[Top 7] Pokemon TCG BREAK Cards

best Pokemon TCG BREAK Cards
Those special golden Pokemon known as BREAK cards.

Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. Many Pokemon cards are capable of evolving. This is when you place a more powerful card over a designated Basic Pokemon. When this happens, that card typically gains more attack potential and more HP, although you lose the attacks and abilities of the previous Pokemon. But what if you could keep them. I present to you BREAK cards. 

When you evolve cards to BREAK cards, they retain the attacks, abilities, and retreat cost of the Pokemon from which they evolve. In addition, they provide an additional attack or ability along with a small HP boost. 

Today we’ll be looking at the top 7 BREAK cards. We will be taking into account which ones provide the best boost to their previous card and also how well they work with the existing card. Thus each entry will feature a BREAK Pokemon and also the version of the base card with which it works best. With that said, let's get into the list. 


7. Mandibuzz BREAK with Rebel Clash

  • This BREAK card raises Mandibuzz’s HP to 140.
  • It also adds the Wings of Disaster attack. This attack costs one energy and deals 20 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokemon. It also discards all tool cards from them. 
  • The Mandibuzz from Rebel Clash works best with this BREAK because of its Blindside attack. For two energy it deals 100 damage to one of your opponent’s Pokemon that already has damage on it. 


6. Xerneas BREAK with Breakthrough & XY

  • Xerneas BREAK has 150 HP.
  • This BREAK card adds the Life Stream attack. This attack costs two energy and deals 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to all of your Pokemon. This can be an incredibly powerful attack, but takes a bit of time to set up. 
  • There are two versions of Xerneas that work well with this BREAK. First, Xerneas from Breakthrough has the Rainbow Force attack which deals 30 damage for each type of Pokemon on your bench. This attack costs three energy. 
  • Next is the Xerneas from XY, whose Geomancy attack attaches one fairy energy from your deck to two of your benched Pokemon. This attack costs one energy and helps to power up the BREAK’s attack. 


5. Delphox BREAK with Fates Collide & XY

  • Delphox BREAK has 180 HP. 
  • The additional Flare Witch ability allows you to search your deck for a fire energy and attach it to your Pokemon. This is a great energy acceleration ability which works with…
  • ...Delphox from Fates Collide. This Pokemon has the Psystorm attack which, for three energy, deals 20 damage for each energy attached to all Pokemon in play. This includes your opponent’s energy. 
  • ...Delphox from XY who’s Blaze Ball attack deals 50 damage plus 20 more for each energy attached to it. This attack costs three energy. This Delphox also has the Mystical Fire ability which lets you draw until you have six cards in your hand. 


4. Greninja BREAK with Breakpoint & Detective Pikachu

  • This BREAK card raises Greninja’s HP to 170. 
  • With the added Giant Water Shuriken ability, Greninja BREAK lets you discard an energy from your hand to deal 60 damage to one of your opponent’s Pokemon. 
  • This BREAK saw play in the META at one point atop of Greninja from Breakpoint. This Greninja had two attacks that both cost one energy. Shadow Stitching does 40 damage and turns off your opponents abilities while Moonlight Slash deals 60 damage or 80 damage if you return an energy from it to your hand. 
  • More recently, the Detective Pikachu Greninja has the Evasion Jutsu ability. This prevents damage done to you if you flip a heads when attacked. It also has the Furious Shurikens attack, dealing 50 to two of your opponent’s Pokemon for two energy. 


3. Trevenant BREAK with Breakpoint & XY 

  • Trevenant BREAK has 160 HP.
  • For two energy, the SIlent Fear attack puts 30 damage on each of your opponent’s Pokemon. 
  • There are two good Trevenant options, each with a different useful ability. Trevenant from Breakpoint increases the cost of your opponent’s Basic Pokemon’s attacks by one with the Nervous Seed ability. Trevenant from XY prevents your opponents from playing Item cards with Forest’s Curse. 


2. Yanmega BREAK with Steam Siege

  • Yanmega BREAK has 140 HP. 
  • The additional attack, Barrier Break, deals 100 damage for three energy and hits through all effects on your opponent’s Pokemon. 
  • Now three energy may seem like a lot to do 100 damage. However, when combined with  Yanmega from Steam Siege, it becomes much more manageable. The Sonic Vision ability on Yanmega gets rid of all energy costs on this Pokemon if you have exactly four cards in your hand. For three energy, you can also use Assault Boom. This attack deals 50 damage plus 70 more if your opponent has a Tool card on them.


1. Arcanine BREAK with Evolutions & Rebel Clash

  • This BREAK card raises Arcanine’s HP to 160. 
  • For two energy, the additional Turbo Flame attack deals 80 damage and attaches two energy from your discard pile to one of your Benched Pokemon. 
  • The Arcanine from Evolutions features the Burning Road ability. This ability moves energy in play onto Arcanine when it becomes Active from the Bench for an easy way to power up. 
  • Arcanine from Rebel Clash has the Warming Up ability. It says that if this Pokemon has a Burning Scarf attached to it, it gets 100 more HP. This can boost Arcanine BREAK’s HP to an impressive 260. For three energy, you can also deal 130 damage with the Fire Mane attack. 


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