[Top 15] Pokemon GO Best Pokemons for Great League

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I know you are very excited to show all of your potential as a trainer on POKÉMON GO, and become even more powerful than Ash Ketchum… MWAHAHAHA(Evil laughter)…

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The evolved form of Wooper, Quagsire is an amphibious(Water and Ground Pokémon), which means it can fight Ground Pokémons without being easily affected(unlike other Water-types Pokémons), due to its high level of Defense.

What QUAGSIRE Excels In

More resistant to a certain variety of Pokemons than others use to be, it will also get its own HP restored if hit by any water-type move.

QUAGSIRE’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Moves: Water Gun
  • Main Move: Earth Quake

QUAGSIRE Weaknesses

  • Its available quick moves aren’t so strong, what's not good for fighting player vs. player


  • You can catch him in the wild and after defeating Team Go Rocket. It will evolve from Wooper into Quagsire at level 20).



Come on! Who could resist this smile?! Perrserker is a Galarian Meowth's evolved form. It’s a steel-type, a fact that turns it strong against most of the other Pokemons equipped by other players in the Great League.


It has a strong advantage against the Fairy-types, the ones who are not easily affected by other types of Pokemons during the player vs. player, plus PERRSERKER has a desirable CP(Combat Power).

PERRSERKER’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Iron Heax
  • Main Move: Metal Claw


  • This Pokemon doesn’t have many advantages against Fighting and Ground types


  • You can get Perrserker as a reward for completing a Timed Research,
  • In 4km Distance Eggs(sporadically),
  • In 3-Stars Raids or even in the Wild catch(this last one doesn’t use to happen very often)



Seismitoad is the evolved form of Palpitoad(Evolved froC Tympole). As Quagsire, It is also an amphibious(Water and Ground-type) Pokémon, what’s an edge in the Great League.


Seismitoad is a third-evolved form of Pokémon, thanks to this it surpasses Quagsire(who got the 15th position on this list) in Quick Moves, due its many options of this kind of attack, causing more damage to Seismitoad’s opponents. It is almost unaffected by Water-type Pokemons,

SEISMITOAD’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Moves: Bubble
  • Main Moves: Earth Power


  • If you thought of salt, you were deeply wrong. This amphibious is actually weak against the Grass-types, during the player vs. player… And maybe salt. I mean everyone may have issues with their blood pressure. So, trainers, catch them all and avoid sodium!


  • Wild capture in the forms of Tympole, Palpitoad or Seismitoad;
  • As a reward after a Go Battle League;
  • In the Tympole’s form, in 2km Distance Eggs(sporadically).



Stunfisk is a Electric and Ground-type Pokémon who doesn’t evolve(just like some people…)

What STUNFISK Excels In

This Pokémon doesn't have a great attack when using Quick Move, but it can QUICKly strike the opponent and hold out for a long time, what's enough to get more energy for its Main Move that can force the opponent to spend their shields faster.

STUNFISK’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Metal Claw
  • Main Move: Rock Slide

STUNFISK’s Weaknesses

  • Alright, there are both good and bad news here: Only the Grass-type causes double-damage to Stunfisk. The bad part is that Grass-type is the most used Pokémon in the Great League.


  • You can catch a wild Stunfisk or get it by defeating the Team Go Rocket.



Dark and Ice-types Pokémon, who evolves into Weavile. It's not so resistant and has some Counters very used in the League, but the enemy will suffer a great deal of damage, what's enough to make Sneasel win.

What SNEASEL Excels In

Sneasel attacks fast and its best Quick Move causes a fair amount of damage to the opponent; there are not many Pokémons immune to it. Definitely the best option to hit resistant Pokémons who have weak Quick Moves, such as Quagsire and Stunfisk...

SNEASEL’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Feint Attack
  • Main Move: Avalanche

SNEASEL’s Weaknesses

  • It’s weak against many types of Pokémons: Fighting, Rock, Steel and Fire… Yeah, this is like 30% of all the types! (Please, don’t trust my math. I made-up this percentage)


  • Capturing Sneasel in the Wild or beating Sierra, the Team Go Rocket leader



Steel and Rock-types Pokémon, evolved form of Shieldon, this Pokémon combines the strongest two types in one. Bastiodon also has one of the best Defenses that you could ever find for the Great League!

-And- it wears a nice piercing.

What BASTIODON Excels In

Extremely resistant. Even its Counters will provoke almost no damage.

BASTIODON’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Iron Tail
  • Main Move: Stone Edge

BASTIODON's Weaknesses

  • The Main Move is very slowly and Bastiodon isn’t really fast on executing its Quick Move, either. Weak against the following types: Fighting, Fairy and Ground.


  • You can catch it in the Wild, in Shieldon’s or Bastiodon’s form. You can also get it, sporadically, as a Field Research reward, in Shieldon’s form.



Dark Ghost-type of Pokemon, Sableye doesn’t evolve. By the way, am I the only one scared here? I’m serious, this guy looks like my cat running to steal my cookies!

What SABLEYE Excels In

Although not very resistant, Sableye typing is very interesting for a player vs. player. This is a Pokémon with a powerful attack mode, which will damage the opponents for real!

SABLEYE’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Shadow Claw
  • Main Move: Foul Play

SABLEYE’s Weaknesses

  • Not very resistant. Not so good against Fairy-types.


  • You can get it in the Wild or as a reward, after concluding a Special Research; or in a 2-Stars Raid.



Audino is a Normal type Pokémon who doesn’t evolve. Never underestimate this cute thing!

What AUDINO Excels In

Audino is a very tough Pokémon, who won't be easily harmed. Using Psychic and Fairy-types Moves to defeat its opponent, Audino's weaknesses won't be a thing.

