using gyms to earn PokéCoins, keep in mind that you only need one gym. Otherwise, you'll be wasting your Pokémon's energy for no reason.
● When leaving your Pokémon to defend a Gym, remember to feed it whenever necessary
● You can obtain PokéCoins by purchasing them with real money
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