Pokemon UNITE Best Defenders (All Defenders From Weakest To Strongest)

 Pokemon UNITE Best Defenders All Defenders From Weakest To Strongest
Dominate Pokemon Unite with sturdy defenders!

In Pokémon Unite matches, defenders are characters with high endurance and strong area control who play a critical role in any team composition. In this article, I will rank all of the attackers from weakest to strongest in the current meta, which will allow you to outlast the entire competition. These rankings are based on several factors, including scaling, accessibility, and ease of use.


7. Crustle

Crustle Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9900

Defence: 580

Special Defence: 400

Attack Damage: 344

Crustle is a melee physical defender that operates as a flexible support and damage dealer. Running Shell Smash and X-Scissor transforms Crustle into a mobile racecar that crashes into opponents, while Stealth Rock and Rock Tomb trap and punish enemies for misalignment. Although Crustle can fill multiple roles as a defender, its performance can feel underwhelming when move execution requires precise timing and proficiency, especially in teamfights where Crustle is taking fast and heavy hits.

Crustle Review

Shell Smash + X-Scissor is a decent damage and mobility option

Stealth Rock + Rock Tomb traps and hinders opponents

Rubble Rouser, Crustle’s Unite Move, grants one of the biggest shields in the game

Struggles to consistently perform as either a tank or a damage dealer

Movesets need proper aim and judgement 

How to get Crustle: 

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop


6. Slowbro

Slowbro Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9416

Defense: 421

Special Defence: 360

Attack Damage: 292

Slowbro is a ranged special defender that controls the battle at its own pace. The offensive moves, Surf and Scald, hinder and cripple opponents, while the defensive moves, Amnesia and Telekinesis, can prolong Slowbro’s longevity or immobilize a single enemy, respectively. However, Slowbro relies on allied damage dealers to finish the job, as the tanky pink menace sports a relatively passive playstyle with low damage output. As such, Slowbro is one of the easiest defenders to take down when isolated from allies.

Slowbro Review

Various builds and movesets to adapt to team needs 

Equipped with tools to lock down and immobolize opponents

Incredibly annoying to take down

Low damage output 

Dependent on ally support in team fights 

How to get Slowbro:

Purchase the Unite License for 6000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems in the shop


5. Mamoswine 

Mamoswine Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9648

Defence: 510

Special Defence: 379

Attack Damage: 325

Mamoswine is a melee physical defender that focuses on stomping hindrances into enemy defenses. Chilling ice moves in Ice Fang and Icicle Crash can leave opponents frozen in place, while forceful ground moves in Earthquake and High Horsepower turn Mamoswine into a mammoth wrecking ball, especially when combined with Mammoth Mash, Mamoswine’s Unite Move. Despite its strengths as a walking bulldozer, Mamoswine is heavily reliant on landing its combos, and missing can often leave it in very awkward positions.

Mamoswine Review

Strong crowd control and disruption 

Potent ally goal defence options 

Unique freeze effect leaves opponents frozen in place

Accuracy-based moves can leave Mamoswine hitting air in some cases

Struggles against faster opponents that can dodge its combos

How to get Mamoswine:

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop


4. Blastoise 

Blastoise Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9800

Defence: 599

Special Defence: 420

Attack Damage: 292

Blastoise is a ranged special defender that mobilizes itself and enemies in and around the battlefield. The Hydro Pump and Surf build is a traditional defender style that focuses on engaging and disruption, whereas the Rapid Spin + Water Spout build deals devastating area-of-effect damage in close-range combat. However, Blastoise doesn’t truly shine until mid-game when it unlocks access to its entire moveset, and long cooldowns mean opponents can punish Blastoise after dodging the initial combo.

Blastoise Review

Surf + Hydro Pump is an easy and classic defender playstyle 

Rapid Spin unlocks additional utility for Hydro Pump and Water Spout

Numerous options for disruption and crowd control 

Needs time to ramp to mid-game 

Long cooldowns are easily exploitable by skilled opponents 

How to get Blastoise: 

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop


3. Trevenant 

Trevenant Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9599

Defence: 520

Special Defence: 421

Attack Damage: 330

Trevenant is a physical melee defender who can take and dish out massive blows. Healing options in Horn Leech and Pain Split give Trevenant the health recovery he needs for sustained brawls, while Curse and Wood Hammer punish opponents for thinking this haunted tree will go down without a fight. That being said, Trevenant is one of the few characters on the roster that consistently takes recoil damage from its moves when going on the offensive, which puts more reliance on recovering health and finishing battles before Trevenant is worn down.

Trevenant Review

Strong innate self-recovery

Disabling moves can disrupt enemy tempo and formations

Serves as a ramping damage source if left unattended 

Damage moves have recoil damage 

Low mobility leaves Trevenant exploitable against faster foes

How to get Trevenant: 

Purchase the Unite License for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems in the shop


2. Snorlax

Snorlax Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9899

Defence: 580

Special Defence: 440

Attack Damage: 345

Snorlax is a melee physical defender who excels at creating opportunities for his team. Damage options in Heavy Slam and Flail drop Snorlax into the middle of heated fights, while Yawn and Block can immobilize and scramble enemy formations depending on the situation. Although Snorlax can hold its own during fights, this durable monster truly shines when complimented by the rest of the team. Snorlax is an extremely well-rounded character from start to finish, though nothing about it stands out as remarkably amazing to write home about.

Snorlax Review

Heavy Slam + Block is a classic engage and disruption route

Flail + Yawn is a funny surprise offensive option

Strong and annoying throughout the whole match 

Requires team support to properly utilize its moves 

Decent options all around leaves more to be desired 

How to get Snorlax: 

Purchase the Unite License for 6000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems in the shop


1. Greedent 

Greedent Stats (Level 15):

HP: 9099

Defence: 433

Special Defence: 360

Attack Damage: 345

Greedent is a physical melee defender with the highest potential and learning curve of any defender. Sporting a unique berry mechanic, Greedent is fast, bulky, and terrifying to deal with. With Belch or Bullet Seed, opponents will be mentally distraught after being defeated by either the burping squirrel or the seed machine gun. The only saving grace is that Greedent has a high skill ceiling, which means either opponents must capitalize on Greedent’s mistakes, or the squirrel will run away, quite literally, with the victory trophy. 

Greedent Review 

High durability and sustain 

Strong burst damage in Belch and Berry Belly Flop

Flexible options for numerous playstyles

Complicated mechanics require strong character mastery

Unique berry mechanic needs proper understanding to maximize performance

Moves require aim 

How to get Greedent:

Purchase the Unite License for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems in the shop

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