[Top 15] Pokemon GO Best Pokemons for Master League

Gyarados looks like me at the dentist, but a little less blue

Hey, trainers,
Do you all know the best way to become a master in Master League? You don't?! Calm down and don't panic, because I’m bringing you…




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A resistant monster, available for Dark Moves. Gyarados is a dual-type Pokémon(Water and Flying).

What GYARADOS Excels In
Strong against Psychic-types
GYARADOS' Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Moves: Water fall 
  • Main Moves: Crunch


GYARADOS' Weaknesses 
  • Against the types: Grass and Electric 


  • In Wild Catch, in the form of Magikarp or Gyarados.
  • 2km Distance Eggs, in Magikarp's form
  • 1-Star Raids in Magikarp's form


     14.  LUGIA


Lugia is a legendary Pokémon who never disappoints. It belongs to the Psychic and Flying types.


What LUGIA Excels In 
This Pokémon has a Dragon-type Quick Move available, which generates tones of energy to charge Lugia's ultra powerful Main Move faster. This Pokémon can also make the Dragon-types beg for their lives!


LUGIA’s Best Attacks For Your PVP
  • Quick Move: Dragon Tail
  • Main Move: Aeroblast


LUGIA’s Weaknesses
  • Weak against the types: Ice, Ghost, Rock and Electric 


Catch LUGIA!
  • 5-Star Raids(sporadically).


     13.  TYRANITAR 

A Dark-type resistant Pokémon. Tyranitar evolves from Pupitar. Tyranitar isn't only the best Pokémon against Psychic-types, but also against Ghost-types


What TYRANITAR's Excels In
Strong against Psychic-types and Ghost-types 


TYRANITAR's Best Attacks For Your PVP
  • Quick Move: Smack Down
  • Main Move: Crunch


TYRANITAR's Weaknesses 
  • Be careful with the types: Fighting, Bug and Fairy. 


  • Wild Catch, in the form of Larvitar or pupitar.
  • 10km Distance Eggs, in the form of Larvitar


     12.  GARDEVOIR

Gardevoir is a double-type(Fairy and Psychic) Pokémon, the evolved form of Ralts. Its Fairy-type ensures double-damage and immunity against types Dragon.


What GARDEVOIR Excels In
Against Dragon-types.


GARDEVOIR's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Charm
  • Main Move: Dazzling Gleam


GARDEVOIR's Weaknesses 
  • Weak against the types Steel and Poison 


  • In Wild, in the form of Ralts and Kirlia;
  • As a reward for defeating the Team Go Rocket, in Ralts' form.



     11.  GARCHOMP

A dual-type Dragon and Ground, Garchomp needs to be specially careful against Fairy-types, still this Pokémon is a great option for the Master League!


What GARCHOMP Excels is In
Great at attacking, Garchomp also has a great level of Resistance. It's a Pokémon with very useful Moves.


GARCHOMP's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Mud Shot
  • Main Move: Outrage and Earthquake 


GARCHOMP's Weaknesses 
  • Against the types: Fairy, Dragon, Ice, Grass and Water


  • As a reward for completing a Field Research, in Gible's form;
  • In Wild, in the form of Gible or Gabite


     10.  SALAMENCE

A dual-type Pokémon, Salamence is both Dragon and Flying… I gotta confess you that I found a time machine, so I know that you are going to see another Pokémon with this same typing,  but in a more privileged position on this  list, so you may ask, shocked: how is it possible(when you find this Pokémon whose I'm talking about, please pretend to be shocked)? The answer is very simple: they have different levels of resistance. 


What SALAMENCE Excels In 
A very, very good CP. Salamence's Moves are a smart choice for this league!


SALAMENCE's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Dragon Tail
  • Main Move: Draco Meteor


SALAMENCE's Weaknesses 
  • Pay attention! Never let this Pokémon play against Fairy, Dragon, Ice, Rock and Electric types.


  • Wild Catch, in Bagon, Shelgon or Salamence's form; in Bagon's form
  • As a reward for concluding a Field Research.

       9.  RHYPERIOR

A Ground and Rock dual-type Pokémon who evolves from Rhydon and a great choice for the Master League!


What RHYPERIOR Excels In 
Although Rhyperior has a long list of Weaknesses, it can be very resistant even facing these ones. This Pokémon also has a maximum CP extremely desirable for this League.


RHYPERIOR's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Mud Slap
  • Main Move: Surf and Earthquake 


RHYPERIOR's Weaknesses 
  • Against the types: Water, Grass, Psychic, Fairy and Ice.


  • In Wild Catch, in the form of Rhyhorn or Rhydon. 


       8.  KYOGRE

A mystical Water-type Pokémon with good CP, Defense and Attack. 


