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Discover the top 15 Fire Type Pokemon in the Pokemon TCG.
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Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. The Pokemon Trading Card Game thrives on the multitude of playable strategies. While it is easy to zoom out and say that the only objective in Pokemon is to hit your opponent harder than they hit you, there is a lot more nuance to it than that. For example, which Pokemon Type do you prefer to play? There are electric types that specialize in lightning fast attacks. There are colorless types that sacrifice power for adaptability. There are the cerebral psychic types that manipulate energy cards, other Pokémon, and damage counters to pull off unusual attacks. And there are the hard hitting fire types that burn away energy when they attack.

Today we’re going to be looking at the top 15 best fire type cards in the Pokemon TCG. This list will only take into consideration cards released before May of 2021. We will be judging these cards based on the abilities printed on the cards alone, so, unfortunately, mulit-card combos are off the table.

Welder & Blacksmith

Before we get into the list, I would like to point out that many fire type Pokemon thrive with the help of trainer cards such as Welder and Blacksmith. However, we will be looking at how good these cards are unassisted. So for this article we will be assuming that they can only attach one energy per turn. With that said, let’s get into the list.

15. Infernape

Infernape from Steam Siege.

  • This Stage 2 Pokemon has 130 HP.
  • Both of Infernape’s attacks cost two fire energy. The first one is Flare Blitz and deals 120 damage. This attack also discards all fire energy from Infernape.
  • The Flare Up attack takes advantage of the energy you discarded with Flare Blitz. It deals 200 damage but only if you have 10 fire energy in your discard pile. After you attack you have to shuffle 10 fire energy back into your deck.  

14. Volcanion EX

Volcanion EX from Steam Siege.

  • This Basic EX has 180 HP.
  • Volcanion EX is also a dual type Pokemon meaning that you can benefit from both fire type and water type weakness.
  • The Steam Up ability discards a fire energy from your hand and grants your Basic fire Pokemon 30 more damage during the turn it is used. You can use this ability multiple times if you have multiple Volcanion EX and massively improves this card. 
  • Volcanion’s Volcanic Heat attack costs three energy, does 130 damage, and that Volcanion can’t attack next turn. This attack isn’t that great, especially on an EX, but Volcanion’s ability makes it pretty good.

13. Delphox

Delphox from Fates Collide.

  • This Stage 2 Pokemon has 140 HP.
  • For one energy, the Flickering Flames attack deals 40 damage and puts your opponent to sleep.
  • The Psystorm attack costs three energy and does 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to all Pokemon. This includes your opponent’s Pokemon and isn’t limited to fire energy. The attack also only needs colorless energy to use so you can play this card in almost any deck.

12. Typhlosion (HeartGold & SoulSilver)

Typhlosion from HeartGold & SoulSilver.

  • This Stage 2 has 140 HP.
  • Afterburner is a powerful ability that lets you attach a fire energy from your discard pile to one of your Pokemon. You’re required to put 10 damage on the Pokemon you attached to for using the ability, but the energy acceleration is still very valuable. Especially for fire types. 
  • For three energy, the Flare Destroy attack deals 70 damage and discards an energy from both active Pokemon. This attack can keep your opponent in a helpless position if they aren’t playing energy acceleration. 

11. Typhlosion (Breakthrough)

Typhlosion from Breakthrough.

  • This Stage 2 has 150 HP.
  • The Massive Eruption attack costs one energy and discards the top five cards of your deck. This attack deals 80 damage for each energy you just discarded. Building a deck around a lot of energy can make this attack incredibly good. 
  • This Typhlosian also has the Flare Destroy attack except it deals 130 damage instead of 70. It takes a little longer to power up without the previous Typhlosians ability but it does have Massive Eruption as an alternative attack. 

10. Pyroar

Pyroar from Flashfire.

  • This Stage 1 has 110 HP.
  • All decks need to play Basic Pokemon. That’s why Intimidating Mane is a great ability. It prevents all damage done to Pyroar by attack from Basic Pokemon.
  • Scorching Fang isn’t a great attack but that’s okay because of its ability. For three energy it does 60 damage and if you discard one of those energy it does 90.

