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Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. Pokemon cards come in many different types. Among those types are Trainer cards. And among those Trainer cards there are Item cards. These handy cards can be used as often as you like during your turn. Pokemon may be the backbone of the game but these are the organs. With that gross analogy aside, which are the best ones? The heart and lungs if you will. 

Today we’ll be looking at the top 10 Item cards in the Standard format. If you are reading this in the far future this will take into account all cards released between the Sword & Shield and Chilling Reign set. For current readers, this is the post-rotation standard format(not including Evolving Skies because it’s not out yet). We will be taking into account how strong of an effect the card provides and also how versatile that effect is. With that said, let's get into the list. 


10. Crushing Hammer

When you play this card you flip a coin. If heads, you discard an energy from one of your opponent’s Pokemon. While this card has the chance to do nothing, it can also sway a game in your favor by undoing a turn of attachment. Most decks that use this card play four (the max number you can play) just to improve the odds of it being useful. 


9. Ordinary Rod

This card allows you to shuffle up to two Pokemon and up to two energy cards back into your deck from your discard pile. This is definitely more of a late game card but is nonetheless very useful and could be put in any deck. 


8. Yell Horn

This card is pretty simple. It makes both Active Pokemon confused. Confusion is a special condition that makes your Pokemon flip before attacking. If they flip tails, they don’t attack and take 30 damage. This Item card is especially useful in Stage 1 decks since you can use it and then evolve to get rid of Confusion. 


7. Energy Switch

If you’ve played Pokemon a lot, you’ve probably been in a scenario where you wish your energy were in different places. So Energy Switch lets you move an energy from one of your Pokemon to another one. It’s also very useful if you have energy acceleration that goes to an inconvenient spot. 


6. Scoop Up Net

This Item puts one of your Pokemon that isn’t a GX or V into your hand. Especially handy when it comes to Pokemon with abilities that activate when played down. Not very useful if you’re playing exclusively Vs.


5. Metal Saucer

The only reason that this Item isn’t higher is that it only works on certain types. Metal Saucer attaches a Metal energy from your discard pile to one of your Benched Metal Pokemon. This is great energy acceleration especially since you can use four of these in one turn. 


4. Fog Crystal

Another great Item that only works on one type, Fog Crystal searches your deck for a Basic psychic Pokemon or a Basic psychic energy. Any psychic deck should probably be playing four of these. 


3. Evolution Incense

Evolution Incense searches your deck for an Evolution Pokemon and puts it into your hand. Searching for a Pokemon without discarding anything is incredibly good and this card is only limited because it doesn’t work to get Basics. 


2. Quick Ball

This card is the one that gets you Basics. If you discard a card from your hand, you may search your deck for one Basic Pokemon and put it into your hand. Every deck needs basic Pokemon to play and this card isn’t too costly.


1. Switch

The top card on our list may not seem amazing to the casual observer. All this item does is switch your Active Pokemon with one of your Benched Pokemon. However, moving cards onto your bench can be incredibly useful when it comes to dispelling negative effects like Special Conditions. This card also allows you to move your Pokemon back and forth multiple times in a turn. Nearly every deck runs at least one Switch card.


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