What KYOGRE Excels In 
Kyogre is an excellent resource for Master League: due to its Water-type, this Pokémon has only two Weaknesses, and both are not so present in this League. 


KYOGRE's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Waterfall
  • Main Move: Surf and Blizzard


KYOGRE's Weaknesses 
  • Electric and Grass-types


  • In 5-Star Raids.


       7.  PALKIA

A Legendary Dragon who's a master in Master League! Palkia is a Dragon-type and Water-type Pokémon.


What PALKIA Excels In 
An excellent option for forcing shields, Palkia isn't "only" very resistant, it also has one of the most powerful Moves in this Battle. 


PALKIA's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Dragon Breath
  • Main Move: Aqua Tail and Draco Meteor


PALKIA's Weaknesses 
  • Dragon-type and Fairy-type.


  • 5-Star Raids only.


       6.  DIALGA

A Pokémon Dragon and Steel-types, Dialga has almost no weaknesses, but at the same time it can damage the adversaries for real!


What DIALGA Excels In 
One of the greatest typing ever! Only weak against to types. Using its high level Moves, Dialga can both get moves quickly loaded and strongly damage the opponents. 


DIALGA's Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Dragon Breath
  • Main Move: Iron head and Thunder


DIALGA's Weaknesses 
  • Against Ground-type and Fighting-type.


  • In 5-Star Raids.


       5.  METAGROSS


Metagross is a great pick for this league, due its types: Steel and Psychic


What METAGROSS Excels In 
Being a master against Fairy-types already gives Metagross a big advantage here, but exploring more its characteristics, we can also see that this Pokémon has both strong resistance and attack. You can use its Main Move to hit shields and mess up with the opponent's defenses


METAGROSS’ Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Bullet Punch
  • Main Move: Meteor Mash


METAGROSS’ Weaknesses
  • In this League, Metagross is weak against the types: Ground, Fire and Ghost


  • Wild Catch, in Beldum and Metang's forms;
  • 2km Distance Eggs, as Beldum(sporadically);
  • 3-Star Raids(sporadically);
  • As a reward for a Field Research, in Beldum’s form.



       4.  DRAGONITE 


With a CP able to reach great numbers and good moves due its typing(Dragon and Fairy), Dragonite will provide a hard time to its opponents in Master League! (Alright! Time to pretend to be shocked. If you don't remember why, go back to the 10th Pokémon on this list)
What DRAGONITE Excels In 
Ultra resistant, Dragonite can cause a big damage. Pretty much, the only way to defeat this Pokémon is using its Counters against it.


DRAGONITE’s Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Dragon Tail
  • Main Move: Dragon Claw


DRAGONITE’s Weaknesses
  • It’s weak against the types: Ice, Fairy and Dragon.
  • Fight against the Team Go Rocket;
  • In Wild, in Dratini, Dragonair or Dragonite’s form


       3.  GIRATINA

Giratina is a Legendary Pokémon, and this is a great option, considering the high variety of Psychic-Type Pokémons fighting in this League, who are weak against  Ghost-type.
What GIRATINA Excels In 
High level of Defense and Attack, this Pokémon is very helpful against other Dragon-Types. Giratina’s Main Moves are very useful: they get quickly ready to be used, and can defeat the adversary all in one goal!


GIRATINA’s Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Dragon Tail
  • Main Move: Shadow Ball


GIRATINA’s Weaknesses
  • Weak against the types: Ice, Fairy, Dragon, Dark and Ghost


  • In a 5-Star Raid


       2.  TOGEKISS 


One of best Fairy-Type Pokémons, Togekiss got its place on the podium due the many Dragon-Types that always compose the teams in this league 
What TOGEKISS Excels In                                                                       You can be sure: Every Team will have at least one Dragon-type to be defeated by Togekiss. Its excellent CP and Fairy-type’s Move make from this Pokémon, the best option for this league, beyond any other Fairy-type. An extra point is that its Flying-type increases the resistance
TOGEKISS’ Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Charming
  • Main Move:  Dazzling Gleam 


TOGEKISS’ Weaknesses
  • Stay away from Steel, Rock, Poison and Ice-Types.


  • 5km Distance Eggs, in Togekipi’s form(sporadically) or in Wild, as Togetic


       1.   MEWTWO    


When Mewtwo reaches the maximum level, it gets a CP extremely high! Although its Quick Move isn't so fast, Mewtwo scares out any opponent in the Master League! 


What MEWTWO Excels In 
This Pokémon has a strong and fast charged Main Move, likewise, It has a very destructive Quick Move. Besides the almost inexistant Mewtwo’s weaknesses, most of them are not present in this League.


MEWTWO’s Best Attacks For Your PVP 
  • Quick Move: Confusion
  • Main Move: Psystrik


MEWTWO's Weaknesses
  • You better be careful against did types: Dark, Ghost and Bug


  • In 5-Star Raids


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