9. Cinderace

Cinderace from Sword & Shield.

  • This Stage 2 has 170 HP.
  • The Flare Strike attack costs three energy, does 190 damage, and discards two energy from Cinderace when you use it. Don’t worry it's easy to keep up with the energy requirement with…
  • The Libero ability. This ability attaches two fire energy from your discard pile to Cinderace when you move it from your bench to your active spot. 

8. Charizard

Charizard from Team Up.

  • This Stage 2 has 150 HP.
  • This Charizard doesn’t need supporters like Welder because it has its own energy acceleration. Roaring Resolve is an ability that puts 20 damage onto Charizard and then searches your deck for two energy and attaches them to it. 
  • The Continuous Blaze Ball attack deals 30 damage plus 50 more for each energy you discard from Charizard. This attack works incredibly well with Roaring Resolve and can dish out plenty of damage. 

7. Chandelure

Chandelure from Unified Minds.

  • This Stage 2 has 140 HP.
  • Chandelure only has one attack. Spirit Burner only costs one energy and discards the top five cards of your deck. The attack does 60 damage for each Pokemon you discarded and you can put any of those that are fire types onto your bench. This allows you to get other Chandelure onto your bench without taking the time to evolve them.

6. Salazzle GX

Salazzle GX from Burning Shadows.

  • This Stage 1 GX has 200 HP.
  • The Heat Blast attack deals 110 HP and costs two energy.
  • Salazzle becomes great later in the game. For two energy, Diabolical Claws deals 50 damage for each prize card you have taken.
  • Queen’s Haze GX costs two energy and just discards all energy from your opponent’s active Pokemon.

5. Victini V

Victini V from Sword & Shield.

  • This Basic V has 190 HP.
  • Spreading Flames costs one energy and attaches three fire energy from your discard pile to your Pokemon. This is a great energy acceleration attack.
  • For two energy, Energy Burst deals 30 damage for each energy attached to both active Pokemon. It’s a great way to punish your opponent for using a lot of energy.

4. Cinderace VMAX

Cinderace VMAX from Rebel Clash.

  • This VMAX has 320 HP.
  • The Counter attack costs two energy and deals 30 damage plus the amount of damage Cinderace took from attacks during your opponent’s next turn. So long as your opponent doesn’t hit hard enough to knock you out, you can hit back harder.
  • If you are not being hit by attacks you can fall back on the Max Pyro Ball attack which deals 170 damage for three energy. It also burns your opponent. 

3. Volcanion

Volcanion from Unbroken Bonds.

  • This Basic has 120 HP.
  • The Flare Starter attack costs one energy and searches your deck for a fire energy and attaches it to any of your Pokemon. This attack gets more powerful if you go second because it allows you to look for three energy instead of one. 
  • For two energy, High-Heat Blast deals 50 damage and if you have at least four fire energy in play it does 110 damage. 
  • Volcanion is a great consistency card. It can power up other Pokemon, hit a good amount of damage, and be a tech to deal with cards that block EX, GX, V, etc.

2. Reshiram & Charizard GX

Reshiram & Charizard from Unbroken Bonds.

  • This Tag Team GX has 270 HP.
  • This card excels in the META with the help of Welder. It’s not bad on its own either. With three attacks Reshiram & Charizard is fairly versatile. 
  • The Outrage attack 30 damage plus however much damage is on Reshizard. It only costs two energy and Reshizard’s high HP makes sure this attack can hit hard. 
  • For four energy, Flare Strike deals 230 damage but you can’t use it during the next turn. 
  • Double Blaze GX is a powerful move that deals 200 damage for three energy or 300 damage for six energy.

1. Centiskorch VMAX

Centiskorch VMAX from Darkness Ablaze.

  • This VMAX has 320 HP.
  • Centiskorch only has one incredibly powerful attack. G-Max Centiferno deals 40 damage plus 40 more for each fire energy on Centiskorch. After the damage you can attach another fire energy from your discard pile to Centiskorch. This attack can quickly build momentum and Centiskorch’s high HP means it will stay in play.


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