Pokemon Go How To Check IV

What is IV in Pokemon Go, how to check IV in Pokemon Go
Who needs a 3 Stars restaurant when you can have a 3 stars Pokémon?

In Pokemon Go you'll find your Pokémons' stats. Some of these stats are called CP or Combat Points, and there are also the IV stats. No, IV doesn't stand for four. I mean, it does, but not here. IV (or Individual values) are hidden stats for Defense, Attack and HP (Stamina and Health). You can use your IV to find out your Pokémons' potential. (I hope you got that joke, otherwise your math teacher will be crying non-stop for XI long days.)

How to Check IV in Pokemon Go

  • Click on the Pokémon that you want to check
  • Then click on "Appraise". A picture saying: "Hey! Let's take a look at your Pokémon, shall we?" will appear, so you gotta click on it again and your Attack, Defense and HP will be displayed on your screen
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