AUDINO’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Zen Headbutt
  • Main Move: Disarming Voice

AUDINO’s Weaknesses

  • Fighting-Types.


  • You can catch a wild Audino;
  • Get it as a Field Research reward
  • In 10km Distance Eggs.



Another dual-type Pokémon, Grass and Poison, Venusaur is the evolved form of Bulbasaur who looks like an extremely cute lettuce.

What VENVASAUR Excels In

It doesn't have a notable resistance all in all, but Venusaur's Moves are impressive! These ones are strong and create loads of energy for Main Moves. Due to its type, Venusaur can defeat Grass-types, as well as it makes Venusaur tough to beat when attacked by Fairy-type Moves.

VENUSAUR’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Vine Whip
  • Main Move: Sludge Bomb(Poison-type) and Frenzy Plant(Grass-type)

VENUSAUR’s Weaknesses

  • Weak against Flying, Fire and Ice types.


  • You get it in Bulbasaur’s form, when winning the Team Go Rocket; as a reward for completing a Field Research or in the Wild in the form of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur or even Venusaur.



Toxicroak is a Fighting and Poison-type Pokémon, who evolves from Croagunk at level 37. It has access to one of best Quick Moves in the Great League and to many Main Moves good for the battle.

What TOXICROAK Excels In

Although Toxicroak isn't so resistant, defeating other strong Pokémons isn't really difficult for it to do. This happens thanks to its strong Main Moves that load so fast that the other player will lose before knocking Toxicroak down.

TOXICROAK’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Main Move: Dynamic punch(Fighting-Type) or Sludge Bomb(Poison-Type), this last one will protect more against Fairy-type Pokémons.

TOXICROAK’s Weaknesses

  • Low resistance and weak against the types: Ground, Psychic and Flying.


  • You can capture Toxicroak during its Croagunk's form in the Wild,
  • As a reward for a successfully completed Field Research or
  • Through a 1-Star Raid.
  • You may get it in Toxicroak's form in a 3-Stars Raid!



“They say you're a homeschooled jungle freak Pokémon who's a less hot version of me” (Stunfisk, to Galarian Stunfisk).

This Pokémon is the Galarian version of Stunfisk, here positioned in 12th place ranking. Like Stunfisk, Galarian Stunfisk doesn’t evolve.


Besides its great resistance in the Great League common to every Stunfisk, this Pokémon has excellent Quick and Main Moves.

GALARIAN STUNFISK’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Mudshot
  • Main Move: Earthquake and Rock Slide


  • Weak against the types: Fighting, Fire, Ground and Water.


  • 1-Star Raid(sporadically);
  • In a 7km Distance Egg(sporadically).



Tropius is an exclusive regional type Grass and Flying Pokémon. It doesn’t evolve into other forms.

What TROPIUS Excels In

Extremely strong, it handles damage from intense Main Moves without being easily defeated. Tropius has advantages over other Grass-type Pokémons, due to its Flying-type.

TROPIUS’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Razor Leaf
  • Main Move: Leaf Blade and Aerial Ace

TROPIUS’ Weaknesses

  • Weak against the types Ice and Fire


  • 5-km Distance Eggs and Wild catch, but if you are not in Africa, you better prepare your flight, ship or skate, because the only possible way to catch this Pokémon is to be there.

Perfect and far away, just like that person with whom you fell in love.

Time to be ready for the TOP 3!

...Starting with the 3rd place on this podium:



A Dragon and Flying-types Pokémon, Altaria is the evolved form of Swablu. This Pokémon isn’t here due to its luck, but thanks to its colossal resistance and powerful Moves.

What ALTARIA Excels In

This Dual-type Pokémon can win even if you decide to use only Quick moves, because these are EXTREMELY strong!

ALTARIA’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Dragon Breath
  • Main Move: Sky Attack and Dragon Pulse

ALTARIA’s Weaknesses

  • There are only two ways to lose a player vs. player when your Pokémon is an Altaria:
  • 1st way: If your adversary has a Herculean Pokémon of the types Ice, Fairy or Rock
  • 2nd way: If you fall asleep during the game


  • You can catch it in the Wild;
  • In a 2km Distance Egg, both in its Swablu's form.



Types: Steel and Flying. This Pokémon doesn’t evolve. A perfect choice for the Great League. Skarmony’s weaknesses are limited to two types only.

What SKARMORY Excels In

Its Quick Moves can beat some Pokémons without being necessary to use Main Moves. Besides it, Skarmory is resistant against various Types, which makes it the perfect choice to compose your team.

SKARMORY's Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Steel Wing and Air Slash
  • Main Move: Sky Attack and Flash Cannon

SKARMORY’s Weaknesses

  • Weak to the Types Electric and Fire


  • The only way to get one is in the Wild.

And, finally…

Last, but not least:



This cute one is a Fairy and Water-type Pokémon, which evolves from Marill(Evolved form of azurill).

AZUMARILL’s Weaknesses

  • Its only weakness is the Grass-type


  • You can get a Marill defeating the Team Go Rocket,
  • In a Field Research
  • In Azurill's form, in 5km Distance Eggs;
  • Wild catch (Marill or Azumarill)

AZUMARILL’s Best Attacks For Your Player vs. Player

  • Quick Move: Bubble
  • Main Move: Play Rough and Ice Bream

What AZUMARILL Excels In

The most strategic combination of typing in the Great League! Azumarill has a huge resistance, even against Main Moves that explore its weaknesses. It attacks fast and its Moves will load fast as well, which makes Azumarill the favorite one on this list about the Great League!

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