[Top 15] Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Competitive Pokemon

So many to choose, but who are the top dogs in competitive pokemon? Read on to find out.

15. Copperajah

The steel type first seen in generation 8 is a slow, heavy physical attacker that evolves from Cufant at level 34. It is immune to poison but is weak to fire, ground and fighting type attacks.

This pokemon works best when Trick Room is in play as its slow speed works to its advantage and lets it move first. However it is still a worthwhile member on any team even without Trick Room.

Copperajah learns a variety of moves, some of which are more powerful the heavier the pokemon. In this case it is definitely useful to have moves like this. The ability to Gigantamax is also possible with Copperajah and can deal heavy damage to your opponent.


14.  Chandelure

When exposing Lampent to a dusk stone it becomes Chandelure, a fire/ghost type and the final evolved form of Litwick. It is immune to both fighting and normal due to its ghost typing but is weak to ground, rock, ghost, water and dark type moves.

Chandelure is a special attack sweeper and if you give it the Infiltrator ability, any attempts from your rival to use Substitute or Reflect will be ignored.

While its defenses aren’t anything great, the 145 bast special attack is nothing to shake your head at.


13.  Kyogre

With only two weaknesses, being to grass and electric, Kyogre makes a strong case for itself from that alone. This legendary pokemon is both a special attacker and defender with 150 and 140 base stats respectively.

However this beast of a legendary sets itself up with its Drizzle ability, powering up its water type moves as well as Thunder.

This is a personal go-to-pokemon when I create teams to play with my friends, and there’s a reason the generation 3 pokemon is still used so much in present day.



12. Volcarona

The sun pokemon evolves from Larvesta at level 59 and is a bug/fire type. It has a four times weakness to rock, and two regular weaknesses in water and flying.

The best way to play Volcarona is to almost completely ignore the fire half of its typing. Quiver Dance and Bug Buzz are devastating when used together, and during setup you can alternate with Roost to keep your HP up.

And if you really want fire STAB, Flamethrower is always a sure bet.


11. Excadrill

Excadrill evolves from Drilbur at level 31 and is originally from generation 5. Its ground and steel typing makes it immune to both poison and electric and it has a base attack stat of 135. It is weak to fire, ground, fighting and water.

With Earthquake as one it its moves Excadrill can KO other pokemon if given a Jolly nature. This is easy to do with mints in sword and shield, or if you are building your team on pokemon showdown. 

It is also able to survive hits like Hydro Pump with the Jolly nature which makes it a good member to have on your team.


10. Mimikyu

Mimikyu is the ghost/fairy type introduced in generation seven. Its strongest base stat is in special defense at 105 and is weak to ghost and steel.

The Disguise ability gives you a free turn as no matter the attack, no damage is taken. The best way to waste your opponent’s Dynamax. If you want to annoy your rival even more, add the ghost type move Phantom Force and stall once more. 

This is always annoying to see on your rival’s side as you know you are about to waste a whole turn while they still get to hit you. So why not have one of your own?


9. Female Indeedee

Indeedee is a psychic normal type from generation 8. Female Indeedee is more special defensive than its male counterpart with a 105 base stat in that category. It is immune to ghost, and weak to bug and dark.

For doubles battles, Female Indeedee is the best option for the redirector role so your other pokemon can get hits in without fear of fainting. Helping Hand, Follow Me, Reflect and Protect are a good combination of moves for it to have. 


8. Dracozolt

The only fossil pokemon on the list, Dracovish only just missing the cut, is Dracozolt. The electric/dragon pokemon from generation 8. It does not evolve from anything, but is the combination of the fossilized bird and fossilized drake. It is weak to dragon, fair, ground and ice.

This fossil is practically an all-rounder with 100 base attack and 80 special attack. This opens up the move pool you can choose from. Its signature move Bolt Beak is a must have with 85 power plus STAB and 100% accuracy. Other moves such as Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw and Outrage are also good shouts when building your moveset.


7. Duraludon

The generation 8 steel/dragon type does not evolve from or into anything at this point in time, and is capable of Gigantamaxing. It has an immunity to poison and is weak to ground and fighting.

Duraludon has a very strong typing both offensively and defensively. With only its special defense and speed being sub par, it is a tank. This can be changed if you were to Dynamax or Gigantamax with the move Stomping Tantrum in your moveset. Max quake will boost your special defense and make it an even stronger all-rounder than Dracozolt.

The only part to worry about is his speed, and if you are playing a Trick Room team, then it’s problem solved.


6. Rillaboom

Rillaboom is the final evolved form of the generation 8 grass starter line. It evolves from Thwackey at level 35 and is capable of Gigantamax. It is weak to flying, poison, bug, fire and ice.

The grass starter is known in competitive to be flexible in both offensive and defensive plays. The hidden ability Grassy Surge makes it a top choice as it sets up healing for your whole team and boosts its STAB grass moves.

Alongside grass moves, you can also give it Earthquake for a heavy hitting move with 100% accuracy.

It’s clear to see why out of all the possible starters, Rillaboom is the one who made the list.


5. Dragapult

The stealth pokemon Dragapult is the pseudo legendary from generation 8 and is the final evolved form of Dreepy. It evolves from Drakloak at level 60.

It is immune to fighting and normal type moves, and is weak to ghost, ice, dragon, dark and fairy.

This pokemon is a big threat to your opponent as it is very fast at 142 base speed as well as having high stats in both physical and special attack.

Phantom Force is the go to move the majority of players will have on their Dragapult, and for good reason. As well as being STAB, it has 90 power, 100% accuracy and lets the user vanish on the first turn, making it semi-invulnerable to attacks until the second turn when they strike.

In addition, if you want to give it the life orb for that extra punch, by all means, but it may be worth having Rest and Sleep Talk as two of your other moves so you don’t run out of HP by attacking.


4. Urshifu 

Urshifu is available in the generation 8 DLC when you receive Kubfu and complete the Tower Of Two Fists challenge. You are able to choose whether it becomes a fighting/water type or fighting/dark, depending on which tower you challenge.

Trying to Intimidate Urshifu or use Protect will be pointless for your rival’s team, as their signature moves Surging Strikes and Wicked Blow (depending on your typing) are always critical hits, negating the ability and status move.

They also have priority with Aqua Jet and Sucker Punch if their critical hit move becomes unavailable through disable or running out of PP.

The guaranteed critical hits good stats immediately put both forms of Urshifu high on the list.


3. Galarian Moltres

Galarian Motres is the regional form of generation 1 legendary Moltres. It changes from a fire/flying type to dark/flying. The galarian form is available in the second phase of the DLC.

The galarian form focuses more on special attack and defense more so than the original form. It is immune to ground and psychic and is weak to electric, ice, rock and fairy. This typing is strong as it resists more types than the original counterpart.

With Max Darkness to lower your opponents special defense, it allows Galarian Moltres to sweep the team with its high special attack.

Add on a life orb and it is universally agreed this is tough to beat pokemon.


2. Regieleki

Regieleki is one of the newest regi-forms released in the DLC of generation 8 alongside Regidrago.

What it lacks in defenses, it more than makes up for with a 200 base speed stat. It’s insane how fast this pokemon is.

Add Electroweb as one of its moves and there will be nothing that comes close to matching its speed, leaving all the others in the dust. 

This pokemon is very adaptable as it can be run on many teams, making it a great go-to-pokemon when team building.


1. Glastrier

Glastrier is another legendary added to generation 8 through the DLC and is a pure ice type. It is weak to fire, fighting, rock and steel.

While its typing isn’t the best by any means, it is still a force to be reckoned with as it is a beast in battles. It has very good stats, while speed does let it down. However a simple Trick Room team can easily solve that and have Glastrier destroying everything in sight.

Its ability Chilling Neigh is the real top of the cake with this pokemon. Every time it makes a pokemon faint, its attack stat is boosted. Once it’s on a roll, it will not stop for anything.


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